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"Ges26" Won MicroMillions 4 Main Event ($140,468)

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Posted on 26 March 2013 by "T".

The MicroMillions online series is getting more and more popular every year. The fourth edition of MicroMillions, which concluded last Sunday, attracted 1,572,760 players who battled for an incredible $9,588,892.60 prize pool spread over 100 events. In fact, MicroMillions 4 is the most played tournament series in online poker history!

The highlight of MicroMillion 4 was, of course, the main event last Sunday. A total field of 68,081 created a staggering $1,361,620 prize pool. Many players took advantage of the three-hour late registration period and about half of the field had been eliminated when registration closed.

Two hours later the money had been reached, with all remaining 9,090 player being guaranteed $54.46 each. After 10 hours of play there were still 7 tables running with about 60 players. A few hours later a final table had been reached and eventually the last 5 players agreed on a deal, leaving $20,000 and the title to play for. After the deal had been sealed it didn't take long before Ges26, from Belarus, took down the tournament for $140,468.56.

MicroMillions 4 Event #98 Main Event Results
Entrants: 68,081
Prize pool: $1,361,620
Places paid: 9,090

1st Ges26 (Belarus) - $140,468.56*
2nd Jason "appst08" Brauda (Mexico) - $80,232.90*
3rd RhoNin9 (Germany) - $100,062.71*
4th Beningo (Austria) - $72,737.54*
5th texbookstu (United Kingdom) - $72,506.51*
6th mayrogata (Greece) - $22,303.33
7th viny11viny (Ukraine) - $13,929.37
8th stowjon (United Kingdom) - $8,414.81
9th Talitha5 (Netherlands) - $5,596.25

* denotes five-handed deal


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8 comments on ""Ges26" Won MicroMillions 4 Main Event ($140,468)"

 lukasb26/03/2013 12:15:17 GMT
Nice prize for such a low buy-in. I didn't play this one ( actually i played none ) this time coz there was no video for nadal to get the ticket lol. Still 68k ppl would be a crazy field to beat and that alone is a feat Ges26 wont soon repeat.
 Fakiry26/03/2013 12:54:33 GMT
The number of players in the whole event is huge, this is really great news for FTP, they just confirm Black Friday didn't affected the image of the room itself, it was excellent and it keeps that way, even more now with the hand of PS behind.
 PokerDonV7326/03/2013 13:18:33 GMT
@fakiry, the MicroMillions was played on PokerStars, not on Full Tilt Poker.
By the way, Full Tiltl Poker is definately on its decline. The are losing in the network stats already now to Ipoker who has more players that FTP.
 manuste626/03/2013 16:05:46 GMT
got to take your hat off to Ges26 winning the micro millions main event with a feild of 68000 that takes some doing well done
 PokerDonV7326/03/2013 20:40:42 GMT
Yeah but playing in a field of 68000 players ending in first place iis really a lot of luck too. Good play but you need to win a lot of coinflips to get so far. Personally I think that number of players is way too much, thats not fun anymore.
 kilak26/03/2013 22:16:29 GMT
Great grinding by Ges26 and in fact all the players who went deep in that tourney. it's physically and mentally draining to win a tournament of this magnitude.The rewarding part comes after a good nights kip when you log back in and see the cash nestled in your account. Smile
 Macubaas27/03/2013 20:00:38 GMT
On a 68k tournament players pool you need to have both poker skills but also Tons of luck Smile

Congratulations to the winner, 140k it's a really nice prize Big Smile
 remco250428/03/2013 12:17:39 GMT
almost only luck....

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