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Crockfords Casino Accuses Phil Ivey of 'Reading' The Back of Cards

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Posted on 14 May 2013 by "T".

Last week, Phil Ivey, 36, filed a lawsuit against Mayfair club Crockfords at the High Court in London for refusing to give him the £7.8 million he won there in August last year playing Punto Banco, a game based purley on luck.

On Sunday, Daily Mail reported that Crockfords Casino, the oldest casino in Britain, refuses to pay Mr. Ivey because they believe he and his companion (a Chinese women who is banned from at least two casinos around the world due to alleged cheating) could 'read' the back of the cards and get a huge edge against the house.

According to The Mail on Sunday, which revealed last October that Ivey's winning had been withheld, the cards should look exactly the same when turned 180 degrees, but sometimes the cards can be flawed of a mistake during the cutting process. It means that the cards geometric pattern was not symmetrical - something that only a trained eye could spot - a system known as 'playing the turn'.

Phil Ivey's amazing winning streak was witnessed by a casino inspector and 10 cameras. He betted £50,000 per hand at first, then he was given permission to bet £150,000 per hand. The casino mangement believes that Ivey's companion helped him spot the imperfections and informed him when it was time to make a big bet.


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12 comments on "Crockfords Casino Accuses Phil Ivey of ''Reading'' The Back of Cards"

 mocoteo15/05/2013 05:32:42 GMT
Lol,i like this post....maybe the casino manager should go and buy some new cards instead of accusing players.
 demodawggy15/05/2013 07:10:16 GMT
Apparently Ivey did nothing to materially manipulate the cards,.....he didn't mark them or do anything to make them readable only to him...

So if he can read something that gives him an edge,....I say "So What?"

I am NO fan of Ivey, but I think that casino is just looking to squirm out of its obligation... Thumbs Down

...and you know what,....even if it was found in court that Ivey could read those cards,.....I don't think the court would rule against him,....because he did nothing to manipulate them...
 Fakiry15/05/2013 09:22:34 GMT
But that imperfection on the cut of the cards can only be an advantage if all the deck is equal, or else they can't know which ones are 8s or 9s, even asking for the croupier to turn them 180 degrees. I think Ivey should receive his money in the same, it was all done with the agreement of the croupier.
 MichaelGotKK15/05/2013 10:18:31 GMT

Its funny how they suddenly claim this without any proof just after Ivey files a law suit against them for not paying. They never mentioned anything about cheating everytime he's asked for his money. Infact they kept claiming it would be paid into his account. Pure rip off merchants. They just don't want to pay or can't pay.
 demodawggy15/05/2013 14:22:28 GMT
...and besises,.....what ever Ivey was reading,....was readable to ALL if they were they werte on the ball.... So he had no real advantage that nobody else couldn't have had...!

Do we know that anyone else was reading the cards too....? No....

...besides,......not besises.... Big Smile
 GSingh0515/05/2013 19:16:39 GMT
 Greenmohave16/05/2013 00:00:38 GMT
I can't believe this is still going on! I thought this issue had been addressed and they decided Ivey was cheating with his companion so they declined payment. Is this going to go to the upper courts to decide the outcome? Whoever pays the justice league the most will win. lol
 Doarulle16/05/2013 00:38:29 GMT
If someone lose even $7.000.000 on that casino i think no one contest... but if someone win they find many resons for don't pay that money... if you lose your money no one care but if you win some cash then all of them will care because they lost money and they don't agree...
Good point "maybe the manager should go and buy some new cards instead of accusing players."
 RoninHarper16/05/2013 01:43:11 GMT
G'day mates

I am NOT a Phil Ivey fan but I want him to win this court case.
You know damn well that the casino would have expected to be paid if he had lost the money to them. The bastards damn well should be paying him his winning's.
The idea that he was able to read the cards is just BS in mt opinion.
be cool mates

 mocoteo16/05/2013 09:40:45 GMT
Its the same sheet that happens to an friend of mine on an online casino.He bring in 100 euro and win about 700 euro.When he want to withdraw the entire sume the casino said that he only can do this for only 100 becouse of some stupid rules and bla,bla ,bla.....My friend ,at the end ,was happy to withdraw his own 100 euro and praise to the lord....,and never play again at that casino.......he only play poker from now on,lol!
 demodawggy18/05/2013 02:30:44 GMT
Something just dawned on me about the name of this casino....

Would you trust a gambling outfit that has the word 'Crock' in its name....? lol.. in........ 'Crock of Shit'.... Big Smile
 alakazoo18/05/2013 02:42:01 GMT
In my opinion as the opinion of a lot of my poker friend that I told this story about, the casino is the only one responsible for this and should give Ivey his money back. This is a game where cheating is almost impossible, players don't touch cards... They accused Ivey of being with a woman that has been kicked from other casino for cheating but in my opinion, he was just smarter than the house that time. This casino is loosing tons of credibility right now

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