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Max Altergott Wins EPT Monaco Super High Roller For €1,746,400!

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Posted on 16 May 2013 by "T".

Yesterday, after 2 days of play, the final table of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo European poker Tour Grand Final €100,000 Super High Roller saw 7 finalists battling it out for a prize pool of a whopping €4,851,000! Mike Watson and Scott Seiver, the two short stacks, hit the rail in 6th and 7th place although they managed two double up during the first hour of play.

Russian poker pro Vladimir Troyanovsky busted in 5th place after losing an all in with KQ vs AJ of Sorel Mizzi. Next to hit the rail was Timothy Adams. He shoved his remaining chips with 99 pre-flop and was called by Max Altergott holding A8. The flop brought an ace and the rest was history.

The three remaining players, Sorel Mizzi, Jason Mercier & Max Altergott, were fairly evenly stacked and tried to come to a deal. However, they couldn't agree on anything so play continued. Not long after play had resumed, Sorel Mizzi made a three-bet all in with KQ. Altergott, who had opened with JJ, made the call. The flop ran out 4483J and put an end to Sorel Mizzi's good run.

When heads-up play kicked off Altergott had about a 2 million chips advanatge, but the American Team PokerStars Pro fought very well and managed to overtake the chip lead for a short while before this massive hand was played...

Altergott raised from the button to 200,000. Mercier three-bet to 505,000 from the big blind. Altergott four-bet to 1,000,000 and Mercier called.

The flop rolled out 8Spade7HeartQDiamond, Mercier checked and Altergott bet 700,000. Mercier made the call. The turn card was the 4Diamond and Mercier checked once again. Altergott bet 1,210,000 and Mercier, after some time of thinking, moved his stack towards the centre of the table. Altergott called.

Mercier showed KDiamond7Diamond for a pair of sevens and flush draw. Altergott turned over QSpadeQClub and was well ahead. The dealer burned a card and turned over the 2Club, which sent the massive pot to Altergott and left Mercier with only 220,000 chips and those went into the pot on the next hand.

Mercier 10Diamond6Diamond
Altergott JClub9Spade

The board ran out 6Club5HeartkHeart7Spade8Club and Mercier was eliminated in second place for €1,115,700. Altergott received an incredible €1,746,400 for winning the tournament. This was the German heads-up specialist's first tournament cash ever recorded! In fact, he just started to play live tournaments!

Final table results:
1 Max Altergott €1,746,400
2 Jason Mercier €1,115,700
3 Sorel Mizzi €679,100
4 Timothy Adams €485,100
5 Vladimir Troyanovsky €339,500
6 Scott Seiver €266,900
7 Mike Watson €218,300

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2 comments on "Max Altergott Wins EPT Monaco Super High Roller For €1,746,400!"

 Sorin88816/05/2013 08:50:17 GMT
Altergott has made it obvious that his first title was earned by hard graft and talent, and a Super High Roller win is a guaranteed fast track into the poker spotlight.It brings to an end the three day tournament that attracted 50 entries, and the end of a nine day festival that attracted hundreds more.
 Fakiry21/05/2013 08:52:48 GMT
Mizzi must have been the most disapointed player from the last three, but i can't see what kind of agreement they could have done, the difference between the last two isn't that high. Altergott had the poker gods on his side even in the last hand!

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