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Jakub Michalak Wins 2013 International Stadiums Poker Tour Wembley Stadium

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Posted on 06 June 2013 by "T".

The first ever International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) at the Wembley Stadium in London has come to an end. After several days of play (online and live), Jakub Michalak, from Poland, laid hands on the trophy and the first prize of €436,000. Michalak is the number one ranked online player in Poland and in the top fifty in the world.

Speaking of the tournament, it was a big failure given that the organisers expected about 30,000 players but only 761 turned up. ISPT's organisers knew that 30,000 players would be an impossibility already a few months ago, and therefore they desperately reduced the buy-in from €6,000 to €3,000. In the beginning of March, Laurent Tapie (one of ISPT's founders) told French newspapers that he hoped for 2,000-3,000 players and that it would be enough to cover all costs if 1,500 participated. But, once again, only 761 players entered the tournament and they made a loss of approximately €589,000.

1) Jakub Michalak, €436 000
2) Xavier El Fassy, €204 000
3) Nick Hicks, €254 000
4) Pete Linton, €375 000
5) Alban Juen, €290 000
6) Gwendoline Janot, €243 000

The results above reflect a 6-way deal which left €200,000 aside for the winner.


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4 comments on "Jakub Michalak Wins 2013 International Stadiums Poker Tour Wembley Stadium"

 lukasb06/06/2013 10:20:49 GMT
Ouch for the organizers..
 Mysik8606/06/2013 11:06:44 GMT
Organizers failed - yes.

But yeah - Polish player won! POLAND rules !!!!
 Macubaas06/06/2013 17:28:55 GMT
Due to this low participation is possible to never have this event again and frankly i wouldn't be such a big loss.

I bet that the cost of installing so many pc plus to rent the stadium were calculated for at least 2k participants.
GL to the winner anyways!
 mascona07/06/2013 00:20:01 GMT
30.000 players...LOL, they took that number from the moon anyway !!! It's not a WSOP and it took place during the same time, so I'm only sorry for the players that it wasn't 20 million Euro Guaranted just like they use to say 1/2 year ago.

By the way Jakub "olorionek" Michalak RULEZZZZZZ !!!!!

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