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Alexey Rybin Wins WPT Cyprus For $258,000

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Posted on 22 August 2013 by "T".

A big congratulations to Alexey Rybin, the champion of the 2013 bwin WPT Merit Cyprus Classic! The 33-year-old businessman from Moscow, Russia was the chip leader every single day of tournament and had a decent lead over his 5 opponents when the final table kicked off yesterday.

1 Pierre Sayegh 349,000 Lebanon
2 Alexey Rybin 2,698,000 Russia
3 Andrei Nikonov 1,280,000 Russia
4 Sergey Rybachenko 921,000 Russia
5 Albert Daher 1,595,000 Lebanon
6 Kayhan Tugrul 1,025,000 Turkey

The last day turned out to be the toughest day of his tournament, though. In fact, he was down to a few hundred thousand chips at one point before making an impressive come back to eventually lay hands on the first prize of $258,000 + a seat at the WPT Championship worth $25,000. Below are the final table results (A funny detail: all finalists finished in the same spot they began the final table in) and an "interview" with the champion.

1) Alexey Rybin, $258 000 (Russia)
2) Albert Daher, $160 200 (Lebanon)
3) Andrei Nikonov, $103 700 (Russia)
4) Kayhan Tugrul, $75 600 (Turkey)
5) Sergey Rybachenko, $56 600 (Russia)
6) Pierre Sayegh, $46 000 (Lebanon)

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11 comments on "Alexey Rybin Wins WPT Cyprus For $258,000"

 sergejcho22/08/2013 11:31:24 GMT
Congratulations 1) Alexey Rybin, $258 000 (Russia) , and to be a cheap leader every day is a big thing on this kind of tournaments! This is a big win for Alexey.
 Heskor22/08/2013 13:28:37 GMT
Cheers congrats sir, on a side not why always Russians win the big tourney and make the head lines, in every comp that i'm in there are always several Russians playing or lets say in a leader board they always made like 5/10 in the top 10.

Respect they good, always there and winning! Agree
 Macubaas22/08/2013 18:02:37 GMT
Congratulations to him, i hope he will spend them wisely...

Maybe he will buy one of those ultra prepped street cars and make some money on races too lol
 carluimaca22/08/2013 21:14:25 GMT
congratulations on the struggle to come to this level ...
 Greenmohave22/08/2013 22:11:41 GMT
Boy his expression to winning is almost nonbearable! I mean where's the excitement or at least a smile damn! I'm not judging the ol boy, but I would be excited enough to smile and show some sign of appreciation to win such an event. Maybe his business meeting was what he was worried about.
 demodawggy22/08/2013 22:56:55 GMT
Well he won't have to go far to hide all his loot...! As far as I know,...Cyprus is where the wealthy Russian oligarchy likes to hide their money from the Russian tax man...

I saw something on the news lately how the government of Cyprus doesn't really want to co-operate with Russian authorities in fear that the wealthy Russians will pull all their money out of Cyprus and hide it somewhere else... Big Smile Dollar
 Sorin88823/08/2013 06:51:30 GMT
Alexey Rybin dominate the tournament from start to finish. Rybin was able to make light work of Albert Daher ($160,200) heads-up and soon scooped the title and $258,000 with As5h against Daher's Ks9c after the board rolled out: AhTh7s7c2c.
 Mysik8623/08/2013 09:39:08 GMT
This guy is kinda ugly... but those babes with him - Worship

I should win WPT/EPT someday Smile
 pochui23/08/2013 10:57:24 GMT
Hello all the wonderful mobsters out there, this is your friend pochui from Lithuania, somewhere near the sea writing to you, wish a good day to each and everyone of you.


I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general.
Yours truly pochui, somewhere near the sea, Lithuania
 doubletop77720/11/2013 14:29:30 GMT
To win one of these tourneys is exceptional but to be in the lead at the end of every day is some feat. Well done to Alexey Rybin for playing great
 sergejcho20/11/2013 17:50:51 GMT
@ Doubletop777 To win one of these tourneys is exceptional but to be in the lead at the end of every day is some feat.

Okey , better to win the tournament and no one day to be in lead , i dont want to be a chip leader as ussulay on the end i LOOSE WITH MONSTERS IN MY HANDS!!!

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