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BLOG: Got Rivered... Again

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Blog post published on 14 March 2014, written by The Prince of Freerolls.
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The Prince of Freerolls
England, 22 years of Age.

I see a lot of bad beats whilst dealing. I see even more of them on the freeroll circuit, and every single one of them, regardless of being a digital ace on the virtual river, or even dishing out a miracle two-pair myself, it never fails to make me wince.

What makes me wince harder, though, is when a player goes on tilt because of it. Soon they whine and moan and play badly until they're felted and leave. Sometimes blaming me for it.

I never apologise, though. Bad beats and bad luck will always be a part of the game, this much is for certain. What is not certain, however, is their effect on your game.

Just think about this for a second. How many truly great players, that you've either played with or watched play a lengthy session, have you seen complain about bad beats or lack of cards?
I can't think of one. Can you? Maybe you can but I'd stake my royal title as the Prince of Freerolls that the bad players moaning about bad beats and lack of cards far outweigh the good ones.
Far, far outweigh them.

The reason for this is because good players first of all understand that luck is, unfortunately, an integral part of the game.

I know, I know. If they just took that out we'd all be raking in money from the fish, but they can't. Luck happens, and happens often. It happens to the best, and it definitely happens to the worse. The main thing though, is that it happens to everyone. It's inevitable.

There's not a single poker legend that hasn't had a horrendous bad beat steal valuable money from their wallets. Every single one of them of them has had a pot stolen with runner-runner-runner-runner-runner. They all became legends somehow, though.
Remember that scene in Fight Club where Brad Pitt gives Edward Norton a chemical? You can hear his skin start to sizzle off, and Norton's legs swipe around the floor as he tries to escape Pitt's grasp. Pitt, or Tyler, then looks into his eyes and says: ‘First you have to know, not fear, know that someday you're going to die.'
Cards are the same. Bad luck happens, but if you don't accept it and embrace as the unavoidable sideeffects that they are, then that chemical burn will keep hurting until it sears through your bones.

The other think about luck is that not only is it going to happen, there's also nothing you can do about it.
The cards are going to get dealt to you, and then they're going to be put on the board. Complaining and getting angry about things that you nor the dealer cannot control is not only pointless, but downright annoying.
Please, I beg of you, don't bug your dealer to deal you a good hand. It's not clever or funny or wanted. It might make you feel better, but I assure you that the dealer's already heard whatever funny little quip you've got to say. They've probably already heard it that day, too.

The next time you get rivered, or you spend an hour looking down at Seven-Deuce and Nine-Four, just remember that everyone will go through these lean spells at some point in their playing career. And that everyone will go through days where everything runs smoothly, too.
The next time your Kings run into Aces, don't blame your dealer or yourself. Just think about what to do, when the luck does go your way.


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10 comments on "Got Rivered... Again"

 doubletop77714/03/2014 12:11:58 GMT
The river beat is always the hardest to take and to overcome. If you get out flopped it never seems to hurt as much as being rivered, even though the outcome is the same.Strange old game!!
 Battle8714/03/2014 12:29:27 GMT
I can name 1 pro that moans alot or atleast used to, the king of flaming Phil Helmut
 teddybears7314/03/2014 13:06:04 GMT
aye it's funny that doubletop,it is never as bad losing on the flop as to losing on the river but the thing that gets me is that the riverbeats seem to happen more when there is more at stake,you know like near the bubble or if you win a hand and you are sure to FT,maybe it's just me. Big Smile
 Fakiry14/03/2014 14:43:20 GMT
You do well in not apologize for giving bad cards to table for someone. That always means you gave good cards for his opponent, who sure is appreciated for that, and you won't be saying "you're welcome" either after he thanks you for that!
 Heskor14/03/2014 15:00:33 GMT
Yep i know the feeling, just remember two hand at the same time in two different table got dealt the nuts on the flop and turn then he rivered his one outer and I am out. And the next hand I thought i could get back my buy in with me being huge favorite and then bam again he rivered me with one outs. Lol pissed and quit for the day too tilty!
 Macubaas14/03/2014 16:07:14 GMT
The old lucky river is indeed the hardest thing in poker to control on an emotional level for the affected player...

I guess this is alo one of the reaons for which pokerstars got such a bad rep for bad beats compared to other sites, somehow the worst bad beats on river are there lol
 DaCapo7114/03/2014 17:10:48 GMT
But it is verry unbelievale, how many suckouts we can see every day at the tables. In additional with the rake it makes it impossible to be a winning player with solid playing against this massive suckouts.
 Theapple14/03/2014 21:43:26 GMT
yea, but the thing is it happens to just about everyone. And i agree, its hard to be winning player (for someone new like me even more so) but then again, so many people have proved it to be possible and have been winning players for many consecutive months, years even.

it just takes practice, lots of practice. and even more selfcontrol to go through hard patches, which most of us dont have and end up busting our roll once we hit one of two of those bad patches Tongue
 noonlion15/03/2014 21:40:33 GMT
Badbeats dont even bother me any more. They happen to me, they happen to you.
I hate it only in torunaments if at all.
The worst thing is losing a stack - the worst worst thing is losing AA preflop, to some retarded shit like K9s.
 Theapple16/03/2014 12:31:16 GMT

Now the boulders
I know they heard me cry
But they were stone-faced
And they stood aside
So I went on at the river’s pace
With my eyes closed, I thought I heard them say

You cannot catch the river though
It makes you think you can
It trickles through your fingers
While you hold it in your hands
Just like I am



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