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Phased Tourneys

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Posted on 14 May 2014 by "T".

In case you missed it, PokerStars launched a new tournament format called "Phased" about a week ago. Phased Tournaments have been known as Flighted Tournaments in the past and you might recognise the concept from live events.

Basically, you can play a Phase 1 ($11 buy-in and satellites from $2.20 or 5 FPPs) on one day and, if you make it through 11 levels of gameplay or about 1,5 hour of play, you move on to Phase 2 with the stack accumulated in Phase 1.

Phase 1 Tournaments run three times daily (Monday-Saturday, 10:25 ET, 13:25 ET & 19:25 ET) and Phase 2 (final day) is played on Sundays at 12:25 ET. If you make it to Phase 2 but aren't satisfied with the size of your stack, then you can just play another Phase 1 and try to improve your chip position!

Prize pool
PokerStars guarantees at least a $5,000 prize pool for Phase 2 tourneys. However, the prize pool for Sunday's Phase 2 is already way above $10k, so there's should be some serious cash up for grabs on the final table this Sunday (and hopefully future Sundays as well). Good luck everyone!

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10 comments on "Phased Tourneys"

 bowie198414/05/2014 11:08:49 GMT
I can't decide this is a retarded or a genius move, but the Riverstars crew had worse promotions in the past so I let it settle this one by not thinking about it.
You could already start with a double up stack in every rebuy tourey, so playing 1.5 hour as a satellite then play another x hours to get into money is not that bad if you would do this to get yourself in line with the Sunday Storm/Million etc., but for an MTT with 5k GTD prizepool is just plain ridiculous.
 doubletop77714/05/2014 11:19:10 GMT
These kind of tournaments are very very difficult to progress in. Its like you have to win three or four tournaments before you even think about winning. Not for me but good luck if you are playing
 Heskor14/05/2014 14:42:15 GMT
Hmm new concept for me and I think i love it for online poker they tried to implement live tournament into online one and this will surely attract some fishes me included as I love the concept of bringing your chips you won into play the next day after some night rest and so on. I'll try it i think with the fpps I have accumulated so far lol.
 pochui14/05/2014 16:14:16 GMT
i read the description... and then had to re-read it once more... and then again.. and one more time... just couldn't find anything that makes playing this tourney worthwhile... checked the blinds at stars- nothing interesting there, basically it's just a disrupted tourney that continues at some other date
 noonlion14/05/2014 20:31:49 GMT
Seems a bit weird but you have to hand it to PS for trying something sort of new to generate some interest.
I'd imagine traffic must be flagging globally even on their sites, poker seems to be dying a slow death as far as I can see. It'll be reduced to how it was in the old days to an extent, mark my words.
 teddybears7314/05/2014 21:58:16 GMT
These seem a bit strange to me,so what you play a tourney and whatever chips you have they carry on into the proper tourney ? and if you don't think you have enough you enter another one to build up your stack. CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEE
 Macubaas15/05/2014 12:16:30 GMT
The concept was really familiar from live tournaments and frankly i like the fact that they basically imported it to online tournaments too!

I'm sure that also many players will like the concept so i do not see why this idea should have bad feedback.
 DaCapo7117/05/2014 10:11:35 GMT
It sounds interesting, perhaps i try it to qualify via fpp sats to collect some experience with this new kind of tourney. But it was interesting to se which time levels we got here and is it better to Play agressive in the first levels or not...
 Daisydyke17/05/2014 21:16:58 GMT
i think that it could work... in theory anyways. I get what they are trying to do. <<at least i think i do anyways>> however i am almost certain that its just a matter of time before someone finds a way to make it work better for themselves. i think it will create way too many big stacks at every table and thus too many overly aggressive bullies but who the hell knows?
 ddblt197001/06/2014 11:44:25 GMT
The concept seems to be quite interesting.

I will definitely search for more information about those tournaments.

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