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Luis Suárez Joins 888 Team Pro!

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Posted on 15 May 2014 by "T".

Luis Suarez (left) at 888poker Press Conference888poker has just signed one of the best strikers in the world, Luis Suárez! The 27-year-old Uruguayan, who scored an impressive 31 goals for his Liverpool this season and has received multiple awards for his achievements on the football pitch in 2013-2014, will be the global brand ambassador for 888poker, joining the likes of UFC legend Georges ST-Pierre and cricketer Shane Warne.

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner and many believe that Uruguay can make it far in the tournament with the form Suárez is in right now. The question is, will he have any time to spare for online/live poker before and during World Cup in Brazil? Probably not. Well, eventually he will have time to play some poker and then it will be nice see how good he is! If he's as competitive at the poker tables as on the football pitch, then there's no doubt he can become a very good poker player! 

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27 comments on "Luis Suárez Joins 888 Team Pro!"

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» Luis Suárez Joins 888 Team Pro!

 doubletop77715/05/2014 11:26:14 GMT
It must be a great life being famous, you get paid bucketloads of money for your day job and then you get more for these endorsements.If he is half at good at poker as he is at football, he'll make even more money!!
 teddybears7315/05/2014 12:23:36 GMT
I just hope Suarez doesn't start biting people when he gets beat. Smile
Wouldn't that be funny,imagine the pros looking on as he takes a chunk out of someones arm. Smile
 Macubaas15/05/2014 12:26:04 GMT
Good for him, i understand this part is also important for 888 poker but i would like if more of those contracts would be spent on players bonuses, after all them are the rake producers, not sport players...

So far 888 had great promos for members but i have a strange feeling that it already started to change.
 Phisix15/05/2014 13:08:57 GMT
Of all the footballers you could choose they choose the racist crying biting diver. Fair play. At least we should get a special 888 freeroll for him joining soon(Which 888 usual does if something is special enough)
 klash2315/05/2014 13:13:01 GMT
Do you think he tilts easily? Big Smile
Ivanovic would think Yes.
 Theapple15/05/2014 14:53:14 GMT
erm what, out of all famous footballer ud think he would be the least suited for poker considering how he gets rather ummm angry, or titly, whatever so easily Tongue

but for all i know, he might be awesome poker player though. and its a great marketing move regardless of his poker skills. Considering how many ppl watch football, its a good thing not just for 888 but online poker in general, so i like it Smile
 Heskor15/05/2014 14:58:37 GMT
Nice huge pay check for him through sponsoring and good luck to him in his poker plays, would be fun to watch him play poker and being a Liverpool fan, i wish him the best luck in poker and football and hope he stays at Liverpool for next season as he was instrumental for us this season, though we came 2nd. Anyway cheers best player in the world right now and good luck to him in WC!
 Phisix15/05/2014 15:14:55 GMT
We are all just jealous. He gets to play football and poker for a living and is a millionaire. Sad

 Theapple15/05/2014 15:26:21 GMT
dnt think ppl are bitter, they think how he might be a bit too... tilty Tongue
 Willid8815/05/2014 16:38:48 GMT
Congratulation to 888 for beating Real Madrid in signing Luis Suarez lol
 damosk15/05/2014 18:48:11 GMT
I had a little chuckle and a humpf when I saw the news about 888's latest signing. What a coup for them. Despite his history, he still wins player of the year and gets a contract with 888. Smart move cos all the Liverpool fans will blindly follow him, na d so they not only will all be moving their poker wallets to 888, they will no doubt follow him to Real Madrid !!!!!!!!!!!!

FUrthermore, do you think he will be any good at hiding his tells?
 IceQueenAce15/05/2014 18:50:12 GMT
suarez freerolls on for next seven days too
 Phisix15/05/2014 19:08:02 GMT
Posted by IceQueenAce:
suarez freerolls on for next seven days too

Thought so! Big Smile usual $1000 prize board?
 Rattenfurz15/05/2014 19:33:52 GMT
yeah! Great" Best striker in the best club Worship Worship Worship
 IceQueenAce15/05/2014 19:35:14 GMT

I have signed up, dunno if I will play

may be asleep
 tinkica100016/05/2014 16:25:46 GMT
if suarez is a racist then so is john terry frank lamoard steven gerrard wyne rooney and the rest of the english team.....

steven gerrard wouldnt let him take 8 penalties that would have made him the all time highest scorer in a epl season..... pure racism just so they could protect shearer record
 Theapple16/05/2014 17:59:26 GMT
10 chars
 Macubaas16/05/2014 19:21:18 GMT
I also got the email from 888 poker about his new contract with 888...

There are several freerolls worth 1000 dollars that will play daily for couple of days or so, i presume they will be over crowded so i'm not sure if they are really profitable.
 noonlion16/05/2014 20:20:23 GMT
Well that's an odd signing - but you can see how they are trying to appeal to sports fans from a range of different areas.
Plus with the World Cup coming up they'll be hoping to hype poker up and make some dough.

 Rattenfurz16/05/2014 20:50:35 GMT
Today I will try my first attempt. I´m hopeful, that Suarez will take Liverpool to the championship next season.
 crash5818/05/2014 14:05:10 GMT
wonder why they don't sign a real poker player, guess they just can't afford one.
 Heskor18/05/2014 17:06:26 GMT
Hmm it is just publicity mate, but if they tried to sign a poker pro people might come but it will also means that their images will be those of regulars and pros rather than for recreational players who I think Luis Suarez will more likely be able to contribute in terms of image, anyway cheers to 888 they at-least doing something compare to other networks and we have betting there so a plus for us all round gambler!
 ddblt197019/05/2014 13:35:48 GMT
I hope he won´t bite anyone.

 hulkborges17/07/2014 09:32:54 GMT
Amazing, Luizito and 888 nice combination and with time he will now with the suspension will throw a bucado, hope ever face it and win.
 av196617/07/2014 22:47:46 GMT
Well now that he is at Barcelona and will play with Messi he won´t bite more people at the pitch but he will be tempt to bite the other players bankroll
I will try to be far away from him just in case better safe then sorrow don´t want to be the bait for the modern Dracula

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