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BLOG: Predestined By The Poker Gods

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Blog post published on 05 May 2014, written by The Prince of Freerolls.
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The Prince of Freerolls
England, 22 years of Age.

To finish off my round of blogposts on Luck, and its effect on the game of Poker, I thought I'd try something a little different. I've researched what various game creators have done to try and create a ‘luckless' version of poker, all the while preserve what makes the game so great in the first place.

The problem with many of these games, however, is that they become pale imitations of the glorious game. They allow the users to pick their own cards, or swap cards with other players, ideas that remove the original brilliance of the game of poker: ‘My hand is better than your hand. And if it isn't, I can make you think it is.'

And so, here is my own take on it. Here is my design document for a little video game called Predestined Poker.

The general idea of Predestined Poker is to remove the idea of being ‘card dead.' As a poker dealer, the number one complaint I receive from players is that I am not giving them any hands. Whilst there is nothing I can do to combat this, the same players take great pains to inform me periodically throughout the game, just how garbage the hands they are receiving are.

This gets annoying. Really annoying, so annoying that I often with they'd get the damned hand that they want so much; and then get coolered off the table. But like I said, there's nothing I can do about that. At least, not in Texas Hold ‘Em.

My video game will remove this, with the general concept focusing around all players receiving good hands at all times. By removing the ability to receive worthless, it means that there will be more action, and more excitement instantly.

Where the moniker ‘Predestined' comes from, however, is what happens after the cards are dealt.

Instead of having every hand rely on the pure luck of which card comes next, each hand of Predestined Poker would involve pre-ordained community cards. Each flop, turn and river card will be rigged to make sure that every hand believes that they have the chance to win the hand. Hopefully this will ignore the second most popular complaint from players: ‘I can't hit the flop!'

To keep everyone around as long as possible, I would also make the predestined completed hands for the players finish as close to each other as possible. In Predestined Poker, the tough decisions of a Two-Pair vs Set spot would happen more and more frequently, something that should hopefully lead to more thoughtful play and bigger emphasis on reading your opponents hand.

With these design choices, however, careful moderation of which player will win which hand becomes vital to making sure that each player stands a chance throughout the game. In a perfect world, each player will have a chance to accumulate chips should they be able to recognise and then capitalise on their perfect hands.

In fact, truth be told, I have no idea how this would work; this is all a work in progress. To be honest, I have no idea how any of this would work, but I believe a game in which wins are calculated to level out for everyone would provide the optimal version of ‘luckless poker.'

By creating more situations around hand reading, and value bets / bluffs, and less about merely learning your percentages of your hand hitting, the game of Poker would return to the somewhat childish idea of what we all thought Poker was in the first place: ‘My hand is better than your hand. And if it isn't, I can make you think it is.'

By returning poker to its origins of only playing with big hands, and constant tough decisions, Predestined Poker will surely become the next big thing in the world of poker video games!

Maybe. Ah forget, who knows? I don't, but maybe you do though.

What's your idea to removing luck from poker, and making it fairer for all players? Should we even think about removing luck, or is Poker perfect as it is? Should I make Predestined Poker and becoming a millionaire?

Yes, of course I should. And yes, Poker is perfect as it is. Maybe it can be a little more perfect though.


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12 comments on "Predestined By The Poker Gods"

 Heskor05/05/2014 14:39:39 GMT
well if you remove luck in poker and playing against people of the same skill you will be at a stalemate against him but you will still lose money in rake. take for example Nl 50 heads up, I watch the matches against 2 good players or equally match players. Both will tends to draw and lose a stack on rake. Higher limit you can afford to play against better players !
 noonlion05/05/2014 17:01:15 GMT
The trouble is that poker has been analysed and broken down to an extent that it has become boring. People who are just getting into poker now know half of the basics already from TV or reading. There's nothing undiscovered about Hold'Em. That's why a lot of pro's are switching to other formats and have been for years. Pro's edge in holdem now is becoming less and less.
I can see a fairly rapid decline in the poker scene tbh. And making people hit flops and always have hands is pointless and redundant. What was a great game anyone could potentially win at has become a game which everyone is highly knowledgable about and therefore becoming dull and defunct.
 ddblt197005/05/2014 18:38:17 GMT
The nice thing about poker is, that you can´t learn a universal best strategy, because for every strategy, there can be developed a counterstrategy.
 teddybears7305/05/2014 18:56:25 GMT
no you just can't mess around with poker as it is,if players want to play other formats then fine,just don't go messing with nlhe.
 damosk05/05/2014 21:26:28 GMT
Strategy is important but you have to also have two other elements on your side. The first, which should really be part of your strategy is a flexibility to adapt your strategy to the situation in which you may, from time to time, find yourself. The other element, which is totally out of your hands is LUCK.
 SuperNoob06/05/2014 01:50:45 GMT
only way to do this ( while maintaining fairness) is to build (select)a big population of hands where 3-4 players hit the flop ( atleast to predetermined strength) and then let those hands progress normally.
obviously it would introduce some bias and predictability in the game and make "skill " of pre- flop play less important

anyways if you want to play a game with more action, play omaha Shock y bother with so much trouble
 doubletop77706/05/2014 09:44:39 GMT
This game sounds way too complicated for my liking and i would stick with the old adage of 'if it aint broke dont fix it'. Poker is a wonderful game and i do not see the need to tamper with it
 Theapple06/05/2014 10:26:57 GMT
yea even just reading about it is.. complicated, imagine how would that look like in practice. lol
 ddblt197006/05/2014 19:07:16 GMT
The idea sounds very stupid. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

That wouldn´t be POKER anymore. Big Smile
 Macubaas07/05/2014 20:32:30 GMT
I remember there was a poker platform that promiseed something similar, i mean the player that had the best hand preflop would keep the advantage but it was never put in practice.

If you think about it, it basically mean to alter the rng to preserve that advantage so i think no gambling commision could have allowed that.
 rambob07/05/2014 21:20:01 GMT
making plan when mixing stratigies depend on various situations it s experience need to succes in this world
 ddblt197011/05/2014 08:28:13 GMT
Having a plan from the beginning is very very important.

Because if you don´t have a plan you can start making stupid decisions quite easily.

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