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Get Ready For The 2014 WCOOP Challenge Series ($7,000,000 Guaranteed)

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Posted on 22 July 2014 by "T".

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), the richest online tournament series of the year, is just around the corner. A total of nine events, including a $2 million guaranteed Main Event a $1.5 million edition of the Sunday Million, will be played from August 1-3 with exciting poker variants and buy-ins from $109 to a massive $2,100. There are many different ways of qualifying for all nine events, including special daily Deadline Satellites that run throughout the series from $7,5! Good luck!

Friday, August 1
13:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 1: $109 NLHE ($500,000 guaranteed)
17:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 2: $215+R NLHE (Turbo) $215+R ($500,000 guaranteed)
Saturday, August 2
11:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 3: $700 NLHE (Progressive Super-Knockout) ($600,000 guaranteed)
14:30 ET: WCOOP Challenge 4: $1,050 NLHE (8-Max) ($600,000 guaranteed)
17:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 5: $215 NLHE (6-Max) ($250,000 guaranteed)
Sunday, August 3
11:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 6: $215 NLHE ($750,000 guaranteed)
13:00 ET: WCOOP Challenge 7: $700+R PLO ($300,000 guaranteed)
14:30 ET: WCOOP Challenge 8: $215 NLHE ($1,500,000 guaranteed)
15:30 ET: WCOOP Challenge 9: $2,100 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry) ($2,000,000 guaranteed)

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9 comments on "Get Ready For The 2014 WCOOP Challenge Series ($7,000,000 Guaranteed)"

 Theapple22/07/2014 13:32:04 GMT
i kinda prefer micros with $0,5 entry fee though, even if 2,000,000 guaranteed looks nice 2k BI is a bit over my league. lol

maybe in a few months... or years. or most likely in a decade or two, maybe... possibly, ill join one of those tourneys too (:
 Heskor22/07/2014 14:50:50 GMT
Cheer one of my favorite tournament of all time, hope i get lucky and never miss it, always played at least one event since i started to play poker so not gonna let the streak goes away. So good luck guys if you are participating in this event hope you have fun in it and managed to take down one big event and be golden for life and do not have to worry anymore about working like i do lol. Cheers i can dream but one day i will and you will see guys!
 Fakiry22/07/2014 17:09:30 GMT
My closest friend who's used to play some of these satelites surprised me the other day, when he said he was thinking about quit playing. "What, these events?" "No man, the game, it's not for me". And then he started telling me about some players he knows who use to travel to Vegas and spend $10,000 in one night after leaving the tables (drinks, girls and stuff...) and that he couldn't even win that type of sum at the game. What kind of justification is this? Crazy fellow.
 av196622/07/2014 22:10:29 GMT
This is the chance of a ordinary player to dream
The opportunity of an amateur trying to play with the big dogs but it´s a hard task the field at this is full of great players, semi-pros and harcore players
Good luck to all the mobsters at this challenge
 doubletop77723/07/2014 08:56:45 GMT
These tournament buy in are out of my league but i look forward to reading about the winners on here and hope to see some mobsters winning some of the $7,000,000 on offer
 lukasb23/07/2014 10:11:33 GMT
there's no way i can afford those buy-ins so this series r unfortunately something I always miss out.
Besides that one really needs to be lucky to get a ticket through satellites. I envy everyone who manages that but my level of play/luck never gave to date that satisfaction. I also wonder if one day I do manage to get a ticket, will I use it or cash-out the T-money to play other smaller entries.
Well, guess I have to win one to find out lol.

To all mobsters that can afford or somehow will manage to enter one of this event I wish you the best of luck and hope to rail you live in a FT.
 Macubaas24/07/2014 06:45:58 GMT
There are some huge prizes this year on this event but it seems that the buy ins are a bit higher compared to last year but i might be wrong on that...

If the sattelittes are good i think it's worth investing a bit of time in these events, for a recreational player the buy ins are too high to pay as it is.
 LIKEIT2725/07/2014 10:15:28 GMT
I like the small satelite buy ins....
Small stakes got a small change to Smile
 Mipetin27/07/2014 02:42:23 GMT
Really looking forward to this Smile I won't be playing though unless i win a satellite, but i really enjoy following the action. Hope we get some of the big names from pokerstars team to play !

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