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Brian Altman Wins WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open ($723,008)

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Posted on 12 February 2015 by "T".

Brian Altman and Mark Dube had 72% of the chips in play when the final table of the World Poker Tour Lucky Hearts Poker Open kicked off on Wednesday. The two Americans continued doing well on the final table and ended up playing heads-up within just a few hours. The 1-on-1 battle lasted for over two hours, with Altman being out in front the majority of the time.

In the last hand, with the blind at 200k/500k with 50k ante, Dube raised on the button to 900,000. Altman called. The flop rolled out ASpade5Spade3Spade, Altman checked and Dube bet 1.1 million. Dube raised to 2.6 million. Dube went into the tank for few moments before moving all in.

Altman snap-called with KSpade8Spade for a flopped flush. Dube tabled ADiamondAHeart and needed another ace or pair on the table to take home the pot and stay in the game. The 4Club and the 8Heart completed the board and Altman received his first WPT trophy and $723,008 in prize money. Dube received $434,462 for his second place finish.

Final table results:
1st:  Brian Altman  -  $723,008
2nd:  Mark Dube  -  $434,462
3rd:  Kelly Minkin  -  $262,912
4th:  Greg Rosen  -  $220,189
5th:  Sanjay Gehi  -  $180,752
6th:  Jon Graham  -  $146,245

Final table video:


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5 comments on "Brian Altman Wins WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open ($723,008)"

 doubletop77712/02/2015 10:19:02 GMT
Many congratulations to Brian Altman on winning this event and the first prize of $723,008. What an incredible last hand as well, a flopped flush versus a set, great way to end any tournament
 klash2315/02/2015 16:54:35 GMT
Over two hours of heads up and never get anywhere would be pretty annoying for the runner up,Mark Dube but $434k is a decent consolation for his annoyance!
 bowie198418/02/2015 22:16:24 GMT
Two hours of heads up must be terrible for your psych though - heck even two hours of doing anything in a monoton way is really bad for you but something not straight with this last hand. Having trip aces beaten by a flush flopped right away is just straight out something you would expect from a movie. Nice.
 Skpmorita19/02/2015 14:13:30 GMT
that is lot of money
usually playing heads up , a pair or 2 pair is good enough for the win
but to see flush vs set and only 2 players competing .. that is something
i would say pokerstars is rigged but this wasnt on pokerstars Big Smile
 bowie198419/02/2015 22:20:15 GMT
Yeah, being rigged is something came to my mind too when I initially saw this hand, but the tournament rules and the good reputation of the organizer or whatnot would not made possible cheating or tampering with decks nor anything like it - especially when they are opening and mixing new packs in front of the players.

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