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BankrollMob To Open Betting Shops

Tags: April Fools Day.
Posted on 01 April 2015 by "T".

We, BankrollMob, are very happy and proud to announce that we'll soon be opening five betting shops in Europe. The shops will be located in London, Lyon, Minsk, Warsaw and Riga, and it will be possible to bet on all types of sports, including football, tennis, trotting and golf, as well as request bonuses available on BankrollMob's website.

"It has taken years of planning. It has been extremely tough for me and the rest of the crew, as we have worked around the clock at times to make this happen," said Lars April, the PR manager of BankrollMob "I truly believe that these betting shops will be extremely successful. I'm not just talking about the sports book but also the bonuses on BankrollMob's website that will be available to request at these shops. I believe that many older people will find it very helpful to get help from one of our employees to request, for example, no deposit bonuses. In addition, the staff will be able to answer questions about different poker and casino games."

Stay tuned for more updates.

This was an April Fool's joke Smile


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15 comments on "BankrollMob To Open Betting Shops"

 iAiCiKi01/04/2015 08:35:17 GMT
Congrats bankrollmob and All the best!
 pochui01/04/2015 08:47:36 GMT
and that's only half of the story- it's a huge secret, but to loyal brm forum members i can announce that in each of those five BRM betting shops customers will find an indoors "pochui balls shaving stand" for an exclusive "get shaved while you bet" proposition!
only to brm forum members: 10% with pass code: "ShaveMaBallz"
 doubletop77701/04/2015 09:51:30 GMT
I love these stories and i almost believed it until i seen the date. The best part of the story is the name of the PR Manager, Lars April, and i always love the April fools stories
 klash2301/04/2015 14:48:46 GMT
.......and I was so looking forward to having some bets on long as that was referring to the equine meaning "to trot" and not the English meaning of "having the trotts"........but then again.....
 Heskor01/04/2015 15:32:09 GMT
yeah i think it is April fool days and many people are falling for it and all, anyway good luck and have a nice day hope you have fun and make some money at the tables on this day it could be Aprils fools day if you making money lol, anyway good luck at the tables again and hope you guys have fun today, lots of drinking and all, cheers peace out me going to rest and have some fun on the poker tables!
 xxxpokerxxx101/04/2015 16:17:40 GMT
and i am going down 2 the street corner and take a fat shitaki Big Smile Big Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 luisexy6901/04/2015 20:51:35 GMT
Big Smile Big Smile

Its has fun this story, we are laught of this, but if they contact and get support, maybe not only they but other rooms or pokersites get this idea and make profit, not only from online and live, but from here too, is markets that the regulations is on, is a idea to think.

Just a opinion Tongue
 av196601/04/2015 21:16:22 GMT
Hello all wonderfull mobsters

I think this will be a good idea my only question is the date of this announcement Worship Worship

For me is just a really good APRIL FOOLS JOKE Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Don´t forget to be happy and enjoy life
 bowie198402/04/2015 01:02:26 GMT
Congrats BRM on your success. It's hard to imagine what is the business plan which involves luring into Belarus people to gamble their next to nothing wages away with you, but I guess you have your reasons.
Also nice to see some polish and latvian people getting better access into the world of no-depo boners since they are restricted from many of them among other eastern europeans.

Best April Fools Joke since I dont know when... Big Smile
 damosk02/04/2015 06:36:01 GMT
Dontcha just love April fool stories. But just stop and think about it. Would you visit a BRM shop if it existed on your town, city or country? Imagine, the Mob Safe, running live in the shop, with a media link internationally joining up all other mob safes, where you actually had to spin the dials to select your chosen code. And the calendar would take up a whole wall, and the doors could actually open for you to reveal your prize or loss. And as for the ball shaving section, that goes without saying. It sounds a great idea. Especially the one in Riga!
 pochui02/04/2015 10:41:06 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
It's hard to imagine what is the business plan which involves luring into Belarus people to gamble their next to nothing wages away with you, but I guess you have your reasons.

pmsl Worship Thumbs Up
 bowie198404/04/2015 01:18:22 GMT
Posted by pochui:
pmsl Worship Thumbs Up

Thanks the upvote buddy, seriously though the only thing I know Minsk of is from the series - Seinfeld ("Rochelle, Rochelle: A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk." Blink. Belarus is some kinda running gag there. Tongue Cool
This was a good April Fool's from BRM 'cuz a couple things in the article made it believable for a second.
 matthidr05/04/2015 18:12:50 GMT
Some people told me about it and besides it was april first, I believe it could be possible.
Maybe something for the future. Otherwise, Bankrollmob 'gives' money to people, betting shops wil earn money from us.
 pochui05/04/2015 19:19:04 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
Posted by pochui:
pmsl Worship Thumbs Up

Thanks the upvote buddy

ironically enough someone downvoted this post of yours... need to restore faith in humanity Thumbs Up
 stevieboy408/04/2015 19:42:16 GMT
had me & im late,lol

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