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GVC To Make New Offer For

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Posted on 22 July 2015 by "T".

It ain't over 'til it's over. Just when most of us thought 888's takeover of was secured, it is reported by seval respected newspapers that GVC Holdings is still considering making a counteroffer to acquire According to The Telegraph, GVC Holidings is considering a last shot at without the backing of Amaya, the owner of PokerStars and Full Tilt. However, no figures are mentioned.

Although GVC's previous offer was greater than 888's, decided to go for 888 because of, for example, a better deal for its shareholders in the long term, overlap offices in Gibraltar, Israel and Romania and the fact that its Bingo software runs on 888 technology.

According to PokerNews, Amaya's presence might have prevented the first deal from happening. Rumours had it that bwin would have been split into half if it went for GVC's initital offer, with the sports betting going to GVC and the poker operations to Amaya. 

The Telegraph reports that GVC, a company with a market value of £250.9 million, needs to raise a lot of money if it attempt to buy If it succeed, however, it might have a better chance this time without Amaya. 

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4 comments on "GVC To Make New Offer For"

 pochui22/07/2015 11:49:10 GMT
great news, a company with $250 million cap wants to buy another company for $1.5+ billion... rumours go that the deal will be financed by kim jong un himself with the only prerequisite is that party poker must be renamed to "North Korean Democratic Party Poker" not that anyone has sth against this right?
 klash2322/07/2015 14:37:29 GMT
I really hope that Amaya have no involvement in this deal,I don't see how they can be allowed to take over most of the world's online poker.Also if GVC is only valued at £250 million then how can it finance a takeover of £1.4 billion.
We can see how the online world is changing business,I used to think of the business world as New York,London,Geneva,Beijing,Tokyo.Hong Kong but 888 are Gibraltar,Israel and Romania.
 pochui23/07/2015 15:04:43 GMT
how can a company with 250 mil capitalization finances a takeover of ~1.5 billion? simple- same situation if you have 1 dollar at the store but toilet paper costs 2 dollaros... what you do? borrow form a friend, credit card, sell a55 in the street (oops that one is wrong)... but you get the picture- if you don't have enough cash, you must borrow it from someone... issue some junk bonds, new stocks or find some partners to be part of the deal...
 bowie198425/07/2015 10:00:06 GMT
Posted by pochui:
how can a company with 250 mil capitalization finances a takeover of ~1.5 billion?

They probably have some offshore subsidiaries for a start to make the company look like a healthy, viable gambling corp. when it comes to credit evaluation in Switzerland (or China/Dubai who the fcuk knows where did they get the money for this) which are remaining off the book when it comes to tax evaluation. It's an old switch and bait.
For example - Apple obviously isn't worth $750 billion despite how their market cap tells us, so it's not that big of a longshot when we see some deeply undervalued entities too operating on different markets.

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