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Playing Pocket Queens With Tony Dunst

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Posted on 31 July 2015 by "T".

Slightly confused what to do when you are dealt two queens in no-limit Texas Hold'em? Don't worry, you are not alone! Although it's the third best starting hand of the game, many poker players aren't as confident with pocket queens as they would be with kings or aces.

So, how should one play them pre-flop? partypoker Team Pro Tony Dunst recently made an article on the topic in which he explained the importance of, for example, playing them accordingly to your stack size.

Usually, when we're dealt one of the top two pairs in a poker tournament our objective is to get all the money in pre-flop. However, with pocket queens, we can't be as eager to sling our chips in the middle without considering the possibility that we're behind and the deeper the stacks become, the less likely it is that getting queens all-in pre-flop is a good idea. That said, it's a mistake to play your queens too cautiously in a tournament because they are still the third best hand in Hold'em. How aggressive you should be about playing them pre-flop should be determined stack sizes (the effective stack sizes of the players involved), image (both yours, and the players your against) and position.

The most important factor is stack sizes. You can get pocket queens in for 20 big blinds pre-flop in any situation and it's likely to be the correct play. With 30 to 60 blinds, you'll probably be re-raising your queens pre-flop and trying to get the money in, but if the player is tight or raised from early position it may be better to flat-call his initial raise instead of three-betting with the intention of getting the money in. And if you have 60 blinds or more, you should still probably three-bet your queens pre-flop, but you should also consider folding them to further action if a very tight player puts in a fourth or fifth raise for a ton of his chips.

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8 comments on "Playing Pocket Queens With Tony Dunst"

 pochui31/07/2015 09:51:15 GMT
me ponders that there really is no right and no wrong way to play pocket queens, pocket 26off or any two (or four for that matter if you're playing say omaha) pocket or jacket cards. it all depends on situation- opponents, position, timing, level of confidence, height, weight and length as well. that is my take.
 shokaku31/07/2015 10:48:21 GMT
Those tips regarding playing queens preflop look quite reasonable. No point getting the chips in preflop, when most of the time one will be beat (KK and AA) or have a flip (AK), as will be the case with very deep stacks, unless the play is insanely aggro.
 RoninHarper31/07/2015 11:17:53 GMT
G'day mates

Lets see a flop and if there is no over card then shove them chips into the middle and hope for the best Smile
I love getting my money in with big pocket pairs once I have seen the flop and I do not see an over card to my pockets.
wishing you all the best
 bowie198401/08/2015 00:04:16 GMT
Shoving with it if no overcard on the flop would most likely end up in you getting the pot Ronin, though what's the point in making everybody to fold? You don't just want the pot, you want a big pot - I am bit more cautious when setmining with these.
 shokaku01/08/2015 05:28:38 GMT
Surely you aren't purely setmining with queens? A bit to strong a starting hand to just go for a set. A pair of queens will be sufficient to win the pot a lot of the time. Just don't bloat the pot to much.
 doubletop77701/08/2015 08:06:28 GMT
I would always try and get pocket queens all in pre-flop and would be three betting most of the time. I find it a lot easier just to get my chips in because it takes away all tough decisions post flop
 klash2301/08/2015 15:37:30 GMT
Deciding whether to shove with QQs surely depends on what sort of game you are in or what point in a tournament you are.I have seen plenty of players prepared to 3 bet all in with a pair of sixes or some people will shove with just about anything half decent late in a tourney. Smile
 bowie198402/08/2015 10:04:17 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Surely you aren't purely setmining with queens? A bit to strong a starting hand to just go for a set. A pair of queens will be sufficient to win the pot a lot of the time. Just don't bloat the pot to much.

Where exactly did I stated that I am purely setmining with queens? I only said I'm playing them with caution when I setmine with them. You seem to read a lot of subtext into that sentence.

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