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Live Poker Just Got Twice As Fast

Tags: Brian Hastings, Jennifer Harman, Michael Mizrachi, Multi Action Poker.
Posted on 01 September 2015 by "T".

Think live poker games are too slow? Think again, because recently a new concept called Multi Action Poker (MAP) was introduced at Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park in Florida, USA.

Custom-made MAP poker tables allow players to play two hands (and different games) at the same time! Each table has two dealers and is colour-coordinated to separate and differentiate each hand (chips, dealer buttons, and playing cards have different colours).

Sounds confusing? Well, it's probably a bit odd in the beginning but after some time it should be relatively easy even for those who only play poker once in a while (according to MAP's website, most players pick up the game in approximately 10 hands). 

Is this the future of live poker? That's too early to say, though, some players who already believe MAP could have a bright future are Jennifer Harman, Brian Hastings and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi - all whom have signed up as spokesmen for MAP.

"I loved playing MAP, I was a fan after the first 5 minutes," Michael Mizrachi. "Multi Action Poker is great for someone who likes action and more hands. Action never stops."

"Multi Action Poker is a fun new variant of live poker. The action is fast and furious, and players get significantly more hands per hour," said Brian Hastings.

"Multi Action Poker is a blast to play," said Jennifer Harman "It's a new fresh way to enjoy all the best poker games."


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11 comments on "Live Poker Just Got Twice As Fast"

 pochui01/09/2015 19:35:01 GMT
well this concept is a winner to everyone except the usual casualties called fish, donks, morons etc. (different format, yet same victims). casino gets more rake, since more hands are dealt per hour, poker pros get more winnings, since they have their winrate per hour too... drunk dudes get their pockets emptied in no time... cool.
 arsenej101/09/2015 20:11:41 GMT
Looks messy.
 pinotte01/09/2015 20:24:29 GMT
One sure thing you wont see me on one of these tables. Two dealers two kind of games and it is faster than the usual live poker. I am not to sur about that they see more hands ok they have two instead of one but how long it takes for each hands compare to the other.???????
 crash5801/09/2015 20:32:07 GMT
yea this sounds kind of stupid to me, and the players are saying they like it because their being paid to say it, but lets wait and see if they are actually playing the game on a regular basics.
I highly doubt it.

Thumbs Down to this game. Thumbs Down
 StheP01/09/2015 20:38:15 GMT
this is even more shtty than that game that phill Ivey and durr invented 7up or whats the name???
 teddybears7301/09/2015 22:36:24 GMT
Nah,this is just plain stupid to me,you'll end up playing the wrong game with the wrong cards ( or i would Big Smile ).
No as crash said Thumbs Down to the game.
 bowie198402/09/2015 11:44:36 GMT
Posted by teddybears73:
Nah,this is just plain stupid to me,you'll end up playing the wrong game with the wrong cards

Honestly that happens to me quite a lot when I am playing Horse, Omaha and NLHM on three different tables. Plain messy indeed as of now.
 klash2302/09/2015 13:45:49 GMT
If Jennifer Harman is backing it this has to be a winner.......she has a great track record. Smile
This just looks a complete waste of time and with the technology available today you could do this idea so much better...... this appears to something that was thought of 10 years ago.
 Heskor02/09/2015 14:50:23 GMT
Live poker is always gonna be slow compare to playing on the computer and online as you can always play more tables, maybe lets say for argument sake that you can play 4 tables live, you will never be able to read that much people and it would not be optimal and you would end up losing money whereas online poker you have the tools like huds and so on to help you play against players simultaneously , cheers anyway good luck!
 Skpmorita02/09/2015 15:20:55 GMT
this idea here could actually be in the top 10 dumbest ideas ever
up there with "the breast reduction surgery" and "the earth is flat and NASA lying to us"

i get confused when i play 2 different games online , despite they basically do everything for me , they handle your chips + button , all you have to do is click buttons

this is would never catch on , this is like a failed experiment .. i don't know why they are trying to reach the online level .. every type live or online has advantages and disadvantages
 av196602/09/2015 20:35:08 GMT
Hello mobsters

What a crazy and dumb idea this kind of game is made to dry out the suckers and donks at the live casinos
A very good player can always win but the risk of getting the games mixed up is far to big to player

No Sir not for me just stay at the old fashion poker a game that survive the times so no need to change

Stay sool good luck to you all Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

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