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2015 WCOOP: Belgian Wins The Main Event For $1.3 Million!

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Posted on 30 September 2015 by "T".

PokerStars' 2015 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) is over after three weeks and seventy events. The festival culminated with the $5,200 Main Event, which was played over three days for the first time in WCOOP history. The tournament ended on Tuesday night, with three players taking home over $1 million each (see payouts below) thanks to a four-handed deal.

Coenaldinho7, from Belgium, had already locked up $1.1 million when the deal was made, and he received an additional $200,000 when he was the last man standing. According to PokerStars Blog, he started the final table in 9th place and made it to heads-up with 2-to-1 chip deficit. Within minutes he managed to turn things around for the better by taking down some big pots. He had a 3-to-1 advantage when the final hand occurred.

AlwaysiNduCe min-raised from the button to 2 million, Coenaldinho7 called. The flop came out 5Diamond2DiamondTClub, Coenaldinho7 checked, and AlwaysiNduCe continued with a 2 million bet. Coenaldinho7 raised to 6 million, AlwaysiNduCe called. The turn card was the KSpade and Coenaldinho7 bet 15 million, AlwaysiNduCe pushed his final 15.4 million into the centre of the table, and Coenaldinho7 called. 

Coenaldinho7 THeart7Club
AlwaysiNduCe KHeart5Club

AlwaysiNduCe had two pairs and only needed to dodge 2 cards on the river (two tens) to take home the pot of 47 million. But the poker gods were cruel as the TDiamond completed the board. Coenaldinho7 took down the pot with three-of-a-kind 10s and scooped the extra $200,000 + the WCOOP Main Event bracelet.

WCOOP-69: $5,200 NL Hold'em Main Event
Entries: 1,995

Prize pool: $10,000,000

Places paid: 243
1. Coenaldinho7 (Belgium) $1,300,000.00*
2. AlwaysiNduCe (Poland) $1,000,000.00*
3. Nolet20 (Canada) $1,223,000.00*
4. beertjes79 (Belgium) $800,000.00*
5. Ravic85 (Russia) $400,000.00
6. Rory "Mr.Kingball" Brown (Ireland) $273,000.00
7. K.T.A.-1985 (Czech Republic) $200,000.00
8. Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn (Russia) $150,000.00
9. bindernutnut (Canada) $100,000.00

* = denotes a four-way deal leaving $200,000 for the winner


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8 comments on "2015 WCOOP: Belgian Wins The Main Event For $1.3 Million!"

 captainbill30/09/2015 10:00:25 GMT
exciting ft,congats to the belgian!they stoped the time twice for the deal,does anybody knows what happened the first time,and they didnt deal?
 StheP30/09/2015 10:27:39 GMT
they looked numbers several times, but never get deal exept when they were 4 left and noleeet was chip leader... well we got 3 millionaires from this tournament... amazing money, amazing prizepool, but I think biggest winner in this tournament was DonMraty who sat into main event with 12FPP and won 25k$
 pochui30/09/2015 11:59:55 GMT
juts a couple of russians at the final table... what gives? is the tide turning? is the end of world coming quicker than we expected?
gosh an online even taking 3 days- that's something for the record books, it seems that just around the corner are times when we have $0.10 360 sng taking a week to complete...
 blajani9330/09/2015 13:39:41 GMT
Wow gz for the winners. I just hope that some day I will get at least close to such results!
 klash2330/09/2015 13:54:45 GMT
It must be strange having to play this over 3 nights,thank God we now have decent internet connection in most countries.Some excellent money for the winners though I think a 4 way deal takes a lot from the final table.
 Calmplay30/09/2015 14:13:25 GMT
wow 1.3 million winning prize for an online tournament even though the buy in is $5k is a very good record, plus two Belgium players in the top 5 there did not know that Belgium had many skilled poker players nowadays...
 poker4uro09/10/2015 07:38:22 GMT
If you want to see the WCOOP 2015 Main Event final table replay, you can watch it on Youtube by clicking on this link
 bowie198409/10/2015 13:39:40 GMT
Posted by pochui:
juts a couple of russians at the final table... what gives? is the tide turning? is the end of world coming quicker than we expected?

And now they have long range missiles to. What has the world come to? Big Smile

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