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Phil Ivey Loses Appeal Against London Casino Over His 7.7M Winnings

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Posted on 10 November 2016 by "T".

The decision that Phil Ivey had been waiting for many months has finally came, but it is not what he wanted to hear. He has just lost his £7.7M dispute against a London casino at the Court of Appeal, as a judge stated that his "edge sorting" technique was equivalent to cheating despite the fact that he was not dishonest.

Ivey lost his appeal against Genting Casinos UK, owner of Crockfords Club in Mayfair, over his £7.7M winnings because of his use of a technique called edge sorting, which exploits a defect in the printing of the cards. Ivey was trying to appeal the 2014 ruling that he was cheating when he and his companion Cheung Yin Sun were playing a type of baccarat game called Punto Banco at the Crockfords Casino back in August 2012.

In a press release issued by his UK legal team, Ivey said, "This decision makes no sense to me. The trial judge said that I was not dishonest and the three appeal judges agreed but somehow the decision has gone against me. Can someone tell me how you can have honest cheating?"

He added, "I'd like to add that I am very grateful to Lady Justice Sharp who decided that the trial judge was ‘wrong' to decide that I had cheated. The public should read her judgment. It makes perfect sense."

Back in May 2013, Ivey admitted he used edge sorting when he played Punto Banco, but said that the casino should have recognized it. What he did was nothing more than take advantage of Crockford's failures to take the proper steps to protect themselves against a player of his ability. On a statement in May 2013, he said, "At the time, I was given a receipt for my winnings but Crockfords subsequently withheld payment. I, therefore, feel I have no alternative but to take legal action."
In October 2014, a high court ruled in favor of Crockfords casino, but Ivey appealed, filing in late 2014 the papers at the Court of Appeal in London for reconsideration in December.

Ivey's lawyer Matthew Dowd stated, "The Court of Appeal's decision leaves the law totally unclear as to what constitutes cheating at gambling. Four judges have looked at this issue now and none of them have been able to agree on the correct interpretation of section 42 of the Gambling Act. It is essential that the law is clarified and in light of today's decision we are seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court."

The decision came in just 2 weeks since it was publicly announced that Ivey "broke the rules of gambling as defined in [New Jersey] when he won $10 million from the Borgata casino in 2012.

Ivey and his gambling partner Sun were found not to have committed fraud as Borgata had accused. Borgata must now outline what it believes to be the damages it has suffered and then Ivey will have a chance to take action before a final determination is made.


What do you think - Is edge sorting legal or not?



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12 comments on "Phil Ivey Loses Appeal Against London Casino Over His 7.7M Winnings"

 waoz10/11/2016 18:27:16 GMT
Whose fault is it? Of the mule or muleteer? If there is a flaw in the printing and design of the cards should be the problem of the casino and the contractor who issues the letters, I do not see just that appeal in phil ivey cotra ... but well this is the world.
 Mober10/11/2016 22:21:52 GMT
Kinda bull. A player of his ability? Which is what exactly. Trying to find ways to win the
game that does not include the game with its rules?
So his ability here was what ? Spotting the defected cards and taking this into his
Great skills Smile
 doubletop77711/11/2016 09:17:14 GMT
I really thought that Phil Ivey would win this appeal and i was disappointed to read that he didn't. The Judges said he wasn't dishonest, so how can they say that he was cheating?
 damosk11/11/2016 09:46:05 GMT
This is a very interesting case and it will be ingesting to see what the outcome is should there be a further appeal. So, he wasn't cheating. But was he playing win the strict rules of the game? Consider this. There is no rule that an electronic ball propulsion machine cannot be used in soccer. So , if a team gets awarded a free kick, what is stopping them bringing on an electronic ball propulsion machine to shoot the ball into the back of the net? Hmm. We'd all have a lot to say about that, but it's not cheating, cos the game doesn't specifically disallow this, however, it's not in the rules so it's not allowed!
 pajalnick11/11/2016 13:50:29 GMT
perhaps he should not be recognized in the fact that he had seen a casino card ... if he had said that he had just won because he was damn lucky dude the casino would not have proved that it is not ... but he is an honest guy and why he suffered ... ... honesty is punishable deceive everyone and you will be a winner - a conclusion can be drawn from this case
 sammybeyo11/11/2016 20:46:14 GMT
that was a very unfair decision for Phil Ivey would be good if they can overturn it somehow and appeal the decision in his favour
 bowie198412/11/2016 00:18:42 GMT
I could say I am feeling sorry for Phil Ivey but I am really not.
His rigging the system in place in many casino by relying heavily on their good intentions to meet his ridiculous pre-game demands (mandarin speaking croupier??? cmon!) then he is upset when these establishments are seeing through his shenanigans.
His much more talented in making money than needing to use the gimmicks he had in these cases. Eff him for not being a stand-up guy.
 dule-vu12/11/2016 12:37:23 GMT
must admit that I dont understand whole thing about this problem!did try to understand what he done with card,edge sorting!whoever is guilty,if he stays without this money,he would be angry,its huge amount and everybody would fight for this!
 Ingrind3312/11/2016 18:49:26 GMT
Phil Ivey can't be trusted in poker tournaments as well. He would be a guy who collabs with others. For example he can let other "ghost" players loose their stack to him. Who knows he pays someone in the video room to look at other people's cards.
This can be all pure paranoia, but with his careless arrogant look and a cheating history like that, you simply can not trust him! very sad if you pity him, because he would not give any fck about you. Fanboys are just asskissing beta males.
 bowie198413/11/2016 00:34:29 GMT
Posted by Ingrind33:
Fanboys are just asskissing beta males.

Well, to be quite honest alpha males would not take the time and effort to actually care about this case let alone comment or debate on it or eventually learn who the hell is Phil Ivey and why should they care about him and his missing money at all...
 pochui13/11/2016 13:23:31 GMT
well i guess this is one of those cases where each side feels that they are completely right and their opponent is completely wrong, but in reality me ponders that both of them are right and both of them are wrong. oh btw ivey dude, never saw honest cheating right? then take a peek at politics...
 TheMachineQC13/11/2016 17:54:52 GMT
That's weird... In the last news the juries were voting equally... Looks like the casino found a way to somehow have the jury's empathy or something. I would just not care about a industry that steals people for a living getting stolen from to be honest. These people should have gave a gambler his win in the court!

Let's jut all stay away from casinos I guess! Even when you win you don't Blink

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