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€1000 Freeroll Tonight!

Posted on 18 February 2016 by "H".

Every thursday Unibet is having their Sportsbook Poker Freeroll. There is a prizepool of nothing less than €1000 euro, and there is no buy-in. Hence, the freeroll.

Unibet has having this tournament every thursday night at 19:00 (CET+1) and there is €1000 euro in the prize-pool. It cost absolutely nothing to participate in this tournament, but you do have to do one thing before you can join the tournament.

Before the tournament starts you'll have to place a bet in the sportsbook of min. €10 euro, as soon as you have done that, you'll get a ticket to join the tournament. You don't have to place the bet today, if you've already placed a bet in the last seven days.


Go to Unibet right here --->

The only requirements to this tournament is, that you have placed a min. €10 bet on a sport event in the last seven days. If you haven't done that, you can still do it. Just go to the sportsbook, place a €10 bet, and then get your ticket to play tonights €1000 FREEROLL!


Here's how you get the ticket:

1. Sign-up at Unibet or Log-in

2. If you haven't placed a bet in the last 7 days, place a €10 bet on the sportsbook.

3. You'll recieve your ticket in the Poker Lobby, and you can join the tournament.

4. Register for the Freeroll and hopefully win!

Click here to get to Unibet


* You can find the promotion under and this tourament last for all 2015/2016 season. *

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6 comments on " €1000 Freeroll Tonight!"

 Calmplay18/02/2016 15:02:27 GMT
this sounds like a good offer, anyone know what is the average number of entrants for this weekly freeroll. I wanna know if it's worth to play them as we all know small field freerolls like these are worthy...
 IceQueenAce18/02/2016 16:46:18 GMT
yeah I would like to know that too
 damosk18/02/2016 18:52:19 GMT
I saw the email advert for this offer. Unfortunately due to my world location at the moment I can't take advantage of this at the moment, but hoping that it will carry on in future weeks, but will need to see what the field sizes are to see its true value. Good luck to any of you who get in.
 Calmplay26/02/2016 07:15:28 GMT
for those who wanted more details about it, I played it yesterday... we had abt 600-615 entrants and the freeroll was super turbo, 2000 starting chip blinds up every 3 mins...
 BRM_Henrik26/02/2016 08:24:43 GMT
How did it go ? Smile
 Calmplay01/03/2016 14:42:35 GMT
Not well as my 99 got cracked by J2s after all the chips went in preflop... was really pissed off but got the ticket again and hope to do better this Thursday Smile

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