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8 Freerolls at Unibet today!

Posted on 19 February 2016 by "H".

Would you like to play the Big Unibet Open event with BIG cash prizes? - Then you should join the Unibet Open freeroll satelite, which are played in less than two hours.

Unibet are hosting several freerolls every single day, and today there is a FREEROLL for Unibet Open! - It's a big event, with BIG cash prizes and you can join it for free, if you are lucky.

At 11.05 (UTC - London time) the Unibet Open Freeroll will start and this is your chance to join the big tournament for free. It doesn't cost anything and you don't have to earn points or anything first to play. It's free, and it's very soon.


Click here to go to Unibet --->

If you are very fast, there's a €50 Freeroll at 09:05 UTC, which is less than 10 minutes. But you have to hurry up, if you want to join that Freeroll.

If you can't play right now and rather would wait for the later tournaments, then we give you a list right here:

List of Freerolls at Unibet today:

09:05 - €50 Hold'em Freeroll
11:05 - Unibet Open Freeroll
13:05 - €50 Hold'Em Freeroll
15:05 - €50 Omaha Freeroll
16:05 - €100 Hold'em Freeroll
21:05 - €50 Ohama Freeroll
22:05 - Unibet Open Freeroll
23:05 - €100 Hold'em Freeroll

It's Freerolls worth of €400 + The two Unibet Open Freerolls.

Here's how you do it:

1. Sign-up or log-in at Unibet

2. Go to the poker-lobby

3. Register for the Freeroll you want to play.


Click here to sign-up

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1 comment on "8 Freerolls at Unibet today! "

 pochui19/02/2016 15:40:47 GMT
WOW! what an amazing offer, a $50 freroll in 10 minutes and a whooping $350 in the remaining freerolls up for grabs... mind blowing promotion if you ask me. not everyday one can get the chance to stare in front of his pc/another staring gadget and get a reward of $1-5 for that plus a few badbeats to spoil some nerves if a couple of bucks is not enough for a complete thrill.

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