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Unibet Spring Calender - Free Prizes!

Posted on 23 March 2016 by "H".

We are near Easter, and Unibet is celebrating the Easter with an Easter Spring Calender, with free prizes and offers behind every nr. in the calender. Go take a look and see, what's behinds todays number!

It's Easter and we are getting spoiled with a Free calender from Unibet, with different kinds of prizes, bonusses and more. It can be free-spins, tournament tickets, free-bets or other bonuses that you win, and you just have to check, what's behind todays number.

Click here to go to the Calender --->

You don't have to make a deposit to open and of the numbers in the calender, so you can do it completely free.

Here's how you do it:

1. Sign-up or Sign-in at

2. Go to the Spring Calender.

3. Open the nr. and see your prize.

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8 comments on "Unibet Spring Calender - Free Prizes!"

 bowie198424/03/2016 00:45:07 GMT
My prize from the first day's promo was that the .20 cent worth bonus money I've won with the ten spins on Starburst has gone with just under one spin after all the free spins finished... Nice nothing again, thanks Uni!!!
 sammybeyo24/03/2016 03:17:53 GMT
My first prize was about the same 10 free spins just like 50 cents from the spins maybe the days to come better prizes will be available to won its free after all doesn't hurt to try Smile
 shokaku24/03/2016 08:07:59 GMT
Those prizes are typical for them. The free spins are close to worthless, as any winnings have to be cleared, with a quite high playthrough on top. Risk free bets, may be a better offer, even if they are not risk free.
 damosk24/03/2016 22:45:28 GMT
Hey...don't be so glum. I won €2.68 from my free spins.... But do you know about the way unibet then allow you to try and claim those winnings? By betting your own money up to 25 times to try and win that bonus. It's only then that the winnings are released. So you could lose all of your own bankroll to win the bonus money. I chose not to do it.
 bowie198425/03/2016 01:08:11 GMT
Posted by damosk:
So you could lose all of your own bankroll to win the bonus money. I chose not to do it.

Exactly. This pennyf*cker gambling company using YOUR OWN MONEY first to make you wager on something which might not even be there at the end.
Goddamn ridiculous place...
 canecorzo8625/03/2016 15:43:34 GMT
The best promo in this spring from the site Unibet poker!!Very nice and very good prizes!!!
 DaCapo7125/03/2016 20:13:42 GMT
Nice, i read this thread and found this unibet promo here. I don´t have won anything today, but i try it the next days and i think this was a nice promo. Everybody can win something without a risk, so it was a nice promo.
 bowie198426/03/2016 01:18:47 GMT
Posted by DaCapo71:
Everybody can win something without a risk, so it was a nice promo.

Yeah the risk free bets is nice, my problem was with the 'wagering method' of the bonus money after those free spins they've given the first day of the promo...

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