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Treatment Drug For Parkinsonís Disease Can Turn Patients Into Gambling Addicts

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Posted on 13 April 2016 by "T".

Medicines that are used for treating Parkinson's disease often risks in leading to behavioral changes. Research has found that some of the changes in behavior will include compulsive shopping, sex and gambling addiction.

Parkinson's is a degenerative condition that occurs in the brain of the patient. This happens whenever cells in the brain die, creating deficiency in dopamine. People who suffer from this condition have problems with movement and coordination.

Since the disease is incurable, the use of treatment drugs for Parkinson's is mostly aimed in preventing symptoms related to the condition.

The latest type of drug used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease is called "dopamine agonist," introduced over a decade ago by Pfizer. The drug's mechanism of action is to replace the missing dopamine and mimic its role of nerve cell stimulation. Patients who use the drug have developed changes in behavior, many of which are extensions of existing traits.

In a new study, scientists have found that dopamine agonist drugs have the tendency in making patients to take part in compulsive shopping, hypersexuality, and pathological gambling. These behavioral issues usually disappear once they stop taking the drug.

The resulting behavioral changes are unwanted and have led to the dismay of many users of the drug. Charges were filed against Pfizer for the damages it has caused. More than 160 people claimed to have suffered from behavioral changes from using the treatment drug.

Legal proceedings transpired and after a four-year battle, a confidential in-principal deal was reached, one that would be costly payout for the drug manufacturer. Pfizer spokeswoman Helen Corcoran said the negotiated agreement was only a proposed settlement at this stage and the company could not comment until the matter had been resolved in court.



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6 comments on "Treatment Drug For Parkinsonís Disease Can Turn Patients Into Gambling Addicts"

 bowie198413/04/2016 13:12:35 GMT
It's like they found the cure 4 being bored, then you have to stop taking the medicine because all that does to you is making you spend money on stuff you don't need while having a massive erection.
Oh god, the pharmaceutical companies really have no idea how to get some fun, innit?
 Buva1313/04/2016 13:28:31 GMT
Hahaha give me some off that - and no need cause im already addicted to all kinds of "get rich or die trying" Big Smile
 pochui13/04/2016 18:32:41 GMT
well that explains why old fellas around here try to get the parkinsons diagnose... those scumbags, old perverts porn star wannabees just want to get their hands on those anti parkinson drugs which just for an added bonus makes one a porn star, a poker star and a shopping expert... ok we can remove that last bit due to being not very interesting compared to the previous ones...
 demodawggy13/04/2016 19:06:00 GMT

... Big Smile< You can find the sweet vicecream in the freezer section of your local grocery store...! Tongue
 damosk14/04/2016 20:06:43 GMT
Isn't it amazing how stuff that does good always has some adverse effect. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could truly sort it so that stuff that does good actually does wholesale good. The answer must be out there somewhere we just haven't found it yet. All respect to those scientist types who work all this out.
 tropical15/04/2016 08:17:52 GMT
Funniest news story i have read in a long time.
- Compulsive shopping
- Hypersexuality
- Pathological gambling
I will keep that info in mind.
In the off chance that one day I open a land based casino, you all know what my customers will be getting in their complimentary free drinks Blink

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