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Proposal To Make Online Poker Legal Addressed In Poland

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Posted on 27 May 2016 by "T".

Recently, a new proposal submitted by Jarosław Gowin, the Deputy Prime Minister and Science and Higher Education Minister of Poland, bears the potential to create some changes in the Polish legislation that can enable Polish citizens to play legalized and regulated online poker as well as other types of online gaming options.

For now, in Poland, the game of poker can only be played legally at land-based casinos. If an individual or a group of people are found guilty of hosting a private poker tournament under current Polish law, they will face hefty fines, and in some cases, imprisonment.

However, things may change soon because earlier this May, Zbigniew Boniek, the President of Poland's Football Association, together with Gowin, stated in a press conference that some changes should be made to the Polish Gambling Act of 2011, specifically point out on the provision of online poker and sports betting options.

According to Gowin's new proposal, the current tax on revenue from sports betting will be increased from 12% to 20%, which would result in the generation of an extra €50 million yearly for Poland's national budget. Additionally, online poker would also be finally legalized and regulated, along with the hosting of private poker tournaments.

Unlike many of his colleagues, Gowin strongly believes that both sports betting and online poker are seemingly less harmful gambling activities as compared to slot machines. Gowin believes that now is the time for "normality and common sense" to prevail, and he also intends to help the government avoid losing more money to gambling companies that operate within the ‘grey zone'.
According to data released by the official government, around 95% of the online gambling market in Poland is dominated by unlicensed foreign operators.

Since Gowin is not a part of the governing party in Poland, his proposal would need a lot of substantial support for any of these changes to be approved and implemented, and also, it is still too early to determine how much support he will actually obtain.



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9 comments on "Proposal To Make Online Poker Legal Addressed In Poland"

 pochui27/05/2016 16:57:08 GMT
i have to admit that the ideas proposed by Jarosław Gowin, the Deputy Prime Minister and Science and Higher Education Minister of Poland are serious and should be considered, also we have to take into account that Zbigniew Boniek, the President of Poland's Football Association is also asking for changes. Go Poland, Go!
 doubletop77728/05/2016 08:03:14 GMT
I often wonder why online poker is banned in so many countries. It was a blast from the past to read Zbigniew Boniek's name as he was one of the best footballers in the world about 30 years ago
 Tony_MON7ANA29/05/2016 03:20:49 GMT
I found this article very interesting. So, according to the new proposal by Gowin, the current tax on revenue from sports betting will be drastically increased by 8%, which would result in the generation of an additional 50 million euros annually for Poland's national budget? Sounds fascinating!
 dule-vu29/05/2016 12:50:36 GMT
dont understand why lots of countries dont allow people to bett,play poker or anything online!let people to do whatever they want in life with their own money!like government give money to people and they are woried what will they do with that!
 T3ddyKGB29/05/2016 13:13:20 GMT
its banned in several countrys because these countrys dont see a penny from the money - its gone, in foreign countrys.. untill they invent tax on pokerwinnings.
 DaCapo7130/05/2016 12:52:17 GMT
This was a goo news because i thing there are a lot of good players in Poland and so it was possible for a lot of olayer to play online poker legal. It was important for online poker that a lot of new Player have the Chance to Play and perhaps we can see a new boom for this nice game.
 dule-vu30/05/2016 13:18:01 GMT
well in country where I live,state dont have anything from online betting,but they close online betting,poker or casino for us!we can play normaly,deposit money,withdraw withoud any taxes!so its good for us to play here!
 xgcsnippy30/05/2016 21:35:30 GMT
I see alot of Polish donks online though playing like morons!
 DaCapo7131/05/2016 20:01:31 GMT
But you can find donks everywhere, it was not a thing of a nationality!

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