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EPT Winner In Legal Conflict With ‘Poker Battle’ Founder

Tags: Glen Chorny, Philippe Rouas, Poker World Society Inc.
Posted on 29 June 2016 by "T".

credit pokernews.comGlen Chorny, 2008 European Poker Tour (EPT) Grand Final Champion, is looking to regain his investment on a failed poker company through a lawsuit. In 2008, Chorny invested $3.7 million on Poker World Society Inc. He says he has not seen any return from his investment, not even a single dime.

Chorny, who hails from Canada, says that he was deceived by Philippe A. Rouas through his investment offer in Poker World Society, which Rouas claimed has the capacity to net up to $2 million per day. The online site to be launched would be similar to a social network with a gaming brand called Poker Battle. The Canadians investment of $3.7 million would give him 10% of the brand.

"Rouas claimed Poker World Society planned to launch an international online lifestyle, retail and gaming brand called Poker Battle, which could net as much as $2 million a day. Chorny's stake would put him in for 10 percent of that pot," the lawsuit says.

Chorny's lawsuit claims that Rouas fed him lies and empty promises until 2015 when he learned that Poker World Society was being sold for $2.5 million. The 2008 EPT Champ never got his 10% of the sale. Chorny even wonders if a sale ever occurred.

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2 comments on "EPT Winner In Legal Conflict With ‘Poker Battle’ Founder"

 doubletop77730/06/2016 08:15:57 GMT
It sounds like this guy has been well and truly scammed. I think that, in my opinion, he can kiss goodbye to his investment. I hope i am wrong and he can recoup all or most of his cash
 Tony_MON7ANA30/06/2016 19:00:15 GMT
It seems, despite all the publicity that Philippe A. Rouas built around Poker Battle, the venture never materialized into anything substantial. And since the poker boom is long gone, any hope of the Poker World Society eventually producing a dividend on Glen Chorny’s investment seems gone as well.

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