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Horse-Masked Man Robs Poker Home Game

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Posted on 08 June 2016 by "T".

credit CBSBoulder, Colorado - On May 25, an armed robbery occurred at a residence where a poker game was being held. The two perpetrators, a man wearing a horse mask and another man whose face was covered with a black bandana, barged into a group playing a poker game at a home located in the 2100 block of Columbine Avenue just after 11 p.m.

They threatened the players with a handgun and stole the pot of $3,500. The man wearing the bandana on his face was described as a Hispanic male with short hair, weighing between 160-180 pounds, and stands between 5'9" and 5'11". He was carrying a handgun.

The man in the horse mask was described to weigh somewhere around 220 pounds and stands between 5'6" and 5'9". He was oddly carrying a wooden paddle. David Bayless, the homeowner, said that he still feels violated after the robbery that was supposed to be just a normal night playing weekly poker with his friends. He said, "I'm mad more than shocked. How could someone do this? We have no profit. A social game. Fun, friendly social game."

David told police that the poker games he hosted at his home started out with only a few of his friends, which then eventually became a larger group that included some outsiders. He strongly believes that the unfortunate event was an inside job.

The crooks said at the time of the robbery, "Wow, there's some money in this game. Do I hold up a 7-Eleven or do I hold up Dave's poker game?"

The incident shook Bayless so much that he stopped hosting his poker games indefinitely. Also, he said he wasn't impressed by the robbers, especially after the horse-masked man left behind the wooden paddle he was carrying, "These guys are idiots. They're amateurs. Not professionals by any means. I so much want them caught I couldn't express it."

Those who can give any relevant information about the suspects can call the Boulder Police at 303-441-3369. Informants can remain anonymous, and can receive a reward of up to $1,000.



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7 comments on "Horse-Masked Man Robs Poker Home Game"

 pochui10/06/2016 18:48:32 GMT
i must admit that horse masked robber is quite an unusual act in a poker home game, but i guess a man masked horse would be even more entertaining. hope that no grannies and pot addicted degenerates were hurt in this incident. kids- don't be deterred from home games, this is just 1 in a million incident.
 T3ddyKGB10/06/2016 21:19:30 GMT
a poker homegame robbed...

i bet there was a 3rd accomplice, sitting on the table with the robbed peeps. or they were that dumb and posted on facebook a pokergame is going at their house.
 Ingrind3310/06/2016 21:19:51 GMT

"pot of $3,500"

"We have no profit. A social game. Fun, friendly social game."

If $3500 is pocket change for you then it's a friendly fun and social game!
Never the less, it's risky when outsiders know about your game, especially in the United States of America and England.
 doubletop77712/06/2016 08:08:51 GMT
This must have been terrifying for the people there and i really hope that they catch the people responsible for this crime. This was a very big home game and they were playing for some big pots
 pajalnick12/06/2016 08:23:32 GMT
it's quite funny))) maybe it was just somebody's joke, and soon everything turns out? and if it is serious then it is clear that this is what the novices and happen to know that in this house, and decided to play to earn easy money
 Tony_MON7ANA12/06/2016 09:12:47 GMT
I was quite surprised to notice that no one was smoking joint in the room. If I were there bit stoned (or mildly drunk), I would not probably take it seriously.

 damosk12/06/2016 13:39:07 GMT
I quite like this story... Especially the Lin that they were not professional thieves. Does anyone really care whether these guys were professional or not, and would it have made it more acceptable had they been professional. I guess these amateur robbers are pretty happy with their haul.

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