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Let's Celebrate BankrollMob's 9th Birthday With A $1,000 Freeroll!

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Posted on 19 August 2016 by "T".

Monday is widely regarded as the least popular day of the week. What many "Monday-haters" forget is that a fantastic thing occured on a Monday almost 9 years ago: was launched and poker and casino players from all over the globe were able to get free bankrolls! 

We will celebrate the 9th birthday of our beloved gambling portal with a $1,000 Freeroll at partypoker on Monday, August 29, 2016. That's around payday, folks! It will most certainly be a Monday to remember. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming freeroll.

Site: partypoker
Name: BankrollMob's 9th Birthday Freeroll
Date: August 29, 2016 at 20:00 CEST / 14:00 EDT
Guaranteed prize pool: $1,000

The Freeroll is listed under "Tournaments", "Freerolls" in the partypoker lobby. 


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55 comments on "Let''s Celebrate BankrollMob''s 9th Birthday With A $1,000 Freeroll! "

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» Let''s Celebrate BankrollMob''s 9th Birthday With A $1,000 Freeroll!

 vaci3829/08/2016 16:39:20 GMT

come on people do not be angry that there are so many players registered in the tournament , this will be a very interesting tournament , to see what other players are masters of poker hahaha , we know what will be the game here allll inn Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 callie2829/08/2016 16:44:37 GMT
just put in the chat box on your table"just read any winnings can only be collected in brm forum,so non members wont be able to cash" that will help them donk their chips away Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 pinotte29/08/2016 17:51:51 GMT
Sorry but 3.5K players and registration is closed so i won't be in this birthday tournament. Sad Sad
 Tony_MON7ANA29/08/2016 17:57:15 GMT
Happy birthday, BankrollMob!
The time has finally come. It's time to play the game.
Regrettably, I will not be able to participate in the 9th anniversary event.
Best of luck to all those playing in the tournament. I hope everyone will have lots of fun.
 damosk29/08/2016 18:00:37 GMT
Just got in and seen that the max players has been reached so like PINOTTE I won't be taking part in this donk fest of a birthday freeroll. Good luck to all of you regulars who are playing and hopefully a BRM member, and hopefully a forum regular will take it down. Happy birthday BRM, hope you have a really good one.
 ivanjkp29/08/2016 18:11:02 GMT
Happy birthday bankrollmob Smile.What to says nice promotions 3500 players could be more but cap is reached ....
I play it and out after few hands got A6 raise others player call me flop comes A 10 6 i bet he go all in i call and he have A10 turn and river was blank and that was very fast cooler Smile
GG and GL to all who play.
 IceQueenAce29/08/2016 18:32:33 GMT
only one or two active players per table Smile
 vic7529/08/2016 19:56:04 GMT
Just finished 171st place for a buck my AA got reraised Allin by 1010 and flush hit on the river was going great early on sitting top ten with only two players active on the table good luck to remaining mobsters still in it and happy birthday to Bankroll Mob. Smile Thumbs Up
 IceQueenAce29/08/2016 20:28:08 GMT
i bust for $1.56
 dule-vu30/08/2016 12:41:10 GMT
finished at 313. positon and won 0,67 $!at my tables was same situation as all of you,maybe 2,3 active players,so lot of players who just take place!could do better,but missed some all in play,later blinds was big and when blinds was 300/600,few spots before I come on BB,had 750 chips and got A 10 d,one player pay me with A 3 and ofcourse on table he get 3 and kick me out!congratz to all BRM member who won any prize!
 Tony_MON7ANA30/08/2016 17:58:19 GMT
I hope everyone had a great time yesterday.
It seems that majority of the 3,500 registrants were sitting out from the start for some reason. Anyway, congratulations to all the mobsters who finished in the money.
 Mober30/08/2016 18:12:59 GMT
Bad luck there pinotte, You should have entered the tournament early. And from what i read here,
there where too many sit outs. ice sai 1-2 active players per table, which means easy chips,
in most cases Smile
Congratulations o all that managed to cash in.
 mirexxx30/08/2016 18:55:39 GMT
Waiste of time
 vaci3830/08/2016 18:56:41 GMT

at the table where I was had four players were not active , but one of us who have been active all the time is played all in , much annoyed me that 20 minutes is not to see a flop , even 2 players have accepted such a game is not loved to be at this table Angry
 Mober30/08/2016 19:04:11 GMT
When it is a tournament with a long sign up and there are a lost of sitouts, tou can find
many players playing like this. All in every hand or huge raises with any cards, just trying
to get the blinds form the sitouts.
Here you need to have patience and call with a good hand.
Most probably you will double leaving them on tilt Smile
 monster198330/08/2016 19:08:37 GMT

At the very beginning , unfortunately, I fell off ! It was a good and a bad plate uttered favorites Disagree
 dule-vu31/08/2016 15:42:35 GMT
well for lots of players this huge number of sit out were good to collect lot of chips,if they didnt have some aggressive player against them,like I did!and dont understand people,who say that tournament was full?!we knewt about this birhtday tournament three weeks ago,we knewt that registarion will open 5,6 days before starting,we talked here that they extend number of places from 3000 to 3500 and then they wanted to register two hours before starting!silly!
 damosk01/09/2016 09:14:39 GMT
So! Did anyone get onto the final table from this here wonderful BankRollMob forum place? It would be great if someone..... Anyone that we know did,... But I am guessing that no one actually did. Never mind...... Looking forward to next year the will be bankrollmob a tenth birthday and who knows.... Maybe that could be the one!
 TheMachineQC01/09/2016 13:57:47 GMT
I was registered for htis tournament but unfortunately I completely forgot about it... lol

I wasn't thrilled about the 2000+ players but I figured there would be a lot of people sitting out so I'm a bit pissed I forgot about it Blink That tourney was easy money!!

I hope they'll do another tournament for BRM's 10th birthday Smile
 skullp0k3r01/09/2016 14:22:53 GMT
I played this tournament, but as in every freeroll, always have those who play by luck and are coming from all in all the time. unfortunately one of broke my AA with a 83o.
possibly he did not win anything. I hope. Sad Sad
 dule-vu01/09/2016 15:55:47 GMT
it was almost easy money,beacuse blind changed after 6 min,starting chips was 1000,so you must won some all in to be able to get to 450 place in payout (I think it was from this place)!and it wasnt big money,for my 313 place it was 0,67 $!
 STACIONAR02/09/2016 08:52:20 GMT
Bankrollmob thanks for such tournament. Even I didn't expect such number of participants - 3500.
I have got to prizes and I was very pleased. Thank you that you are. Thumbs Up Smile
 Mober02/09/2016 17:08:17 GMT
It had only 3500 because it was capped. If it wasnt the number would have been
way higher. Many missed on this tournament, probably not paying attention to
the total number of registrations available. pinotte didnt manage to be in it Smile
 dule-vu03/09/2016 10:52:57 GMT
we knewt about all rules 3 weeks ago,registration was open 6 days before,all of us write informations here and even number of players was changde from 3000 to 3500,so nobody cant camplain that was full tournament!and lots of people who play only opened freeroll,ofcourse its too small 3500 places!
 vaci3803/09/2016 21:00:18 GMT

boys tournament is finished there were many players but it is a policy BankrollMob , they wanted to promote this wonderful site , forum , everyone wants to have as many members , more players who will be registered on the poker via their website , so you need to understand this as a promotion

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