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PokerStars ‘Power Up’ Now Live for Real-Money Play

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Posted on 12 October 2017 by "T".

After many rounds of alpha testing with the use of play-money, PokerStars is confident that its hybrid poker game is now ready for its real-money launch to the public.

On October 10, The Stars Group Inc. officially announced the launch of the PokerStars Power Up, a new and highly innovative variant of online poker that combines the strategy and competitiveness of conventional poker with the excitement and amazing twist of modern video games. Just like what you would see in usual role-playing games of today, PokerStars Power Up features beautifully-designed graphics that can bring your online poker gaming to a whole new level via immersive audio and visual effects, complete with a good selection of avatars with unique personalities and backstories.

Director of Poker Innovation and Operations Severin Rasset said, "Since the game's inception, we've been eagerly anticipating this moment and it's finally here. The team has worked incredibly hard to produce a brand new game which, by utilizing our custom engine, delivers incredible mechanics and an engaging universe. We are immensely proud of this major innovation to poker and we hope our players love it as much as we do."

What It Is
Power Up is a mix of poker and card games, just like the game Hearthstone (a fast-paced strategy card game from Blizzard Entertainment). It brings in the concept of video gaming to add more depth, make things interesting, and bring the game to life.

Power Up is ultimately a three-person tournament that features traditional sit-and-go rules, with just one fun difference. Each player can have up to three ‘Special Power' cards. These cards cost ‘energy' when being used and can have wide-ranging effects, including the power to alter the board, manipulate hole cards, and even provide intel about upcoming cards or see your opponents' hands.

Power Up Universe
The setting of Power Up is in a futuristic universe known as the "Neutrino". There, you will find various characters with unique backstories that PokerStars hopes will amaze and keep the players interested, just like popular e-sports.

This involves marketing the immersive game in new ways, even extending the game to new demographics (gamers who do not usually play online poker).

For now, the real-money version of Power Up is available to the client. In the next days, it will be available for players in the UK and the rest of the world.

Power Up shall debut at the $1, $3, $7, and $15 levels.

A permanent play-money version shall be included to the client.



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25 comments on "PokerStars ‘Power Up’ Now Live for Real-Money Play"

 doubletop77712/10/2017 08:05:11 GMT
This game looks very exciting and it will be fascinating to see how popular it becomes. It looks way too complicated for me (2 hole cards are plenty for me!!) but good luck to all who play
 Fakiry12/10/2017 09:07:20 GMT
Seems an interest concept, but i'm not familiar with it. I guess this alternative action may help give another life to the game, but may also distract players from the real thing that matters - the cards -, no? Still, i may give it a try if it comes available to my country!
 DaCapo7112/10/2017 09:48:04 GMT
Sounds like a interesting new feature of poker and i thing it was a good idea to create new games of online poker. We will see what it brings in the near future, but it seems that PokerStars is changing their strategy to a online gaming site.
 pajalnick12/10/2017 10:46:08 GMT
I spotted promo clips with this game .... it's certainly not really poker and what's the average between poker and the game of dragons ...... maybe it will be interesting to try but of course this is not the game I'll play all the time. .... but of course it's very interesting ..... probably ...
 Samarietis12/10/2017 12:41:51 GMT
I have played the demo version and i have to say it's kinda fun and interesting to people who just likes games , but i don't think i gonna play it for real money , as there is more luck involved then you cards ...
 CALICUL12/10/2017 14:06:01 GMT
I do not know what it is in this new game Power Up made by Pokerstars. I do not want to be excited because i want to see about this new game. I read about many good things in this article and I'm glad for this innovation. Remains to be seen if this game will be successful or not. Good Job Jokerstars. Big Smile
 Mober12/10/2017 17:44:20 GMT
The fact that it passed the alpha testing doesnt mean much.
I doubt many players will play this one for real money.
For play it was good, perhaps, to spent some time online.
Betting your money though...
 pochui13/10/2017 11:48:24 GMT
what the fcuk?

I have read the description and really have no idea why one should want to play this game for real money, maybe with the exception of being totally drunk, since this is the mind state where you are "killing it" at every game
 Reinner1013/10/2017 14:29:52 GMT
Power up is really fun.
It's already working with real money???? Shock
 CALICUL13/10/2017 15:49:40 GMT
Posted by Reinner10:
Power up is really fun.
It's already working with real money???? Shock

I can not find it probably was not released in Europe. Maybe in few days will adjust this. I'm finally curious to see what it's all about maybe you or somebody else tell us to make an idea. Let's see if it's worth playing this new game Power Up. if i like it i will play this game more often. Good Luck everyone.
 STACIONAR13/10/2017 16:11:21 GMT
This game is similar one entertainment more, but not to poker. She not absolutely was pleasant to me as it is necessary long for time to give to understand its sense. I consider that a game is suitable for those it is boring for whom to play poker.
 Gerimantas13/10/2017 16:22:01 GMT
I don't know if i want to olay such game, maybe it is fun, i haven't tried it with olay money but if i try maybe I like this game and then on small buyins maybe it will be interesting to try my luck, but from news I think it is a game with a lot of luck, so i don't know if it is a good game
 Mober13/10/2017 18:35:09 GMT
So far i havent seen anyone from brm willing to play this game for real money.
And why someone should play this one, from the moment some are struggling getting something from the normal poker games.
Just stick to what you know, no need for experimenting Smile
 pochui14/10/2017 11:55:05 GMT
yeah I kinda understand the reason people do not rush in masses to try out this "new and exciting" poker/casino/bingo combo game for real money, kinda makes you wonder what the fcuk this really is and how to play it to win, and what it takes to get consistent results in the long term
 Mober14/10/2017 19:30:59 GMT
I dont know how the pacman casino version will be, and what your chances will be to
win real money, but for now i would choose pacman instead of that version of poker.
If you can call it poker anyway.

It would be better to put your money in a version of poker that you havent played yet,
or you dont like, for example stud, and try your luck there, than playing this game.
Personal opinion.
 Gerimantas14/10/2017 20:21:15 GMT
Yes many people here in the forum too don't think it is good to play from real money this game, I like what mober writes about trying some different poker variant and I think it is good to see other real poker games but not to play something like this if you like poker because this game is more like casino game
 CALICUL15/10/2017 08:24:47 GMT
Then if it's a game as in the casino i say let's leave it. We put mirexxx to play as he likes casino games and earn money in every promotions. This power up game he's going to change his name. It will be called Power Down. Big Smile If you do not like the game then i think they will not succeed to be successful.
 damosk15/10/2017 09:07:19 GMT
So! Poker is a game in which the provider of he service makes a huge amount of money from people who want to play poker on the chance that they may win a proportion of that sum of money. Video games are somewhat different in that generally there is profit from the purchase of the game and not an ongoing value and players win nothing, so, how to entice those players to spend some money and get the chance of winning some while making the provider a load of money. Market manipulation to increase revenue from people who don't usually gamble.
 Tony_MON7ANA15/10/2017 19:52:44 GMT
I haven't played a play-money version of “Power Up” yet. Actually, I haven't logged into my PokerStars nor Full Tilt Poker account for a long time. Let's see if “Power Up” gets popularity among real-money players.
 CALICUL16/10/2017 08:30:44 GMT
I still do not understand many things with Amaya Group. Peoples says that this game is not good. They destroyed the full tilt software, pokerstars 6 same. After that with pokerstarss 7 have combined with full tilt but with a badly upgraded software. Have changed the way with vpp fpp etc. and now with this game. I have the impression that these guys make it possible to going down. Confused
 dule-vu16/10/2017 13:55:02 GMT
I also dont understand this kind of poker and for sure I will not spend my money on something like this!more and more poker doesnt have sense with this kind of playing!few years ago everything was normal,but today...
 Mober16/10/2017 19:59:42 GMT
They are adding anything they can, so that the can keep the players in the site,
for a longer time, gambling.
If we take in mind the addition from all sites, of casinos in their software and now
these type of games, then it wouldnt be a surprise, if in the future they will have every single
game in their software, regardless of it being related to poker or not.
 CALICUL17/10/2017 09:19:09 GMT
You remember that song Pitbull - Timber featuring Ke$ha? some lyrics fit perfectly with pokerstars. Is going down because of some amateurs that ruin all good things. In two years the situation will be dramatic for them if they do not change the bad strategy with something good. I hope that.
 fpuds16/11/2017 23:07:37 GMT
At Pokerstars they are always trying to make new things or innovate the game when they should actually improve their rakeback system and try to get those grinders they lost already
 Ingrind3316/11/2017 23:22:40 GMT
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