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The three P's in Poker – Position, Position, Position!

Tags: 888poker.
Posted on 10 May 2017 by "T".

  • Discover all you need to know about the power of position and how crucial it is to developing your poker skills.
  • Your position in a hand as well as your opponents' position should have an immense impact on how you play that hand.
  • Win more raising hands "in position" or conversely lose more playing hands "out of position".

You may have seen top poker players raise pre-flop with K-6 suited then a few hands later the same player fold K-10 suited. While you may have been baffled as to why they chose to play the weaker hand and fold the stronger one, it all comes down to one word - position.

Hand strength - ability to win - changes significantly based on where you are in relation to the button. Understanding position is a powerful asset when deciding what action to take.

The Why of Position

All poker professionals change the selection of hands they play, based on where they are sat at the table. When entering hands in earlier positions you are more likely to be challenged by players acting after you. The possibility of someone having a stronger hand is greater, because there are just more players left to act.

However, when playing hands closer to the button or even on the button you are less likely to face opposition. It's less probable that the blinds will have a better starting hand than yours - or that they will play back at you with something weak.

This means you can successfully and profitably play more hands "in position" (closer to the button), than you can "out of position" (further away from the button).

Calling in Position

While position is important in deciding whether to enter a hand pre-flop, it is also key to whether you should call pre-flop. Calling in position gives you the benefit of seeing the other players at the table act after the flop, before deciding what you should do.

Making this same play from a position like the small blind makes your life very difficult, post flop. You will be first to act. Trying to figure out what your opponents have - before they have acted - is nigh on impossible!

It puts you in a very tough spot.

Your opponent is probably going to bet if you to check to them, and if you bet you face the possibility of being raised. Now you have to determine whether they are bluffing, or if your middle pair is good. With three more betting rounds to go, it could get very expensive to figure this one out!

Hand Selection in Position

You should be playing a wider selection of hands in position. It makes good poker sense. You have the benefit of being last to act in each betting round. You can use your position to bluff, bet for value and control the size of the pot.

Keep in mind that more savvy opponents are using the same strategy. They will quickly determine that you are calling/ raising in late position with weaker hands.

They will try to combat your move by 3-betting your raises. Be prepared to change up your strategy in these instances.

Take a step back and wait for a big hand in position. Hopefully you'll then get that re-raise when you have the goods and can trap those "trickier to play" opponents.

Position is Power

In conclusion, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration when it comes to position, however here are three key elements:

  • The later position you are in, the more hands you are able to raise as your hand strength increases.
  • Think about how comfortable you will feel playing your hand post flop.
  • Be aware of your image, tighten up your range if players left to act are capable of 3-betting a wide range of hands.


This article was brought to you by 888poker.

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12 comments for "The three P''s in Poker – Position, Position, Position!"

 doubletop77710/05/2017 08:03:51 GMT
I have always thought that being in position is the most important part of choosing to play a hand. The power of position is crucial and all the top players try to exploit this situation
 DaCapo7110/05/2017 09:27:58 GMT
That´s the best position, when nobody raises before and you can make power from the button. In the low stakes you have verry often a lot of limper and so you can get a lot of dead money with a initial raise in cash games.
 StheP10/05/2017 13:01:57 GMT
well I will tell you a secret...because all know that D position is best... most of players overplay it... so its preaty nice place to let them bluff you from that possition when you have good holdings, also you can bluff a lot players that are raising 90% and more hands from D position Big Smile
 pochui10/05/2017 13:21:34 GMT
well yeah, just as StheP pointed this out- to every strategy there's an anti-strategy... the way i see this is that if something is so common that even your drunk neighbor knows of and is trying to apply... it's not going to work... as they say in business- buy wehn everyone's selling, and sell when everyone's buying.
 RoninHarper10/05/2017 13:59:58 GMT
i alway's thought the best position was to be on the bottom with a beautiful women on top off me saying "Oh daddy... your the best" lol Smile
That usually is when I have been dealt pocket Ace King suited and flop the nut flush then some idiot try to shove in front of me because he hit his queen.
Thank you poker God's for giving me his money Smile
 StheP10/05/2017 14:36:04 GMT
D position is actualy the best, but you must not raise evry single haand from it, because you will be over bluffing, you should mix up from time to time some bluffs from that spot, but that doesnt mean you should bluff some cards without any equity... like trying to steal with 72 off... when you are bluffing you should at least have some equity, like flush drows, or str8 drows, and mix up a little bluffs that contains gutshots and backdoor flush drows... other than that I dont recomend bluffing without any equity, because that is so much -EV
 Gerimantas10/05/2017 16:42:21 GMT
Yes I too think that position is super important in poker, but still even more important is the hand you have, no position can help you win if guy calls and you have the worse hand, so position I think is only one tool, a very important tool but not the only one.
 xpok3rkingx11/05/2017 05:09:47 GMT
Hahah yeah its all about position for me in online poker anyway ive done that a lot and you have players calling you a donk or a fish but if its big blinds then yeah go all in and steal the blinds if you are in position with a hand like that ido it all the time !
 Calmplay11/05/2017 05:41:28 GMT
the three P's which are important in my life are Peace, Pina Colada, Pu55y! Big Smile ok that was for a laugh but regarding the topic I'd finish in deep ranks and won good cash in Mtts where I was out of position and folded strong hands just because I'd that feeling it was not going to finish well so yes you should always do the max to have good position to your opponents involved in the hands...
 Tony_MON7ANA11/05/2017 07:05:28 GMT
There was a time when I didn't even know what the big blind, the small blind, and the button are. I remember that I used to play cards in the same fashion regardless of my seating position at a table...
 RoninHarper11/05/2017 13:43:07 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
There was a time when I didn't even know what the big blind, the small blind, and the button are. I remember that I used to play cards in the same fashion regardless of my seating position at a table...

G'day mate

Tony you are not alone mate.
We all went through that stage when we were first starting out,
I know a few guys who have been playing for years and they still play the same way as when the began years ago.
I love playing them sheep as I always just happen to finish with more money then I started the night with. I never shear them sheep for large amounts at one time, I only fleece them each for small amonuts but I have done it many times Smile

wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool
 Tony_MON7ANA13/05/2017 00:10:27 GMT
I was a terrible poker player but I thought I was good enough to play with real money because I had made a couple of billion virtual chips on Zynga poker. That was silly. I easily lost nearly two thousand dollars in just a week playing cash games on PokerStars, LMFAO!

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