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Brazilian superstar signed by partypoker

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Posted on 19 May 2017 by "T".

Bruno Gagliassopartypoker has agreed a new sponsorship deal with Brazilian superstar Bruno Gagliasso. The new face of partypoker for Brazil will join ambassador Joao Simao playing live across Latin America and online on partypoker.

The Brazilian actor began his career at a young age and has now become a Brazilian sensation staring in TV series, films and theatre.

The keen poker player away from the camera will come back to the tables playing on the new partypoker LIVE circuit and regularly online including the $300,000 guaranteed weekly Sunday Title Fight.

Bruno Gagliasso said: "I am really excited about joining the partypoker team alongside Joao. I have played poker for many years and I enjoy playing. This opportunity to represent partypoker was really appealing to me so I jumped and it and I can't wait to get back to the tables."

Managing Director Tom Waters said: "We are honoured to welcome Bruno to the partypoker team. Having Bruno on board alongside Joao to represent partypoker in the Brazilian market is a dream team! We look forward to working with Bruno to grow partypoker and support the Brazilian poker community."

partypoker ambassador Joao Simao said: "I am thrilled to have Bruno agree to join me at partypoker. I've known him for many years and when I partnered with partypoker I knew that he would be the perfect representative to work with me on the journey to make poker in our country enjoyable for everyone."



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15 comments on "Brazilian superstar signed by partypoker"

 pochui19/05/2017 08:11:10 GMT
wow so amazing that they were able to sign this brazilian superstar bruno gagliasso, and not the other bruno, the goalkeeper who is famous for some hardcore killing action... so like did anyone of you hear anything about bruno gagliasso? i remember only bruno from sasha baron cohen ( you know the borat dude)
 doubletop77719/05/2017 08:54:06 GMT
I have never heard of this guy but it sounds like he is a superstar in his own country. I have always said that these ambassadorial roles are a fantastic job and good luck to him on his job
 DaCapo7119/05/2017 09:49:21 GMT
Party Poker signed some new poker pros in the last time and for the latin america market it can be a good strategy. I have never heard anything about this player, but he is a star in Brazilian, so it can be a good idea.
 Robbo199019/05/2017 10:52:27 GMT
seems party is getting a bit carried away with this. I guess trying to make moves in the market while stars reduces/gets rid of its ambassador/sponsorship
 superthight19/05/2017 11:36:19 GMT
yup party poker is now one of the most favorite poker nowadays and many players usually play alot of hang outs and give all their luck but anyway keep up th good work guys and have fun Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Worship
 Calmplay19/05/2017 13:38:58 GMT
well we don't know who this guy is because he's not really a poker pro, he's just a not very reputed actor but for sure well know one in Brazil. He'll not cost a lot to PP but will for sure bring new latin america players in there...

 Tony_MON7ANA19/05/2017 14:04:23 GMT
Bruno Gagliasso... A very good-looking guy with a superb acting talent. Sorry, but I have never heard of his name before. Anyway, congratulations to Bruno for being appointed as an ambassador for partypoker.
 T3ddyKGB19/05/2017 14:19:04 GMT
i never heard of this guy. guess now its time to play on party !! eh not.

at least if they promise me having a dinner with margot robbie or something, but just for someone being ambassador on a pokersite? doesnt make me play somewhere.
 dule-vu19/05/2017 17:20:42 GMT
I also didnt heard about this guy any word till now,so dont have much to tell on this!but for me is strange that every two week,we have some new ambassador for poker sites,especially for party poker!dont know what will they do with all of this ambassadors!
 Mober19/05/2017 18:28:05 GMT
I havent heard of this one before, but its not weird if you think about it.

t seems that some of the poker sites, are still up for the whole ambassador thing.
They should have followed the move of dropping them all and offer more to the players.
But at the end of it, when it comes to party poker, they have very good promotions one after
another so far Smile
 pochui20/05/2017 10:16:49 GMT
so now once we all admit that we have never heard of him, party poker also have admitted that no one really heard of him, not even in brazil, therefore he was fired and now dudes from party are looking for a bigger name... i suggest go for pochui as a global ambassador...
 dule-vu21/05/2017 11:23:04 GMT
if this kind of ambassadors will attract so many players at their site,then just give 1000 of new ambassadors,but I dont think that this will affect on new players!like I should use new shampoo,just because ronaldo make commercial about it!
 pochui21/05/2017 12:49:10 GMT
well yeah and you also should buy a new CR7 thong and wear it proudly, especially at the beach... yeah kinda missing the whole point of these so called ambassadors, of course i need to have some stats to definitely say they are a waste of time and energy but i have a clue that they might be.
 mocoteo21/05/2017 16:59:11 GMT
go go brazil Big Smile ! P.S. At mini-micro sng where i play brasilians beat the russians at agro-play! That is something...
 Mober21/05/2017 19:20:32 GMT
Well the aggro play is not something, that someone should be proud of.
At the end is a play that anyone can do.
The most easy one if you ask me.
The important thing is to know where to use and where not.
Cause if your whole game follows this style, you may end up broke... Big Smile

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