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2017 WSOP: David Bach Wins Third Career Bracelet In $10k H.O.R.S.E. Championship

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Posted on 19 June 2017 by "T".

The $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship, one of the highest regarded events of the World Series of Poker, attracted an elite field of 150 players and concluded on Sunday with David Bach as the winner!

Bach, a poker pro from Georgia, USA, defeated a star-studded final table that include Daniel Negreanu & Jason Mercier to lay hands on the $383,208 top prize and his third gold coveted bracelet! Bach is the first two-time bracelet winner of the 2017 WSOP after winning the $1,500 Dealers Choice event 10 days ago for $119,399.

"The first win, obviously, is great, but it wasn't that much money," said Bach. "It was $119,000. It was great. It sounds like a ton of money, but I'm spending more than that in buy-ins over the summer. This is a big enough win that I'm going to make money for the summer no matter what."

Bach and his wife got married in Las Vegas in 2009, the same year he won his first bracelet, and two years after they had a child together, which led to him spending more time with the family rather than playing poker and travelling. 

"That part is really, really hard," said Bach about the time spent away from his wife and kid. "What has happened is that since I've been together with my wife and we've had a son, I haven't played enough poker. So, I've been spending my bankroll. I've been winning when I play, but I've been spending more than what I'm winning. I wanted to really have a good summer to make up for that and it's really nice to have some financial security when you have a family."

Final Table Results:
1st: David Bach - $383,208
2nd: Eric Rodawig - $236,841
3rd: Don Zewin - $163,557 

4th: Andrew Brown - $115,485

5th: Jason Mercier - $83,415
6th: Daniel Negreanu - $61,667
7th: Yuebin Guo - $46,687 

8th: Jerry Wong - $36,218


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9 comments on "2017 WSOP: David Bach Wins Third Career Bracelet In $10k H.O.R.S.E. Championship"

 pochui19/06/2017 18:15:02 GMT
kinda goes against the words- if this is one of the highest regarded events on the world series of poker then why the hell does it only attract 150 entrants? oh and i see daniel negreanu on the final table once more... and also without a bracelet once more
 pajalnick19/06/2017 22:11:38 GMT
HORSE is a wonderful game .... the alternation of different types of poker is very interesting ... and the Nigreanu is here again ... in all the significant tournaments this great player is among the first ... very cool
 doubletop77720/06/2017 07:20:04 GMT
Many congratulations to David Bach on winning his third bracelet and the first prize of $383,208. This event is regarded as the most difficult to win, so he should be extra proud of doing so
 Calmplay20/06/2017 15:52:38 GMT
Not a big to see David Bach in that final and also not a surprise to Daniel there too but just too bad he did not win as his prop not going good now, cmon KidPoker.

 dule-vu20/06/2017 23:51:34 GMT
daniel just cant win bracelet on this "small" wsop tournament and he want so bad to win some of them,before main event!and yeah,its strange that small number of players are there,but in other hand its complete different type of poker,big buy in,like for main event no limit holdem and probably this is main reason!congratulation to winner!
 Tony_MON7ANA21/06/2017 02:59:40 GMT
Congratulations, David Bach!
I still remember the hand between David Bach and Vanessa Rousso on Day 4 of the 2011 WSOP main event. That is one of the most memorable hands Vanessa Rousso has ever played.
 Nightkid21/06/2017 16:09:17 GMT
My congratulations to the winner David Bach x his victory and also to win his third gold bracelet, and more being at a final table with other known stars, such as Daniel Negreanu and Jason Mercier ... Cool Cool Cool
 Mober21/06/2017 19:48:57 GMT
HORSE isnt an easy game to win, but very fun to play.
It is a game that can keep you glued for many hours, since it is not that boring
with the constant changes.
I can play better for more hours this game, than holdem or even omaha,
where i get bored easily Smile

 DaCapo7130/06/2017 08:13:37 GMT
Gratz to the winner for his 3rd bracelet winning! I´ve played some HORSE tourneys at Stars in the past and like this kind of the game too. Perhaps it was a good chance to build a bankroll in this special game of poker.

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