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2017 WSOP: Day 1C Main Event Report

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Posted on 11 July 2017 by "T".

As predicted, the final Day 1 flight of the WSOP $10,000 Main Event is the biggest ever in seven years. On July 10, Monday at the Rio Las Vegas, a total of 4,262 entrants gathered for Day 1C, the third and final starting day of the 2017 WSOP Main Event.

This means that the total number of participants from Day 1A (795), Day 1B (2,164) through Day 1C are 7,221, the third largest number of entries made in the history of WSOP, and the largest total since year 2010. The Day 1C players are spread throughout the Amazon, Brasilia, Miranda and Pavilion Rooms at the beginning of the play.

The massive amount of entrants generated a colossal prize pool of $67,877,400, with the next World Champion to be awarded $8,150,000! Whoever the top 1,084 are, they would be the ones to reach the money, all going home with at least $15,000 in their pockets. If a player reaches a final table, they will be guaranteed $1,000,000.

Below is a list of the WSOP Day 1 recaps up until this year:


WSOP Tournament Director and VP Jack Effel said about this year's Main Event, "I think that it's amazing on all fronts. The third largest Main Event in history; 7,221 players, huge field, huge prize pool, lots of people getting paid, lots of people making money! The Main Event is a special tournament, and I will tell you, whether you're playing with 100 people or 10,000 people, it's the most special tournament on the planet. Of course, $8.15 million is life-changing money and all of that, but winning the Main Event, being one of only 48 people to ever do it, actually it's less because of the duplicates, so knowing you will forever be immortalized as poker's world champion, I think, is a feat in itself. This event just has so much energy and it's so much fun. And it requires so much attention, and so much patience, and so much mental and physical endurance, that the person that wins it, I don't even know if they're thinking about the money until way after they've already won it. I can tell you it's a special tournament, it's magical. I don't know why it's magical, the feeling is just magical, every year you feel it, you see everyone here, everyone gets excited about it and I can't wait to see who's gonna win it."

Effel added, "I can tell you that all the events indicated that we were pacing upwards to do well this year. There are so many events to choose from, how are you gonna tell what's going to be the most popular this year? We want to give something for everyone to play. The Rio was packed all summer long."

The registration closed without Phil Ivey showing up, leaving a lot of poker fans disappointed; however, many assume that his absence is expected because he is summoned to the UK Supreme Court on July 13, for his defense on his edge-sorting case against Genting Casinos.

Top 10 Stacks at the end of Day 1C: 

Jerome Brion 248,000
Rudy Sawa 238,600
Carl Carodenuto 237,800
Jason Mann 236,000
Eric Nathan 228,500
Daniel Barry 224,500
Adam Levy 220,700
Natasha Mercier 218,000
Nick Maimone 213,000
Denis Timofeev 211,800

Brandon Shack-Harris (33rd, 132,600), Brian Rast (36th, 126,900), Thomas Cannuli (47th, 112,000), Cate Hall (79th, 100,000), Phil Hellmuth (105th, 87,400), Antonio Esfandiari (161th, 72,100), Gus Hansen (261th, 56,000), Ryan Laplante (290th, 51,400), Joe McKeehen (294th, 50,900), Mike Sexton (333rd, 43,000), Jason Mercier (394th, 28,500), Daniel Negreanu (409th, 26,000), and Eric Baldwin (49th, 7,800).

As expected from the world's most prestigious poker tournament, there was absolutely a lot of juicy action going on. Just prior to dinner break, bracelet champ Eric Baldwin lost almost his entire stack when he battled against Laurence Grondin. However, he did not lost so early in the game unlike the day before (Day 1B), in which everyone can't stop talking about the time Vanessa Selbst was completely knocked off by Gaelle Baumann in Level 1.

Baldwin said later that day, "That hand was ridiculous. But something like that, you gotta be able to just laugh off. You really have two options. You can let it bother you and you can just be the guy who ran into the bad beat. And let that be your story. Or you can realize it's a once-a-year opportunity, and laugh it off, and say ‘that would make the story even better, if I came back from this." Luckily, Baldwin survived for another day.
Day 1C's players will have the next day off, then return on July 11, Wednesday at 11am for Day 2C. Also returning on Wednesday are the survivors from Days 1A and 1B, for the Day 2AB event.



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6 comments on "2017 WSOP: Day 1C Main Event Report"

 dule-vu11/07/2017 12:47:59 GMT
So we have news from day 1C and we can see that he have over 7000 players in tournament (largest number in history of wsop) and that first prize will over 8 million $!for next year we will probably have 8000 players!this main event is something special for every poker player!good luck to all players!
 av196611/07/2017 14:06:34 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Well the main one is running and so far the things look very nice Thumbs Up Thumbs Up lots of players ( a record field) and lots of big names at the tables

It`s a early stage but let`s hope that the final nine have a surprise , a wild card Thumbs Up Thumbs Up a new kis in the block Worship Worship

Hopefully ELKY will also do well at the main even Worship Worship

Don`t forget to be happy and enjoy life
 pajalnick11/07/2017 18:44:14 GMT
Of course there are a lot of players .... prize first will be very difficult to get .... and of course I think it will be more weighty than the first prize in a tournament for 100 players for example ... and of course the number of players will increase in the future
 Mober11/07/2017 23:03:28 GMT
From the ones that are on the top so far, i have never heard of them.
Phil Helmuth is way back, and even more gus hansen.
Negreanu is facing the exit.
Helmuth is a luck box i believe so he can pick up the lost ground.
We will see.
 perattin11/07/2017 23:12:34 GMT
I'm following my personal friend Richard Dubini who starts as the chip leader of this spectacular event in search of that long-awaited bracelet. I will follow the development of the same through the different portals of information, preferably friends of Latin America.-
 doubletop77712/07/2017 09:11:04 GMT
It is quite staggering that the Main Event is still generating these sort of numbers. There was a lot of talk that the poker boom was over but this disproves that theory greatly

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