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2017 WSOP Main Event: About 1,100 players through from Day 2ab to Day 3

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Posted on 12 July 2017 by "T".

 Mickey Craft (left) & Lawrence Bayley (right)The first Day 2 (Day 2ab) started on Tuesday with 2,219 players and finished a short while ago with roughly 1,100 survivors. Mickey Craft (from the 1a flight) and Lawrence Bayley (from Day 1b flight) were the top 2 players at the end of Day 2ab, both bagging over 600k in chips each.

Bayley, the current overall chip leader with 618k in chips, had the third largest stack when Day 2ab began. He remained in the top of the chip counts for the most of the day before taking the chip lead toward the end of play.

"I got paid when I had nice hands basically," said the Main Event first timer. "The structure is so amazing and I just look forward to idealizing my stack. I play deep a lot these days, and I just have to keep finding the right spots and make the most out of it."

Craft boosted his stack early on Day 2ab after winning a three-way all in with pocket aces. He was up against KK and 44, the board rolled out 10x 9x 6x 9x 5x to boost his stack to over 300k (both his opponents in the hand were eliminated). 

"You don't run across those hands very often in a tournament," Craft said. "That was awesome. This is my first Main Event and I got hit in the face by the deck."

Craft will bring 608k in chips when he returns on Day 3.

Among the notables to survive Day 2ab were Marvin Rettenmaier (359,100), Charlie Carrel (343,000), 2016 November Niner Kenny Hallaert (331,800), Cherish Andrews (330,700), Melanie Weisner (319,400), Mike Matusow (228,200), Chris Vitch (221,200), Scott Seiver (195,600), 2005 Main Event champion Joe Hachem (134,700), and 2004 Main Event champion Greg Raymer (106,400).

About 3,300 players will battle it out on Day 2C (starts today at noon local time). Check back for an update on Day 2C tomorrow morning!


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8 comments on "2017 WSOP Main Event: About 1,100 players through from Day 2ab to Day 3"

 dule-vu12/07/2017 12:59:57 GMT
So we have only 1100 players left in tournament from day 2AB and for next day will see what number will left from 3300 players!especially when players come in prize pool!so we have two players with 600 K stack and would be interesting how they will open new day!this is slower play,because of groups every day,but soon everything will be faster!
 vaci3812/07/2017 14:06:35 GMT
I can not set myself where I read the information that a few players were thrown out of the tournament for a fight if anyone saw what had happened SmileA lot of nervous at the beginning or it was a false information Question
 pajalnick12/07/2017 19:41:43 GMT
The number of players has decreased more than twice ... .... this is of course very cool ..... the players probably tried to immediately get a profit and played very risky ..... and now the tournament was only lucky ones of this day .. . interesting
 doubletop77713/07/2017 09:19:36 GMT
It must be a tremendous feeling for each and every one of these players to get through the day.. You can go to sleep at night and still dream of winning and becoming World Champion
 pochui13/07/2017 10:20:01 GMT
cool to see hachem and raymer two dudes i remember from what it seems now so long ago... well of course it wasn't a couple of years ago to be honest, nice to see a first timer doing so well, i just wonder how many times my aces held an allin preflop shove vs kk and 44, typically i run into a 4 on the river...
 dule-vu13/07/2017 14:03:37 GMT
everybody who would like to follow new from WSOP,they can read live report at poker news site,stack of every player and how many of them are left!hope that this year we will have video on tv in few weeks or 2,3 months,after WSOP finish!
 vaci3813/07/2017 14:11:19 GMT
I regularly follow that site Poker News they have very good stories they write extensively about the course of the game by the pictures I see It is very interesting and exciting at this tournament I hope everyone follows this WSOP Smile

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