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888poker accidentally launches new online poker game ‘Flopomania’ too early

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Posted on 10 August 2017 by "T".

For a good few hours on August 2 Wednesday, 888poker players were greeted with a surprise appearance of Flopomania in the real-money cash game lobby of the site. There was no prior announcement by 888poker about their newest game, and they never put up an introductory page of it on their site. Out of the blue, it popped up, with low to micro stakes game available.

Once it was discovered, 888poker still permitted that all games being played on it be finished, so that players will not encounter problems about their money being lost on those tables. Once everything is finished, they then shut down the games and removed all available Flopomania tables from their lobby.

The next day (August 3 Thursday), 888poker said on a series of three tweets, "888poker recently experienced a technical incident, which resulted in the accidental release of our new game called "Flopomania". It took us all by surprise as the game is in final testing. This highly anticipated game will be ready to launch in the upcoming weeks. We will make sure to take all measures needed to prevent any reoccurrence of such incidents in the future."

It surely was a good move for the company to say something about the unusual issue instead of having people ponder if they were just hallucinating and act like the incident never happened. However, even though their statements on Twitter appeared like an apology, truth is, a lot of people actually liked that they got to play a new game (or maybe they think people got upset that they did not get to keep on playing the new release).

If you weren't one of those lucky enough to experience it, then you are still in the dark as to what exactly Flopomania is. Flopomania looked just like any other No-limit Hold'em game, but only there's no pre-flop betting. Everybody was dealt hole cards and then the flop was dealt. From that point on, it just went on like Hold'em which we are all too familiar with.

Also there were antes involved, which quite makes up for the removal of the pre-flop action.

Surely what is the whole point of Flopomania? What is 888poker trying to achieve with this?

One thing is that it seems like another attempt to attract and keep interested the recreational players and to help speed up the game. For the past years now, there has been a huge trend in the online poker industry to create more attractive games just for the casual/recreational players. One of the most obvious things that many people do not like about poker is that is quite a slow game, even if played on the Internet with time limits imposed. When a recreational player goes online just to have a little poker fun, what they usually don't like is to just sit there and trudge through betting rounds, waiting for everybody to make their decision. By just removing the pre-flop betting round altogether, the hands are thus shortened.

Eliminating the pre-flop betting also helps out the recreational players because it takes out part of the skill element. The skill in poker games is very much dependent on how players bet, so if there is less betting taking place, then there is less skill involved. In Flopomania, the skill gap is narrowed between recreational players and the more serious ones.

Last but not least, another good thing is that Flopomania can potentially create more action. When all players see the flop for free (technically still they have to pay an ante), then there is a higher chance that many people will hit a piece of the board and would wish to continue on in the hand. Poker players love action, so Flopomania can very well deliver that kind of fun for them. That kind of action, of course, also creates bigger pots and consequently more rakes for 888poker.

This new game marks the most recent attempt by an online poker website to try to modernize and innovate the game of poker in order to cater to a bigger demographic of players. Push or Fold, Fast-fold, Blast and PokerCam tables are just a few of the games 888poker (and other poker sites) has introduced in the past few years.



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35 comments on "888poker accidentally launches new online poker game ‘Flopomania’ too early"

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» 888poker accidentally launches new online poker game ‘Flopomania’ too early

 Mober10/08/2017 20:37:22 GMT
I really wonder how that happened Smile
Maybe it was a quick test run to see how the game works Smile
But besides that, the game seem to be a bit more of a lotto.
And the "concept" is not bad, so more sites may be adopting it.
 CALICUL10/08/2017 22:33:28 GMT
I'm really curious to see how these Flopomania games are. If they are good and do not last long may be beneficial for some players and this job with accidentally launches i do not believe it. I think it's a marketing strategy to make players more attentive. In this way they tried to see how things went.
 Tony_MON7ANA10/08/2017 23:37:04 GMT
Wow! “WrestleMania”? Oh, “Flopomania”! Is this affiliated with the WWE?
This new game seems innovative and interesting at first glance. But I don't think I am going to expend my own money on this game.
 Robbo199011/08/2017 05:08:38 GMT
has anyone played the new spin n go max at PS? that is similar to the triple 8 spin n go where after a certain length of time everyones all in regardless....I can see PS copying this now since it can be used as a pure gamble
 shokaku11/08/2017 05:44:50 GMT
If this format will be successfull at 8-8-8, of cause the other rooms will try to establish similar games in their own client pretty soon. Even more so, as this variant promised to be a real rake machine.
 doubletop77711/08/2017 07:00:34 GMT
This sounds like a good form of poker and i would be really interested in playing it. I always struggle with pre-flop betting and this would play into my, very limited, strengths
 pajalnick11/08/2017 16:20:29 GMT
The game preflop I always liked .... because many players fold if they consider them unreliable .... on the other hand, if you immediately see the flop, you can make full use of your cards .... you should try and then solve it interestingly Or not ... I look forward to innovation
 pochui11/08/2017 20:16:05 GMT
theoretically it will be a more fun game and I guess it's not a bad thing if you are just in the mood to spend a good couple of hours and not go against some sh1tty bot or super nit who will give you no action on you aces or even 26off. will be nice to see if this be a hit
 Mober12/08/2017 21:02:11 GMT
They are trying to get more players involved in the game, with less action for it.
Less action, means less time, more games and of course more rake for them.
Everything in their power to rake the most out of it Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA13/08/2017 01:17:44 GMT
So, players don't have to construct their opponents' preflop raising, 3, 4 or 5 betting, limping, calling, limp-calling, etc., ranges anymore. That's interesting. I guess players will be at an advantage if they possess extend reading skills in this unique game.
 CALICUL13/08/2017 09:42:29 GMT
Posted by Mober:
They are trying to get more players involved in the game, with less action for it.
Less action, means less time, more games and of course more rake for them.
Everything in their power to rake the most out of it Smile

Are marketing strategies for these poker rooms to make a profit. There are plenty of opportunities created by them to succeed. Each man leads his business as he thinks or how it is learned by directors of marketing, managers or what names they have. It's good for them if they earn money and of course for lucky players
 Nightkid13/08/2017 16:42:27 GMT
Well I do not know much about this since I'm not playing in 888 poker but with the name it does not call me much attention, it implies that it's a mean game ugly but well it's my opinion only and I say that it is not yet Played so do not bother if I said something bad of the game haha Tongue Tongue Tongue
 vaci3814/08/2017 13:08:26 GMT
I personally do not like these new games I think the classic tournaments are the best Smile Blast for example at 888 poker 4 players are playing poker they are limited by time,buy-in 1 $ and the prize is almost always $ 2 I've never seen a bigger prize Smile $ 2 + for 888 poker of each game each new game brings more profits for 888 poker
 bowie198414/08/2017 17:41:48 GMT
Posted by pochui:
theoretically it will be a more fun game and I guess it's not a bad thing if you are just in the mood to spend a good couple of hours and not go against some sh1tty bot or super nit who will give you no action on you aces or even 26off. will be nice to see if this be a hit

For most of us the 'fun' part from poker is missing long time now. Not sure this will bring it back though.
 Gerimantas14/08/2017 19:04:08 GMT
Interesting game changes i th8nk, i didn't try this game because I do not play on 888 poker so no chance to see this game because it was short moment, but if they have it all the time i will register eith 888 poker and try to play it, maybe it is something i eill like
 pajalnick14/08/2017 19:38:36 GMT
It turns out that something like the announcement ..... but only there is no information when it appears in the client 888 poker ...... intrigued and silent ... silence ..... would rather have already tried this game and draw conclusions about it .... would rather
 shokaku15/08/2017 08:58:37 GMT
Looks like they start a promotion called Flopomania on 20.08.2017 (that is this sunday). So this should be the planned starting date for this new format, unless of cause, we see new "leaks" bringing it earlier.
 Ingrind3315/08/2017 20:30:52 GMT
hmm, the whole flop mania thing sounds interesting to play SOMEtimes but not always, just another experience. of course you can play other things like omaha and what ever other games there are, but this is something personal. I will gives this flopmaniac a try and probably won't play it a lot, but just for fun. sometimes, you need some variance. or if you don't mind you can always stick to the same thing.
 Mober15/08/2017 22:26:36 GMT
After that if it becomes popular they may go one step further, playing from the turn.
Like a casino game completely gambling Smile

If they introduce that to omaha games also, it will be a slaughter playing that game Smile
Everyone seeing the flop with four cards....
 shokaku16/08/2017 04:51:41 GMT
What would be the difference to existing omaha games? In my experience far more players see the flop there, compared to Hold'em games. So the impact would be far smaller on the omaha tables.
 damosk16/08/2017 09:51:36 GMT
Don't ya just hate it when you have great plan for a great event and suddenly it all goes floppy and comes out to quickly? LOL......... imagine the embarrassment! Oh well, there is only one thing you can do to get over it.... try again and this time try harder with a bit of practice. Focus and get better each time.
 OnedOutAK18/08/2017 22:44:25 GMT
i too noticed this flopomania... i was ondring about it too.. i dont think i tried it.. anyways.. i notoced this the ohter day... i was thinking to myself.. i thought this game came out already... why are they saying its new... lol.. i didnt know it was a mistake that it was on their client earlier in the month
 shokaku19/08/2017 10:22:35 GMT
It is confirmed that this type of game will start tomorrow, sunday the 20th. Blinds and pre flop betting is removed. Everyone pays an ante and then the flop is dealt, and the game continues like a normal Hold'em hand would.
 sssAAsss17/03/2018 12:44:54 GMT
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