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Igor Kurganov Wins €50k Super High Roller in Barcelona

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Posted on 22 August 2017 by "T".

PokerStars Championship Barcelona Super High Roller attracted 86 entries (67 uniques, 19 re-entries) that generated a massive €4,129,290 prize pool! 

The final table was packed with seasoned pros, including Daniel Negreanu, Bryn Kenney and Igor Kurganov who eventually won the tournament for €1,022,800 after defeating Poland's Bartlomiej Machon heads-up. It was Kurganov's first victory on European soil since he joined PokerStars Team Pro in spring. 

"I won the first few hands of the final table and from there I never lost the chip lead," Kurganov said. "It felt easy actually. I was winning most hands, I even lost with kings to [Bryn Kenney's] king-ten but it didn't matter."

Liv Boeree, fellow Team Pro member and girlfriend of Kurganov, added a few words to the winner's interview: "Let me paraphrase for him. He's very happy. He's very emotional."

Kurganov and Liv Boeree celebrating

Final table results:

1. Igor Kurganov (Russia) €1,078,106*
2. Bartlomiej Machon (Poland) €864,694*
3. Koray Aldemir (Germany) €528,500
4. Dietrich Fast (Germany) €406,790
5. Ivan Luca (Argentina) €322,100
6. Christopher Kruk (Canada) €251,900
7. Bryn Kenney (United States)€198,200
8. Stanley Choi (China) €154,900
9. Daniel Negreanu (Canada) €117,700

*refelects a heads-up deal.



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11 comments on "Igor Kurganov Wins €50k Super High Roller in Barcelona"

 pochui22/08/2017 11:28:34 GMT
shame that daniel negreanu was the first dude out, i'm sure many of the players would have nothing against spending more time with him, usually he looks like is the dude who is fun to spend time with. other than that i have nothing to add.
 pajalnick22/08/2017 12:53:09 GMT
Igor Kurganov had fun this summer with his fiancee - and a colleague on PokerStars Team Pro - Liv Bori. After winning their first WSOP bracelet, they traveled the world a lot. The guys meditated on the cliffs of the Grand Canyon and in Japan
And so, after a good rest, the star couple decided to look to Barcelona at the PokerStars Championship. Igor, without a long thought, made an entrance fee of € 50,000 for a superhero's tournament and rushed ...
 shokaku22/08/2017 15:13:19 GMT
Roughly 70 players. That is more my understanding of a field for a poker tournament, and not the thousands that make up the WSOP main event. But that kind of buy in cleans out the ranks quite eficiently.
 Gerimantas22/08/2017 18:59:31 GMT
I think 50000 buyin is really big, not many people can pay so much money so only payers with big bankrolls can play such tournaments. Yes 70 players is not much but as we see there was more than 1 million euros to the winner, so this is big money.
 Mober22/08/2017 19:00:12 GMT
For the ones that score money here, was a nice investment for all that money they put in.
For the rest Smile
The list with the winners and money has an asterisk, which indicates there was a deal.
Wonder how much the actual winnings was for first and second place.
 CALICUL22/08/2017 22:28:48 GMT
I think this player has helped a lot by his girlfriend Liv Boeree. When you have a professional poker girlfriend near you you can learn a lot about poker. Have a three-year relationship when you can learn about the game helping each other. If he was a weaker player. I do not know what career he had before but it did something beautiful
 perattin22/08/2017 23:18:36 GMT
In this high roller I will mention the impressive performance of my coterraneo Ivan Luca who finished in position 5, taking more than 430,000 euros into his pocket. This Argentine player is already a regular of this type of tournaments with high buy in and it has been doing very well with great results. Congratulations to Ivan.-
 doubletop77723/08/2017 08:50:10 GMT
Many congratulations to Igor Kurganov on winning this high roller event and over a million in prize money. This was a truly star studded final table, so extra kudos must go out to him for winning
 bowie198423/08/2017 14:01:44 GMT
For a 'high roller' event the prizepool acually was not massive nor impressive at all IMO. Honestly the only interesting thing here besides the winners girlfriend is that Negreanu went home first.
 Tony_MON7ANA23/08/2017 14:20:00 GMT
Congratulations to Igor Kurganov on being crowned champion of the PokerStars Championship Barcelona Super High Roller event. He and his girlfriend Liv Boeree must be so happy! They are a beautiful couple! Igor and Liv will be tying the knot soon?
 Tony_MON7ANA25/08/2017 04:07:40 GMT

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