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High Stakes Tonight at partypoker!

Tags: partypoker, Sam Trickett.
Posted on 20 September 2017 by "T".

Tonight at 6 PM BST (7 PM CET) it's time for yet another thrilling High Stakes Cash Game at partypoker!

partypoker ambassador Sam Trickett will be joined by Matt Kirk, Leon Tsoukernik and other notables at the $100/$200 Pot Limit Omaha tables!

Anyone with a partypoker account can watch this cash game! Click here if you don't have an account already! 

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16 comments on "High Stakes Tonight at partypoker!"

 Tony_MON7ANA20/09/2017 14:54:37 GMT
This will be a very interesting cash game to observe. With the blinds being $100 and $200, there will be a number of $40,000+ pots, and there might be a couple of massive ($100,000+) pots if deep-stackers get involved in the hand.
 pochui20/09/2017 18:59:44 GMT
ok kinda interesting to watch those dudes for sure, but I think even more interesting would be the chance for anyone with a party poker account and of course enough of a bankroll the opportunity to join the dudes at the tables
 Gerimantas20/09/2017 20:21:03 GMT
Yes it will be interesting to see how these players try to ein some money from each other, I think because pot limit omaha is very risky game it will be luck that is super important in this session. Like pochui say it will be nice to allow some unknown player to play on the table too
 Mober20/09/2017 21:01:57 GMT
It would have been great to stream this one.
Not everyone can have an account in party poker, so many will lose the opportunity,
watching a good game.
I could have watched this for a while, since it is omaha and i like it more than holdem Smile
 bowie198420/09/2017 23:12:27 GMT
Posted by pochui:
even more interesting would be the chance for anyone with a party poker account and of course enough of a bankroll the opportunity to join the dudes at the tables

Exactly. For example why watch somebody having sex when you could have do the same?
 shokaku21/09/2017 05:52:58 GMT
Watched two or three orbits. Surprisingly little action during this time. In the first hand the big blind actually got a walk. Shock

And in the other hand no more than two or three players were involved (game was 8 handed).

Some mad men like Ziigmund were missing.
 doubletop77721/09/2017 09:31:10 GMT
I would love to be able to play for these sort of stakes but it is never going to happen. The amounts of money these guy play for is mind blowing and nearly every pot would be like a years wage
 dule-vu21/09/2017 15:13:55 GMT
this will be interesting "match" to watch and with high stakes,but I dont like omaha so much,so probably I will not wathc this!if its texas holdem,maybe I would watch if I am home,but for omaha,I will pass!
 Tony_MON7ANA21/09/2017 16:53:40 GMT
Hopefully everyone had fun yesterday. I did not have a chance to watch a game. I guess I am going to have to check out the replay that is available on partypokertv channel on twitch at:
 pochui23/09/2017 14:41:41 GMT
yeah like shokaku pointed this out- the agro dudes like ziigmund or blom or dawn always make the game more interesting, flowing and potentially more profitable.... just not sure for whom, probably for the luckiest dudes on the night...
 Gerimantas23/09/2017 18:22:47 GMT
I didn't watch the game but I read from shokamu that not much action this time and yes like shokaku and pochui say it is better to have aggressive players at the tables, people like hansen, antonius, blom, dwan, tony g, ziigmund always give a lot of action and fun to watch
 Mober24/09/2017 18:20:42 GMT
I dont like aggressive players. And im not talking only for playing in a table with some.
But also watching a game.Most of the time, they are ruining the game.
Not much action going on, when most players fold over and over again.
 Gerimantas24/09/2017 19:06:48 GMT
I don't think mober is right un this situation, because when there are aggressive players on the table they create mote action and more big hands, because they always raise and players with good cards still call and call bugger money just because of aggression so pots are bigger and sometimes bluffs work, so its good to watch
 Mober26/09/2017 23:03:14 GMT
I havent seen many live games with aggro players like hansen for example on tv,
but when it comes to online poker tournaments the game sucks, when there is one
in the table.
It is mostly fold or re raise to an all in situation.
Till the aggro goes away to another table, or getting busted Smile
 shokaku27/09/2017 05:50:38 GMT
In cash games this is usualy not the case, as the players are deeper. 100+ BB in contrast to 20-30 BB in most tourney situations. So there is still a lot of play after the flop. And in pot limit one player alone can't build up the pot as easily as in no limit, as he can't just go all-in, no matter the pot size.
 Tony_MON7ANA27/09/2017 05:54:38 GMT
Skilled loose-aggressive players (with a massive stack) can be really hard to deal with, especially in mid to high-stakes cash games and tournaments. They are capable of 3-barrelling with air, 4 or 5-betting unconventionally, and mixing up or balancing their play.

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