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partypoker Launches New and Improved MTT Lobby

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Posted on 22 November 2018 by "T".

partypoker aims to make their players' poker gaming experience easier and enjoyable, and that's why they always come up with new updates and improvements each time. In August, the poker room released a software update which included a new and improved table.

partypoker has now released yet another cool software update, and this time it's geared for their valued players who love online multi-table tournaments (MTTs). It is perfect timing for their upcoming MILLIONS Online, which will be the biggest online poker tournament of all time, carrying a $20 million guarantee!

The next time players download partypoker's latest software they will be expecting these wonderful MTT updates:


  • Expand and collapse the tournament dashboard giving players greater control of their lobby appearance.
  • A new digital clock showing the tournament's progress and time.
  • To the left of the clock, players will see information about the tournament and status, late reg., next blind level, remaining and total registered players, as well as smallest, largest and average stack sizes.
  • On the right side, players will find out the prize pool info, bounty details, and the stack size they'll start with before they take a seat.
  • New and improved Search Player function shows names, nationalities, stack sizes and bounty info. You can also see which players are left in the tournament with eliminated players details in red. Simply expand each column in the list for a full review.
  • New quick access navigation tab which allow players to access detailed MTT tournament info on satellites, tables, payouts and structures in an instant.
  • Other lobby improvements such as tournament info displayed in different colors depending on their status:


Announced = white
Registering = green
Running = red
Late reg. = orange

Check out their promotional video:


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11 comments on "partypoker Launches New and Improved MTT Lobby"

 Gerimantas22/11/2018 18:22:51 GMT
To me like player it is always nice to see party poker try new things, create new tournament or like now make lobby look better. I not play very often but when play poker most times in party poker website, long time play in pokerstars but now for few years not like it anymore
 BubbleGumTrb22/11/2018 22:24:12 GMT
I really enjoy playing on partypoker, especially MTTs so I can't wait to check this update out. It's really good when poker platforms make nice improvements to their platform to make the game much more enjoyable for thier players. PartyPoker is definitelly one of my favourite places to play poker. thank you very much and keep it up!
 doubletop77723/11/2018 08:48:46 GMT
I really do think that the Party Poker software has improved so much over the years and it just seems to be getting better and better. Party has always been my poker site of choice and it will continue being so for a long time
 Mober23/11/2018 10:47:29 GMT
Watched the video. It looks nice, but cant tell whats the difference from the old one,
since party poker is off limits for us.
It is good thing of course seeing improvements in player's experience.
This helps a lot also, keeping the competition alive and healthy,
which is much needed in online poker.
 CALICUL23/11/2018 15:29:11 GMT
This tournament it is really impressive.
20 millions dollars for an online tourney, will make the big players to jump up of happiness, like little children.
About their software i can not pronounce, but i think is a progress.
They are trying to make progress, but one thing i do not understand: why they do not want to pay the license in my country, ( is not that big this license ) to activate in Romania and to attract some extra players, which will be good for Party Poker. Confused
 maragatero23/11/2018 21:23:49 GMT
The reason is that they heard in somewhere that in this country is living the better winner of poker and bets, so they be afraid for allow to play him... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile CALICUL "Make yourself famous and go to sleep" they know you, 888poker told them about your luck and they don´t want to lose with you! By the way, the upgrade is too heavy it still being download, I will write about it tomorrow...
 bowie198424/11/2018 01:36:16 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
They are trying to make progress, but one thing i do not understand: why they do not want to pay the license in my country, ( is not that big this license ) to activate in Romania and to attract some extra players, which will be good for Party Poker. Confused

Many companies waiting on the EU to struck down these individual licensing efforts (hungary, romania, belgium etc.) which drives their market reach elsewhere so instead paying for the licenses they are paying the lawyers to fight against the licenses itself - which honestly are hurting the freetrade agreement within EU countries IMO.
 bjani5524/11/2018 10:38:48 GMT
I love PartyPoker!

I play a lot because there are very good races!

I hope there will still be good opportunities!
 CALICUL25/11/2018 15:31:19 GMT
Now it remains to be seen if the EU accepts this thing.
Personally, i do not believe that they will get the right to activate in more countries without license.
In Romania Pokerstars paid the license until 2026.
Party Poker lost the Romanian players in 2016.
Because of that PP lost some money here.
Anyway, is their decision and they will do, what they want. Smile
 dule-vu26/11/2018 12:14:18 GMT
didnt upgrade my software for some time,so dont know what are changes and how is to play with this new things!but hope that this will bring lot of better things for players and that all of us will have easy access to tournaments,lobby and every other things at software!nice move from them!
 Tony_MON7ANA29/11/2018 20:17:18 GMT
I usually open the tournament lobbies on a separate monitor so that I can keep track of overall progress. Nothing disgusts me more than a messy desktop. The various tournament information is considerably easier to access and find than before. partypoker has done a great job.

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