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partypoker announces inaugural $10m GTD “Christmas Freeze” series

Tags: partypoker.
Posted on 20 December 2018 by "T".

Running from 23 December 2018 to 6 January 2019, every tournament in the series will take a freezeout format following partypoker's recent move to reintroduce the format to its Power Series schedule.

There is over $10m in guaranteed prize money to be won across 201 separate tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from $3.30 to $1,050.

Borrowing from partypoker's other online festivals, all buy-ins will fall under one of four tiers, from "Low" through to "High Roller".

A variety of game formats will be on offer throughout the festival, including PKO (Progressive Knockout), PLO, 6-Max and 8-Max, accommodating players of all tastes.

Some of the series highlights are given in the table below. All times are GMT.





Christmas Freeze #02-HR: $300K Gtd [PKO]

Dec 23, 18:00




Christmas Freeze #31-H: $100K Gtd [PKO, 6-Max]

Jan 2, 18:00



Christmas Freeze #46-H: $250K Gtd [PKO]

Jan 6, 18:00



Christmas Freeze #46-M: $100K Gtd [PKO]

Jan 6, 18:00



Satellites awarding seats to Christmas Freeze events are running now on partypoker from as little as $0.55.

partypoker Head of Poker, Chris Donnachie said in a press release: "We're pleased to give all players the chance to enjoy some big money poker over the festive period with the Christmas Freeze series, which will run entirely in Freezeout format following our recent decision to reintroduce the format to most of our Power Series games."

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17 comments for "partypoker announces inaugural $10m GTD “Christmas Freeze” series"

 doubletop77720/12/2018 08:17:29 GMT
Yet another good initiative from Party Poker and well done to them for coming up with this. It would be a tremendous achievement to win one of these at any time of year but, to do so at this time would be extra special
 dule-vu20/12/2018 10:58:37 GMT
Every month party poker offer something new and some big series with great payouts!this series will give something for every player,from small to big buy in and this is great!good luck to every member who will try his luck at this series!
 Mober20/12/2018 14:23:38 GMT
One thing is for sure. There will be some good tournaments running during
holidays for everyone. From freerolls to tournament series like this one.
And with buy ins starting from 33 USD you can play for 100k USD.
Satellites start from like half USD, Will keep busy lots of players Smile
 bowie198420/12/2018 21:18:21 GMT
Not sure why would freezeouts should be 'reintroduced' to the playing public since if somebody like this as a format then they'll obviously going to go play at a room which have them frequently (probably not party, lol). BTW who has money to burn on a 1k or $500 buy-in tourney during christmas, lol...
 Robbo199021/12/2018 00:10:33 GMT
How long has this been planned or is it because stars have a holiday event?
pitty I dont like the PP structure so unless I get really pissed off at stars during the winter series then I wont be bothered with this
 Gerimantas21/12/2018 10:55:11 GMT
Yes i personally like player from party poker like to see thos room get stronger and make new interesting promotion to it's players. Now abiut this series it is not many tournament i can buy in, maybe only where 3.30 dollars is sum
 dule-vu21/12/2018 12:50:02 GMT
for me this dont worth much,because even if I have there money,time for playing isnt good!lot of days to go somewhere,epsecially on new years eve,to go drink,to enjoy in some other country or just to be with friends!esepcially when christmas is on 7.1.,so after new year there is no much time for playing!
 CALICUL21/12/2018 16:11:08 GMT
You think this series of Christmas tournaments is a good idea?
A lot of players will spend Christmas with family or friends.
They will not play so much poker in this days, and personally consider that these tournaments, will not reach the guaranteed amounts.
There will be players but not so many.
If i were in the place of Party Poker, i made fast tournaments with the winners generated by the PP software.
I do not know what they call but i remember when Full Tilt had some freerolls in this genre.
Maybe he called FLIP Smile
 pajalnick21/12/2018 16:51:00 GMT
Today a strange event happened .... I received a letter from PartyPoker in which I was informed that several dollars were transferred to my account .... It was very surprising given that I had not played at PartyPoker for quite a long time ... it is written that refund ... very strange ..... did anyone have something like that?
 bowie198421/12/2018 21:52:00 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
You think this series of Christmas tournaments is a good idea?
A lot of players will spend Christmas with family or friends.

Exactly... And the rest who will be still online already spent a truckload of money in December - because it's Christmas Time! Many wallets will be hurtin' enough to shell out 1k for buyins.
 CALICUL22/12/2018 16:12:18 GMT
There is a possibility that you Pajalnick to use the rake system.
If you played many games and you run more money, then you received it rake money.
Big players and professionals players they get some rake back.
Some rooms have good rake, others smaller and the rest, have other bonuses and promotions.
You have to look at the internet about rake.
A part of the rake is returning to the players.
Or i'm mistaken?
 Robbo199022/12/2018 22:04:31 GMT
people sit round and watch football or whatever on Boxing day or Christmas day so I would imagine people would also play big tournaments, more so in the America/Europe since its cold
 kent197424/12/2018 15:00:54 GMT
Party Poker was my first poker room when I met this game. Then there were Stars and lots and lots of different rooms. But after nine years, I still stayed at the Party Poker. I stayed there in their best years, and when it was all bad( blocked accounts without explanation, seized bankrolls without explanation, did not return baina for MTT, when there were discounts and so on), and play now. After the change of leadership, real changes for the better began. We started to fix the software, there were many promotions, held various poker series. And what I like is that the series are almost uninterrupted. And serial tournaments are always good. Increased guarantees and different tournament formats attract a lot of players. Traffic is growing, which has a beneficial effect on the game. And this series is no exception. BUT there is one thing. More recently, a lot of tournaments were held in the format of reentry. Now Patypoker ruled out at all this format. Too drastic measures. Either that or nothing. I don't agree with that. Could any tournaments left in the format, reentry. That OK, let us play in the, that offers room)). In any case, it's better than it was a couple of years ago, when the game was almost gone. And traffic at peak times did not exceed 3000 users.The good thing is that you can qualify for expensive tournaments through satellites. It is always nice to win an impressive amount, spending a minimum.I wish everyone who will take part in this series, good luck and great victories!!!
 CALICUL24/12/2018 16:15:26 GMT
I read here a year ago and a few months, about very good tournaments on Party Poker.
Since then they have had many good tournaments.
Everything is ok for them, but they do not operate in all countries of Europe.
They could change their marketing and put his hand in his pocket, to pay for the license in these countries where Party Poker it does not operate. Smile
 godoy25/12/2018 21:42:29 GMT
the most interesting and cool and interesting site to play did not expect less than this partypoker and my house for several years and always with great prizes and lots of good things always won on this site and I will always be faithful to him go 10m take home
 dule-vu26/12/2018 10:12:17 GMT
even I said that this date isnt so good for me to play poker,I got that free ticket yesterday and now must to use it!too bad that this offer expire!dont know will I play tonight or when,but 3,30 $ is good and have 10K tournaments where you can win nice amounts!
 kent197426/12/2018 17:52:44 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
even I said that this date isnt so good for me to play poker,I got that free ticket yesterday and now must to use it!too bad that this offer expire!dont know will I play tonight or when,but 3,30 $ is good and have 10K tournaments where you can win nice amounts!

Today I'm going to try to implement this ticket is 3.30. I hope that I will succeed. I will be glad even if I get into the minimum money, while having a bounty. It's a Freeroll for me. Blink

I couldn't get anything. As always prevented " very skilled players." I had AQ. On flop 9AQ I put allin. And the genius of poker with J9 played call. It's not hard to guess that the next two cards carried me off the table. It was a Jack on the turn and a 9 on the river. GG GL as they say

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