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Introducing Breakout Poker

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Posted on 23 January 2018 by "T". is a proud partner within the GG Network, one of the top ranked poker networks online. Featuring licensed and regulated poker games and tournaments, along with a mix of special game features and structures, Breakout Poker is proud to accept the BRK coin for both deposits and withdrawals, along with standard international currencies, and most other major cryptocurrencies.

Join today and earn a 200% bonus on your first 3 deposits, for a total of up to $1,000 in bonus funds! All players earn automatic Rakeback through the exclusive Fish Buffet Loyalty program. Daily Bounty and Guaranteed Tournaments, a $500K+ AOF Jackpot, and tons of great promotions make your new online poker home.

Breakout Poker offers players both Texas Hold'em and Omaha games via cash ("ring") games and multi-table tournaments.
Hold'em limits range from $0.05 / $0.10 up to $10 / $20. Rake is set at 5% with caps from $1 - $10 based on game limits
Omaha Hi limits range from $0.05 / $0.10 up to $25 / $50. Rake is 3% with no cap.
Unique games include;
All-In or Fold - featuring 4 player tables with buy-ins from $2 - $80
Fortune Spin - 3 player tables that award players with instant rewards OR game play!

All-In Insurance
Run it Once, Twice, or 3 Times!
Straddle from Any Position
Rabbit Hunting
Poker Craft - track all your results & playing stats
Unlimited # of Hold'em tables can be played at the same time
Hand History
Move Table Request
Table Resizing
4-Colour Cards
Preferred Seating
Display Folded Cards
Note Taking

Tournament Dollars - earn T$ in special tournaments, and use them for tourney entries
Tournament Leader Board - we award $100,000 every month to our top 500 players!
Cookie Freerolls - Use cookies you collect for major freeroll tourney entry!
Chinese Zodiac Freerolls - winners receive special animal avatars
Cookie Cards - each fortune cookie you earn contains a card. Collect 10 and receive an instant bonus!
AOF Jackpot - earn your share of $500,000+ with our All-In or Fold Jackpot

Breakout Poker offers an exciting multi-table tournament schedule that provides a blend of free and paid tournaments. Regularly offered tournaments include the following;
Weekly Depositors Freeroll
Weekly Breakout Social Freeroll
Bounty Tournaments Every Hour!
Omaholic Tournaments
Chinese Zodiac Freerolls
Hourly Guaranteed Tourney Series
Special Tournament Features Include;
Final Table Seat Selection - change seats to optimize your position at the final table
Deal Making
Game Clock
Tournament Staking - Buy tournament action from other players, or sell some of your own

Breakout Poker Welcome Bonus - 200% bonus on 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposits with an aggregate total maximum bonus of $1,000.
Bonus Terms
Bonus funds are released in $10 increments each time $50 has been generated in rake and/or tournament fees
Bonus may expire in 90 days - contact support[email protected] to extend your bonus release period on request
Monthly Rake Races - $100,000 paid out each month to our top 500 players!
Huge $500K+ All-In or Fold Jackpot for Hold'em and Omaha players

Breakout Poker provides 24/7 multilingual support through the following methods;
Live Chat, Email to [email protected]

The Fish Buffet Loyalty Program, exclusive to the GG Network and Breakout Poker, provides members with instant rake back rewards from 10% - 93%
Average rakeback is 50% at the highest VIP levels.
Fish Buffet Points (FP) are earned at a rate of 1 FP per $0.01 in rake generated.

The Breakout Poker download is available for PC, Mac, Linux and is fully supported on both iOS and Android devices.
Mobile players can multi-table up to 4 tables at the same time


Minimum deposits at Breakout Poker are $10 and maximum deposits are up to $7,500, depending on the payment method selected.
Withdrawal limits start at $10, with maximums up to $15,000 using some processors.
Breakout Poker is pleased to accept the following international currency deposit & withdrawal processing methods;
Instant Banking
China Online Payments
Union Pay
WeChat Pay
Perbankan Cepat
Ngan Hang Nhan
Moneta ru

In addition, Breakout Poker also accepts BRK, Bitcoin, and most other popular cryptocurrencies.

Breakout Poker's download "client" is fully translated into the following languages, which can be selected from the main lobby;

While subject to change, the current list of countries that are blocked by include;
Albania, Australia, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Our Brand Ambassadors include;
Jennifer Harman - Poker Hall of Fame Member, Multiple WSOP Bracelet Winner
Todd Brunson - Poker Hall of Game Member, WSOP Bracelet Winner
Huck Seed - WSOP Main Event Winner
Layne Flack - Multiple WSOP Bracelet Winner
Ted Forrest - Multiple WSOP Bracelet Winner
Jeff Lisandro - Multiple WSOP Bracelet Winner
David Benyamine - WSOP Bracelet Winner
Toto Leonidas - WSOP Bracelet Winner
Vladimir Shchemelev - WSOP Bracelet Winner
Look for them in our regular Breakout Pro Bounty Tournaments!

Breakout Poker is owned and operated by Breakout Playa Limitada, San Jose, Costa Rica, registration #3 102 712947. The site is licensed to conduct online gaming operations by Government of Curacao License no 365/JAZ Sub-License GLH-OCCHKTW0707182016

BRK (Breakout Coin) - Uniquely Designed for Gaming
BRK is digital money called cryptocurrency that has many advantages over traditional "fiat" currencies such as USD or Euros. It is fast and nearly free to transfer to anyone in the world. Since BRK is traded on the open market and the total supply is limited, the more people that use Breakout Coin the higher its value.
Using BRK to play poker has many advantages.
Deposits & withdrawals that are fast and cheap. Take control of your funds.
Play in special BRK only live games and tournaments
Play in USD tables using BRK. Conversion happens instantly.
Be an early adopter and follow the price of BRK while away from the tables
Transfer BRK amongst friends without arbitrary limits.
BRK is traded on and, and is also usable for purchases at the Breakout Game Store, featuring close to 3,000 PC downloadable game titles.


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36 comments on "Introducing Breakout Poker"

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» Introducing Breakout Poker

 Dimetriy7827/01/2018 22:28:38 GMT
I passed registration 26,01 And tickets did not yet get(
 CALICUL28/01/2018 09:53:25 GMT
for those who want to register in this new poker room will have to do it through but via BankrollMob. Is the best in this way because also received an email and we have to respect this site. It's not hard and we have nothing to lose. Hopefully it will be a good room to play poker. Smile
 vaci3828/01/2018 13:12:36 GMT
I thought the same as my friend Calicul Smile it would be best to register through our bankrollmob site I got emails from bankrollmob and I'm sure I will register on this poker room but it is also great to read the experiences of other members of our forum
 dallassimcoe29/01/2018 03:56:34 GMT
i registered with breakout today but no free tickets . typical b.s. all hype and no delivery Thumbs Down
 taute3329/01/2018 10:07:31 GMT
You must've did something wrong because I got it next day after registration
 Sandmanilo02/02/2018 07:18:05 GMT
Posted by dallassimcoe:
i registered with breakout today but no free tickets . typical b.s. all hype and no delivery Thumbs Down

Posted by Dimetriy78:
I passed registration 26,01 And tickets did not yet get(

They are issuing tickets on the midnight GMT on the day after registration. So check your accounts again, they must be in their place already. I've noticed yesterday that they have a variety of cryptocurrency deposit methods, including BRK coin, which is likely to be their own cryptocurrency. Interesting, have never saw poker rooms with their own cryptocurrency yet Big Smile
 bowie198406/02/2018 17:23:04 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well what can I say, always nice to see another poker room on the scene and trying to take on the more established brands. not to say that it is going to be an easy fight but hey what can we know, maybe in the not so distant future breakout poker is going to be nr. 1 poker room in the world.

Not with these (max.) deposit and withdrawal limits for sure.
 pajalnick07/02/2018 06:52:02 GMT
received five tickets .... at the moment I have only one ticket left .... it seems very good tournaments ... little players ..... a nice prize ..... but I can not win at all .. The thing is that at the same time there are tournaments at 888 poker and I'm distracted and in the end I do not play very carefully
 vaci3807/02/2018 17:20:52 GMT
I see a few members of our forum registered at Breakout Poker,I did not manage to read all the rules at Breakout Poker so if bowie1984 tell me something more around deposit and withdrawal limits,what's wrong with this limits?I wanted to open my account through the bankrollmob what are your experiences for these days since you've been playing poker there
 bowie198408/02/2018 00:48:13 GMT
Nothing wrong with the site, just read te article above. I was reacting 2 pochui who is thinking this brand will be there to challenge long time companies on the market. Max. deposit $7500 and max. withdrawal is 15k - these are not world beating measurements. Especially if some people manage to take down some tournies with high payouts and then they could only withdraw certain percentage of their BRs...
 Sandmanilo08/02/2018 15:59:28 GMT
I am sure that they will move up those limits in the future. I have played all my 5 tournies there, and must admit that they seem like a serious poker room. In addition, they have pretty aggressive europe-oriented marketing both with their poker and casino sites.
 pajalnick09/02/2018 07:31:31 GMT
I still have one ticket from the BRM to the freeroll .... if he does not bring me any profit, I probably will not play any more in this poker room ..... the client of this poker room absolutely did not like me .... maybe this is just the first impression .... but it usually happens right
 vaci3809/02/2018 11:37:25 GMT
bowie1984 thanks for your reply Thumbs Up but I do not think this is a problem for me I have never won a big sum of money the biggest sum I've withdrawn is $ 400 of 888 poker Big Smile I see that many members of our forum already play poker there I can say that I will open my account today Smile
 godoy09/02/2018 13:34:47 GMT
oK another poker room plus this is a bit complicated since there are numerous rooms of medium size or small amis hope it is good because the market prescissa of this
 Mober10/02/2018 10:32:02 GMT
It is never too complicated playing poker.
You just pick the site or sites you want to play, opening up the maximum number of
tables you can handle, and start grinding.
Plus it is always better when there is a competition. More rewards for the players.
 Sandmanilo10/02/2018 17:34:29 GMT
Mober, what is your record in maximum amount of tables being opened? I remember myself opening 16 tables at Pokerstars, but it was only once during the promotion. I'm comfortable with around 4-8 tables, it depends on game and max players on each.
 doaga11/02/2018 10:33:34 GMT
nice Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 Mober11/02/2018 11:06:37 GMT
No you are talking about too many tables there. 16 was a number that there wouldnt be any case
doing a single move right.
The maximum i was comfortable to play was eight tables at a time.
Playing in a small monitor also doesnt help, cause when the tables started popping up i was losing the ball Smile So with eight of them on full display it wasnt that bad.
 Sandmanilo11/02/2018 17:15:29 GMT
Yes, playing sixteen tables at one time was extremely difficult, but my prize for that # of hands race covered my losses. I remember the old video from nanonoko, where he was playing 32 tables on several monitors... just crazy Smile
 vaci3812/02/2018 12:11:01 GMT
I opened my account breakout poker and got the tickets,I played only one tournament and my first experience on this poker was not more than 1 minute Big Smile I got A J the first three cards are 4 A J one player raised I'm all in he paid and showed 4 4 Smile my first appearance on this poker ended up very fast Big Smile
 easymoneysni13/02/2018 13:41:39 GMT
same, i didn't get any tickets either, said i'd get five, typically i got none.
 vaci3813/02/2018 15:58:33 GMT
I do not have much luck in this Breakout poker Sad yesterday I played again at the bankrollmob tournament and I had a similar situation like last time Sad I'm going to play the third tournament tonight, I hope this 3 tournament will bring me more luck Smile
 propokerash14/02/2018 07:55:46 GMT
Posted by vaci38:
I do not have much luck in this Breakout poker Sad yesterday I played again at the bankrollmob tournament and I had a similar situation like last time Sad I'm going to play the third tournament tonight, I hope this 3 tournament will bring me more luck Smile

I wish you luck at Breakout poker. Yesterday I was playing the bankroll mob tournament and I registered at last minute. After 2-3 hand I managed to double stack, 20 players left and I was dealt , AKo raising 100% after 1 minute wait to respong on my bet , i was called by Romanian player , flop was like 3 6 Q rainbow , I bet raise to all in , got called BY JT and was rivered with T .
My usename is psihopatikus my game will be all in all time, no slow play nuts!!!
 Mober14/02/2018 12:31:50 GMT
There are still a few tournaments in breakout poker, from what i can see in the freerolls
I dont know if more will be added, but i am curious to see how many players are
usually in, since it is tracked.
 godoy14/02/2018 22:28:07 GMT
It should be more a site we'll see if it's good and even with this good bao I'll try and let's see what happens if bao is worth friends, then I'll put together a lot of money kkkkk

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