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partypoker MILLIONS Germany €25,000 High Roller won by Patrik Antonius

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Posted on 13 February 2018 by "T".

It's been years since we last heard of Patrik Antonius, and now he's back. The Finnish high-stakes poker pro who has been regarded as one of the oldies actually had not been able to make a final table since 2014, but this weekend he's proven that you can be an oldie but still a goodie when he took down the Super High Roller event this weekend at the partypoker MILLIONS Germany, and in the process, he managed to crush some of the young Germans and hottest players currently in the game.

The partypoker MILLIONS Germany €25,000 High Roller event attracted the top poker players all over the globe on February 9 at the King's Casino Rozvadov in Czech Republic, and it was Patrik Antonius who was the final entrant of 37 players to buy into the €25,000/$30,600 Super High Roller.

As a seasoned poker player, the "Flying Finn" did not let a world-class field faze him as he took the last remaining open slot in the event.

In the middle of the battlefield, Antonius maintained a clear head and a healthy stack, and his patience eventually paid off when he managed to become the last man standing. After taking a hit, he beat German Renato Nowak who fell in third place to settle a one-on-one with partypoker ambassador Joao Simao.

His past experience of being able to play at some of the biggest games around have allowed Antonius to keep his cool and struck the final blow with Queen of hearts and Jack of clubs. With the less experienced Simao desperate to take his opponent down, it seemed like pocket kings would do the trick.

However, 3 of spades, ace of diamonds, Jack of hearts, 10 of clubs, and King of diamonds gave the Brazilian no choice but to settle for second place right after Antonius revealed his straight.

Considering this was his first tournament ever to play in 2018, it sure was a good start of the year for Patrik Antonius!

Partypoker MILLIONS Germany €25,000 High Roller - Final Table Results




Payout €

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Patrik Antonius





Joao Simao





Renato Nowak





Stefan Schillhabel





Steve O’Dwyer





Dietrich Fast





Dominik Nitsche







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13 comments on "partypoker MILLIONS Germany €25,000 High Roller won by Patrik Antonius"

 doubletop77713/02/2018 08:32:20 GMT
It is really great to see Patrick Antonius back and winning tournaments. He was always one of the players i looked forward to watching and his battles with Phil Ivey were legendary
 pajalnick13/02/2018 10:29:24 GMT
Patrik Antonius turns out to be a famous player in the poker world ...... but I've heard this name for the first time this .... it's certainly very cool that players who have not played in super tournaments for a long time come back and prove their power of the game ... very cool
 Calmplay13/02/2018 11:06:38 GMT
That is why we always say if you are on tilt or a bad run then take a break and come back stronger and here as a result of a long break from the circuit, Antonius won this pretty nice tourney. Congrats Patrick Smile
 Mober13/02/2018 11:59:27 GMT
This one is a familiar name, unlike some others i hear of recently.
Seasonal player they are saying.
Either way he got a great return for his buy in.
Making a win like that every 2-3 years, is more than enough Smile
 CALICUL13/02/2018 13:44:20 GMT
Patrick Antonius is a very experienced player. I do not know what results he has had in recent years with online games or live but he can always have great results in big buy-in tournaments. Is a good professional player with good results but he also needs 2-3 bracelets to truly confirm its value.
 Tony_MON7ANA13/02/2018 13:51:46 GMT
Well done to Patrik Antonius on taking down the €25,000 buy-in event and winning over half a million dollars. He is no stranger to high-stakes poker games, and he is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous and feared professional poker players in the world.
 godoy13/02/2018 17:19:45 GMT
one of the best players I've seen play mao know how to play m so high level as he always involved in big pots and big tournaments must be very lucky even wanted me to have this luck and this much money
 Sandmanilo13/02/2018 18:21:30 GMT
Wow, I didn't heard anything about Patrick Antonius for years. Five or so, I guess. It's great that he has won this pretty big tournament, I always liked his style of playing. I wonder only, why the newswriter calls 37 yr man oldie Smile
 CALICUL17/02/2018 13:35:13 GMT
patrick antonius is a very focused player at the tables but as we all know, each player has good or bad periods. I'm glad because he managed to win a nice sum of money but he will have to work still. He has to work a lot to succeed to win a bracelet because any player wants this. He still does not have great performance like phil ivey or daniel negreanu with many bracelets.
 godoy22/02/2018 02:14:47 GMT
a phenomenon of the past that returns with another phenomenon that is victor blom epor outside the best Brazilian poker history he comes with full force and spikes the tournament with great mastery
 Serpang22/02/2018 07:26:46 GMT
maybe the tourney is turning point for him to go to the top again, we will wait and see. However LUCK is very important factor to achieve great success, even a lot famous name never win WSOP main event, but some not too popular won it.
 CALICUL22/02/2018 14:25:39 GMT
poker is a very difficult game. There are many professional players who feel excited when they reach a final table and have the chance to win a bracelet. Then emotions it spoils their game. This is the reason in many times for which they misses this opportunity. There emotions must be eliminated.
 pajalnick22/02/2018 17:53:29 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
poker is a very difficult game. There are many professional players who feel excited when they reach a final table and have the chance to win a bracelet. Then emotions it spoils their game. This is the reason in many times for which they misses this opportunity. There emotions must be eliminated.

if you are a professional poker player then emotions are an inexcusable luxury for you .... if you play poker it's your emotions that are your main enemy ... I know this perfectly well for my game .... emotions are very much interfering with me and so when I play I try to be very calm ... not always it turns out

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