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partypoker announces New Sponsored Pros for newly created Team Online

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Posted on 07 February 2018 by "T".

Shortly after reeling in Isaac Haxton and Philipp Gruissem as their most recent players joining the roster of partypoker Team Pros this past month, partypoker has just announced that they have created the all-new Team Online, which consists of a new group of sponsored poker pros with their main role of representing partypoker both online and in live events.

The newest faces are three Brazilian players and top Austrian pro Josep Simunic.

Josep Simunic of Austria

Considered one of the most accomplished poker players in Austria who's at 9th place on the country's all-time money list, Josep Simunic is actually also a former semi-pro handball player. After watching WSOP events aired on TV, he got hooked into playing poker as well, and good things were in store for him in the future.

He has proven himself to be a force to reckon with at the European poker setting - he has a total of $1.3 million in live tournament earnings, which includes winning in the 2014 Swiss Poker Championships for $85,000+, and another in the Deauville High Roller where he got hero status for coming up from just three big blinds to take down his career-best score of $350,000!

In addition to playing at partypoker LIVE and online events, Simunic will be joining the German commentary team during the livestream of the MILLIONS Grand Final in Barcelona this April.

Simunic was elated, "I'm delighted to be joining partypoker, especially just after the 2018 series announcement. There are so many dates now on offer throughout the year it's a great time to be joining partypoker! On the live circuit, it's been great to see how the partypoker MILLIONS events have really captured everyone's imagination; I know the atmosphere at this year's tournaments is going to be incredible."

New Brazil Representatives: Lui Martins, Renato Nomura and Day Kotoviezy

The three other new players coming onboard partypoker's Team Online are all of Brazilian heritage, and they are Lui Martins, Renato Nomura and Day Kotoviezy. They will be joining their fellow country members Joao Simao, Luiza Simao and Bruno Gagliasso who are already in partypoker's roster.


Lui Martins

Lui Martins is a Brazilian player who has quite a reputation both in the online and live poker scenes. An ex-World of Warcraft and Quake specialist, Martins decided to switch to playing poker just like many other eSports crushers, and fortunately for him, he has found success with over $500,000 in online winnings so far.

Some of his notable achievements include 3rd place in the Title Fight back in August and also a runner-up finish for $115,248 last year. On the live poker scene, Martins finished 4th place in the 2016 WSOP International Circuit Sao Paulo Main Event, taking home with him $79,457.

Martins said, "partypoker is making such a big impact at the moment so this is a great time to be joining the team. I know it's going to be very exciting as well as a lot of fun."


Renato Nomura

It was February last year when Renato Nomura ultimately won the online multi-table tournament $215 Title Fight at partpoker for over $52,000, and now he has over $1 million in combined online and live cashes to his name, with $850,000 of it coming from the online world.

In 2013, he was the last man standing in player field of 572 entrants at the BSOP Main Event.

Nomura said regarding his new sponsorship, "I am really looking forward to representing the partypoker brand. There's a lot of great players in our country and competition is pretty fierce so I am thrilled to have been chosen to join the new online team."


Day Kotoviezy

Last but not least, Day Kotoviezy is the third Brazilian pro to join partypoker and to represent Team Online. With a BSOP Ladies Event title to her name, Kotoviezy also serves as a poker coach and mentor at the Massari Poker School in Brazil.

She said, "Joining partypoker Team Online alongside Renato and Lui really is a dream come true for me. Poker has become my life so this really is a fantastic honour."

Tom Waters, partypoker's Managing Director, is equally excited about their all-new Team Online, "The recruitment of Renato, Josip, Lui and Day has got Team Online off to a really great start. These are players who have a true passion for the game and I know they will be amazing ambassadors for partypoker wherever they play."



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14 comments on "partypoker announces New Sponsored Pros for newly created Team Online"

 doubletop77707/02/2018 09:57:16 GMT
I must be honest and say, that i have never heard of these players but they must be extremely good. I think that these type of jobs are tremendous for these players and good luck to them
 Mober07/02/2018 10:41:38 GMT
You can say for sure that they are throwing some money away in these sponsorship.
Something tells me that party poker with all the latest moves aiming much higher,
looking to hit pokerstars and fulltilt.
They have the means to do it.
 CALICUL07/02/2018 13:32:12 GMT
Party poker attracts many people to their room and that's why have these marketing strategies of all kinds. This is good for them because they are stronger than they were before. This year have strong tournaments, attracted more players and will be successful. They will have to expand to countries where they do not have a license in this moment.
 Sandmanilo07/02/2018 15:07:24 GMT
It would be very interesting to watch this battle of giants between Partypoker and Stars group for the leadership among poker sites. I believe that players will win from this battle, as both companies will try to make their businesses better.
 dule-vu07/02/2018 15:44:33 GMT
yeah,I didnt heard also for any of these "pros" and cant tell anything about them!just wondering how many players will they bring to party poker!for me its silly that you come playing on some site,just because some famous person is pro at this site!
 braulio4607/02/2018 16:29:59 GMT
on pokerstars many pros quit or get quit. so now party poker gets many players the last weeks/month good to see
 arsenej107/02/2018 22:47:54 GMT
Dont think partypoker needed to do this. I like partypoker and thy ussually have good offers for there players. I simply dont play there because im always on the move and dont like the look/feel of there poker app as much as i do stars.
 bowie198408/02/2018 00:32:44 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
yeah,I didnt heard also for any of these "pros" and cant tell anything about them!

Yeah, I could state the same. Only thing sure is that I would not mind if that brazilian lady would give me some poker lectures in her school.
 godoy08/02/2018 00:40:06 GMT
with the creation of the time party poker Brazil will have more and more to win as it is reborn the giant to fight ps ps and moixxxxx

with then creation of the time party poker Brazil will have more and more to win because it is reborn the giant to combat the ps with this we will gain great opportunities of variety of games for the Brazilian market making better tournaments arise for mos
 Tony_MON7ANA08/02/2018 01:34:52 GMT
Congratulations to every new member of the partypoker team. I actually didn't know these players until I read this thread. How much compensation do these ambassadors receive annually? Around US$75,000? More?
 pajalnick08/02/2018 07:23:46 GMT
the next professionals joined the successful poker room ... this is not surprising .... and after the update of the client of this poker room will be released the number of players who will join will increase ..... PartyPoker is confidently leading and is not going to lose leadership among poker room
 CALICUL08/02/2018 13:21:08 GMT
it is possible that party poker in the future will also attract celebrities from the world of sports or actors. To copy the model of the amaya group. They have tournaments worth more than 100 millions dollars for the year 2018 besides the rest of the games. They did a lot in the last time with succes. In the future if they continue with good things will grow up even more.
 dule-vu09/02/2018 09:47:40 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
Posted by dule-vu:
yeah,I didnt heard also for any of these "pros" and cant tell anything about them!

Yeah, I could state the same. Only thing sure is that I would not mind if that brazilian lady would give me some poker lectures in her school.

he,he,can imagine how this school would work and what lessons you would get Big Smile !but you can find better poker ladies,then this one!this have maybe few years more and something younger would be better for you Blink
 godoy11/02/2018 16:09:43 GMT
The more days go by I believe that PARTYPOKER will consolidate itself as the best poker site in the world that is still in the hands of POKERSTARS more for the policy of only aiming for profit soon it will stop being the first to be the second better this and good as it deactivates and poe more competition in the market improving for players

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