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BankrollMob Members Get Free Entry to $1M GTD partypoker tourney!

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Posted on 02 March 2018 by "T".

Last week we suprised a loyal BankrollMob member and active partypoker player with free entry to the $215 buy-in $1,000,000 Guaranteed Championship Event on Sunday, February 25th.

We still feel very generous this week and therefore decided to give another 3 BankrollMob members free entry to the $215 buy-in $1 Million GTD Championship Event (KO Series at partypoker) on Sunday, March 4th at at 20:00 CET! 

In case you want to watch them play this massive tournament, here are their partypoker nicknames: x100101001x, pajalnick and Scratch_It_Cu..

We wish them the best of luck on Sunday!

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27 comments on "BankrollMob Members Get Free Entry to $1M GTD partypoker tourney! "

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» BankrollMob Members Get Free Entry to $1M GTD partypoker tourney!

 pochui02/03/2018 11:53:48 GMT
yeah good luck to all the dudes. it would be really great if you manage to score big. and again we can all see how amazing bankrollmob really is- I am proud to be a part of this wonderful site and great community. cheers all
 ligador3702/03/2018 12:47:27 GMT
Woow congratulations mate. I imagine just to feel that sensation. So amazing. I always wonder what i will feel when i get to play this kind of tourney. My biggest buy-in was 27$( and got it on a sat Cool ).
Best of luck and tell us how you and end at thr tourney. You can do it Smile
 pajalnick02/03/2018 13:22:32 GMT
this is the coolest tournament in which I will play and for me the most important thing is to correctly build my game in this tournament ..... of course I will be pressured by the fact that the winnings are very large and in this situation for me the most important thing is not to be afraid to play and take risks
 ligador3702/03/2018 13:47:51 GMT
You should wacth some videos from Pros playing this kind of tournaments. You learn a lot. Also keep reading about poker, you never know enough.
Wacth the movie Rounders XD, with Matt Damon, and if you can´t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker. Tongue
Play paciently and wisely
 saymonjke02/03/2018 13:53:13 GMT
I hope our lucky ones will show at this tournament that they are worthy of these tickets.
 CALICUL02/03/2018 14:42:00 GMT
I have not heard of these two users of Party Poker maybe here i know them, but i wish to congratulate them for winning of this tickets. I also congratulate him on the pajalnick for this ticket. I hope they get something interesting in this tournament to progress in their poker career. Many congratulations to those from the BRM site because it deserves all our respect.
 RoninHarper02/03/2018 14:48:04 GMT
G'day mates

For those of you who do not know, I am "x100101001x".
I use different names sometimes on different sites.
wishing you all the best.
be cool
 CALICUL02/03/2018 14:56:32 GMT
Posted by RoninHarper:
G'day mates

For those of you who do not know, I am "x100101001x".
I use different names sometimes on different sites.
wishing you all the best.
be cool

thanks for clarification Ronin. Good Job and Good Luck in tournament. Cool
 dule-vu02/03/2018 15:15:52 GMT
what to say on this move from BRM!after one ticket on last sunday,they now gave three tickets to our members and again this big buy in tickets!very nice from them!now all of you must take this opprotunity and make something from this!good luck!
 archery95702/03/2018 16:01:10 GMT
Igen a PP még mindig a legjobb mint szoftvere mint pedig a kinézete alapján.

 teddybears7302/03/2018 16:07:44 GMT
Posted by archery957:
Igen a PP m�g mindig a legjobb mint szoftvere mint pedig a kin�zete alapj�n.

Very true.
Thumbs Up
 Sandmanilo02/03/2018 22:01:05 GMT
Great news, I will definitely follow all three lucky men on Sunday. Congratulations and best of luck to all of you! I don't know who is the third one, is it a forum regular? Never met this nickname Smile
 TheIrish7702/03/2018 22:11:55 GMT
Congratz to all 3 forum regulars for grabbing such a huge ticket with such big implications if played well.

Pajalnck, STheP, Ronin make it your best game and score serious Dollar Dollar or this amazing opportunity. play loose and take shots when they come.
 Tony_MON7ANA02/03/2018 23:46:14 GMT
Huge congratulations to the lucky winners! I hope you guys will have a great experience participating in such a prestigious event. I am rooting for your success!
Does anyone have any idea who "Scratch_It_Cu." is?
 mocoteo03/03/2018 04:55:32 GMT
GL to x100101001x, pajalnick and Scratch_It_Cu..Have faith and the force will be with you Smile .
 Tony_MON7ANA04/03/2018 13:13:58 GMT
Good luck to RoninHarper (Canada), pajalnick (Russia), and Scratch_It_Cu. (Malta) this afternoon/evening and tonight!
 StheP04/03/2018 13:50:05 GMT
GL to all I am playing today 3 44$ sat for ticket, hope Ill get one Big Smile
 jamieh004/03/2018 23:45:52 GMT
So did I win lol JK
 braulio4605/03/2018 01:27:49 GMT
and then crashed server on partypoker :/:/
 pajalnick05/03/2018 09:25:27 GMT
I unfortunately can not boast of a good result ...... I played in this tournament and in the end I was unlucky and the man with the younger pair caught the set on the turn .. and it all ended for me .... I had 10 and 10 and for the opponent 8 and 8 ..... and in the end, the three 8 became happy for him
 Tony_MON7ANA05/03/2018 09:31:40 GMT
partypoker hosted an enormous US$10 million guaranteed KO series which consisted of 164 events over 8 days. I believe this KO series was one of the most generous events ever held at partypoker. It's too bad that partypoker had to cancel all tournaments last night due to unforeseen technical issues.
 CALICUL05/03/2018 14:48:32 GMT
if all tournaments have been canceled due to a technical error players will get a buy-in back or is awarded according to the remaining players at the time of the fall? this is very upsetting for all players who played at that time. Many people lost a few hours for nothing because the party software he crashed. Sad
 semirkarla08/03/2018 06:10:50 GMT
who winn this tourney
 CALICUL10/03/2018 15:05:06 GMT
no one won because the software of party poker had some problems with technical errors and games have been canceled. This is very ugly because it happened sunday night when the most important tournaments are. It is very strange but party poker will increase with two million extra this Sunday.
 doaga11/03/2018 11:57:19 GMT

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