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Unibet launches Global Campaign to challenge Gender Bias

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Posted on 08 March 2018 by "T".

A new campaign named #QueenRules that includes live stops and a unique deck of cards has been revealed by Kindred, Unibet's parent company, to celebrate International Women's Day today, May 8, 2018. Kindred, formerly named Unibet Group, aims to maintain diversity and keep gender equality a priority in their sustainability program.

Unibet's parent company Kindred is working with London-based creative agency FBC Inferno on a campaign to challenge gender biased stereotypes in the poker world by launching a campaign called #QueenRules, which reverses traditional poker rules thus making the Queen more superior than the King.

The purpose of the campaign, according to Unibet, is to open conversations around gender equality and gender bias.

Kindred Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström said, "Kindred is a very diverse business, with more than 50 nationalities. We continue to work hard to keep focus on diversity and equality and this project is a simple but fantastic way to start conversations on unconscious gender-bias through a game."

Head of Events at Kindred Group Nataly Sopacuaperu said, "We are proud to be involved in the #QueenRules project. It is a fantastic idea that highlights where in society we have gender bias. As a company, our ambition is to make all of our players and employees feel understood, and challenging these kinds of stereotypes is one way to do this."

More details about the campaign
As its name suggests, #QueenRules is a new variant of the poker game, with the use of a specially-designed deck in which the Queen outranks the King. The campaign is composed of numerous live events using the #QueenRules decks and rules and will take place at locations in London, Stockholm, Malta and others.

The tournaments will also feature limited-edition playing cards having illustrations drawn by female illustrators from Those who would like to buy these unique decks can avail them at along with other merchandise like t-shirts and art work.

All proceeds gathered from the events and merchandise shall go to HeforShe, a solidarity campaign created by UN Women to provide a platform for a global audience to engage and become agents of change in the progress towards gender equality.

Also this March 8, Kindred will join as a Founding Partner in Women in Tech Stockholm, an event to bring together and inspire women who work in the tech industry and also those who wish to work in tech.

Where and when to play?
The following casinos will be running the #Queenrules events on International Women's Day March 8th:

The Pokerrroom - Victoria Grosvenor Casino London

Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City (London)

Casino Malta

Sunborn Casino Gibraltar

Olympic Park Casino Tallinn





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4 comments on "Unibet launches Global Campaign to challenge Gender Bias"

 CALICUL08/03/2018 14:54:05 GMT
if they reverse the rules of poker then let the unibet employees to play poker. I do not understand why they do this. They want to mock of players which plays at multiple tables in many poker rooms. Making the Queen more superior than the King is a very bad decision.
 maragatero08/03/2018 21:37:51 GMT
Really? It´s the most opportunistic campaigne that I knowed. If they would have a series of acts and declarations to promove the iguality, then these would be coherence. But these is a bad jocke, almost an offense to the womens movement. And they pay to an agency for that? Really I know a bunch of people who would have these idea then a couple of beer. What a shame, they could have saved a lot of money...
 godoy15/03/2018 15:50:38 GMT
I love and share the idea of friends above and I am extremely shocked and how it rages about how a room can be opportunistic as this quest of genre that I think is a sack in day
 pajalnick15/03/2018 16:26:41 GMT
#QueenRules is a new version of the game of poker, using a specially designed deck in which the queen is superior to the king .... and it seems that in this case tolerance and feminism obviously do the wrong things .... I'm not a misogynist but there must be boundaries of insanity through which you do not need to overstep

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