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2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona €101K Buy-in NLHE SHR event won by Jake Schindler for €1,750,000

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Posted on 13 April 2018 by "K".

Jake Schindler dominated the 2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona €101,000 Buy-in Super High Roller event late Wednesday night at Casino Barcelona in Spain, after defeating a strong field of 48 entrants (which featured some of the best professional poker players in the world), bringing home the first prize money worth €1,750,000!

The €1,750,000 prize was roughly worth US$2,170,000, which is actually his second biggest live cash earnings ever! His biggest live cash was back in 2017 when he finished runner-up to Christoph Vogelsang in the 2017 Super High Roller Bowl event for $3,600,000.

Schindler began the final day as the chip leader and was able to hold onto his lead all the way until his heads-up match against British pro Stephen Chidwick. The two players battled it out for two hours, until Schindler called Chidwick’s queen-high bluff on the river with his turned straight to take down the title!

Thanks to his latest win, Schindler’s lifetime live tourney earnings are now over $17.7 million, and pretty soon he will be up from the current 17th place he’s in on the American all-time money list, according to the Hendon Mob website. (The 1st place spot in the American list with $33,905,742 live tournament earnings is actually Erik Seidel, who finished 6th place in this tournament.)



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15 comments on "2018 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona €101K Buy-in NLHE SHR event won by Jake Schindler for €1,750,000"

 Sandmanilo14/04/2018 00:05:08 GMT
And here is another winner in the Partypoker Millions tournament series. Congratulations! I think Partypoker set themseves a goal to become the poker room, which hosts the best live tournaments in industry.
 doubletop77714/04/2018 11:09:07 GMT
Jake Schindler has been at the very top of these High Roller events for many years and it is no surprise to see him win this very prestigious tournament and the massive first prize
 Gerimantas14/04/2018 13:51:11 GMT
Yes big win, but also big buyin of 101 thousand of dollars, so for 1st place you get 17 buyins for total 1.7 millions of dollars. I also say congratulations to to eric seidel who i see from YouTube videos and who is a very good poker player and noce guy, micr to see older person knows how to play against young poker players
 godoy14/04/2018 15:43:54 GMT
what to say of this prizes of more than 1 million type seems much more will be even because of an entry of more than 100k and win 10x so it seems a bit bad if you keep a media of acada 5 6 crava ai and good kkkkkkk

what to say of this prizes of more than 1 million type seems much more will be even because of an entry of more than 100k and win 10x so it seems a bit bad if you keep a media of acada 5 6 crava ai and good kkkkkkk
 Mober14/04/2018 16:04:25 GMT
And then there are still people out there, saying that poker players never win big.
I had a recent argument, from someone who has never played poker before Smile
Two big hits, in just one year.
Nice position in the list also.
 CALICUL14/04/2018 16:11:58 GMT
A lot of money to enter in this tournament. Practically, with this money you can buy food or drink for many years but for the players it was just a buy-in at a major tournament. You could do other things with this money but when you are a talented poker player the situation is positive and the trust is greater.
 pajalnick14/04/2018 19:24:25 GMT
another cool tournament and another steep winner ... Jake Schindler of course a great fellow ... beat 48 people who each invested 101,000 pounds and everyone wanted to win ... of course 48 people are not very many people but still it does not detract from his achievement ... very cool
 pochui14/04/2018 20:18:14 GMT
nice nice, those million dollar wins now seems to be the ordinary thing in online and of course in live poker tournaments. of course one has to have a serious bankroll to be able to buyin into such tourneys and do this with proper br management
 godoy16/04/2018 00:17:57 GMT
I wonder how and to play a tournament of this size because I pack 100k or more in a tournament and lots of money have to have to lose a lot
because the value gained is not very much these things
 ligador3716/04/2018 03:26:53 GMT
Pff, I think I could never pay a buy in of that size. For them it is an investment clearly, in addition to having a lot of money and maybe 100 k are crumbs for them, but for me it is too much money! Maybe they do it also for prestige. Risk 100k by 1.7m, at most, I do not know if it's such a good idea. Although with that buy in, the number of players is very limited.
 godoy17/04/2018 03:52:49 GMT
when you have a lot of money to play out if you do it kkkkk nothing this is a very good cauculada strateja and this amount of money is not the act he spends because he knows that he will have a guaranteed return the pro's fuck do not throw money away no
 Sorin88817/04/2018 05:53:58 GMT
Last hand after two hours of heads up :with blinds of 175,000 and 350,000 Schindler raised to 875,000 from the button with the As,3h and Chidwick called with the Qs, 6h. The flop Ad,4s,2s and Schindler betl 500,000 when checked to. Chidwick made the call and the5c was on the turn. Chidwick checked and Schindler bet 1,800,000 Chidwick raise to 5,100,000 with justQ high and a gutshot straight draw. Schindler made the call with his turned straight and the 7s was on river Chidwick continue with his bluff and moved all-in. Schindler made the call and his straight was good enough to win the pot and the title.
 CALICUL19/04/2018 16:16:27 GMT
when you earn such an amount of money and you are a professional player it's not good to go to the casino and play with other pro players. This player can always play with weak players to take their money to sign up again in big live games. There wait again to beat many players and to win another big amount of $ or euro.
 dule-vu20/04/2018 14:47:12 GMT
wow,what to say about such a high buy in tournament!when you can lose this kind of amount without any problems and not be nervous,thats something!payout for first place is very good,when there is no many players on tournament!congratulations to winner!
 Tony_MON7ANA20/04/2018 14:51:22 GMT
Massive well done to Jake Schindler for topping the field of 48 entrants to take home €1.75 million! Congratulations also to Erik Seidel for his 6th place finish in the tournament. I can't wait to watch the exciting action at the tournament.

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