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First Ever Coolbet Open won by Sebastian Wahl for €50,100

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Posted on 10 May 2018 by "T".

The very first Coolbet Open festival was a smashing success, considering the number of attendees which surpassed the organizers' expectations. The player field was 425, and this generated a huge prize pool worth €206,125. Additionally, the festival had 26 side events and one main event that altogether created an exciting 27-event schedule.

Hailing from Finland, Sebastian Wahl was the last man standing from a field of 425 players to claim the victory for the first-ever Coolbet €550 Main Event for €50,100. The event was held at Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park in Tallinn, Estonia.

Wahl will also receive as a special prize a Coolbet Open package worth €1,200 for the next festival in Tallinn, which is scheduled in October. Also, as the top winner he was given a Las Vegas package for two valued at €5,000! The special packages were generously added to the prizepool courtesy of Coolbet, to which they handed out to all the final table players.

According to the Hendonmob website, this most recent cash win of his is his biggest one so far. His first experience on the live setting was back on October 2012, where he also won 1st place at the € 220 + 30 No Limit Hold'em Raymond Poker Event in Helsinki for €17,028!

Overall, his current total live earnings is at $87,667.

2018 Coolbet Open Main Event final table results






Sebastian Wahl




Sander van Wesemael




Jaagup Luhakooder




Kyosti Isberg




Kristoffer Skolem




Jan-Mikael Kesanen




Niko Mykkänen




Espen Vaksdal




Craig Timmis

United Kingdom




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13 comments on "First Ever Coolbet Open won by Sebastian Wahl for €50,100"

 CALICUL10/05/2018 16:47:12 GMT
It's very nice that live poker is also happening in Europe in some locations because not all players have time or money to cross the ocean and play in Las Vegas. They will participate here and they can have the chance to make an extra money but will accumulate some experience. Congratulations to the players of the final table.
 Mober10/05/2018 19:33:17 GMT
Not a huge amount as a win, but you can say it was a good one for that buy in.
The more tournaments there are the better for the poker community.
More chances to win live, plus the game gets more "recognized"
 pajalnick10/05/2018 20:49:07 GMT
festival Coolbet Open? ... I first learned about this festival from this news ... of course it's very good that there are more offline tournaments and they are held in different countries .... more players will be able to take part in poker tournaments .... while Limit online poker is a good trend
 bowie198410/05/2018 23:13:57 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Not a huge amount as a win, but you can say it was a good one for that buy in.

Coolbet had 16% rake in this if I am able to count it right. A bit interesting number if you ask me, nut probably this is how they payed for those 'extra' special packages.
 Tony_MON7ANA11/05/2018 04:08:42 GMT
Massive well done to a Finnish poker player Sebastian Wahl, who topped a field of 425 players to win the inaugural Coolbet Open! What an accomplishment! He will be on cloud nine for days. I have never been to Estonia but it has been on my list for a long time.
 Gerimantas11/05/2018 06:19:16 GMT
Yes i too like some people in this forum say hear this for first time about this name live event. But to me it is interesting because buy-ins not too big and it is in Estonia which is.not fsr from my country so maybe next year i try to play this series
 doubletop77711/05/2018 07:59:51 GMT
Many congratulations to Sebastian Wahl on winning this event and a very nice first prize. I went to Tallinn many years ago and, i can say that, it is one of the most beautiful places i have been to
 godoy11/05/2018 21:54:48 GMT
Sebastian Wahl got the first place of this tournament that was realiado out of las vegas this is very good because it has a lot of live event outside the American territory with great prizes in europe very good parabens
 bowie198412/05/2018 13:25:21 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
But to me it is interesting because buy-ins not too big and it is in Estonia which is.not fsr from my country so maybe next year i try to play this series

Comparing what some people could earn on average in Estonia I would say that five hundo is a big buy-in for a tourney sized like this.
 Gerimantas12/05/2018 13:43:35 GMT
Yes bowie1984 you say right thing, because five hundred Euro is big money if look at average money people earn, almost all month of work to get this. But this buyin is small if compare with 10.000 buyins or similar
 CALICUL12/05/2018 16:50:19 GMT
If this amount is big organizers of this tournament need to make satellites online a month or two before the game. If the entry would be 30 dollars, players from other countries will not rush to come and play for this.200, 300 or 500 dollars is an acceptable amount for gamblers.
 pochui14/05/2018 16:21:58 GMT
hey now that's cool. coolbet open, and a first one ever, like ever and ever... dude who won it surely will get his name into the history books, now all that is left is to hope that the first one will not be the last one, now that would be really cool thing.
 godoy23/05/2018 23:40:12 GMT
a new tournament provider has already massed full strength with several side events and a lot of action in the main event that had many entries generating a big award in euros parabem collbet

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