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CoinPoker's 1st Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP) Is Just 2 Days Away

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Posted on 25 May 2018 by "T".

The Crypto Series of Poker (May 27 - June 3), a 10,000,000 CHP added tournament series that is the first of its kind, is set to start this Sunday at 16:00 EEST. New CoinPoker players can join the first event for free, with the an added sum of 250,000 CHP up for grabs.

The series includes 17 varied tournament events where a range of 200,000 to 1,000,000 CHP added prize pools can be won. From May 27th to June 2nd, two tournaments will be held daily and build up to a final high stakes main event with 2,500,000 CHP added.

The "CSOP Main Event" will be held on June 3 at 21:00 EEST with two other exciting tournaments. Along with the massive prize pool, players can compete against professional poker player Tony G ( Antanas Guoga ) for a signature bounty of 20,000 CHP. The poker star will be crushing multiple events throughout this one of a kind series, which is sure to attract more than your average recreational player according to Head of Poker Operations, Paulius Mikaliunas:

"The Crypto Series of Poker is the first event of its kind, and as a cryptocurrency powered poker room we are exciting to match and exceed prize pools offered by mainstream poker events. The benefits of blockchain powered poker like instant transactions and higher security combined with the massive amount of money to be won has already attracted a lot of attention. We're excited to see plenty of new players joining our community as the start date for the CSOP approaches."

For players with a smaller bankroll the Mini Main Event held hours before is another opportunity to spot him and cash in on prize pool of 1,000,000 CHP. Satellites will also be running daily, making it possible for skilled players to qualify for CSOP events at a fraction of the standard buy-in.

Aside from the much anticipated CSOP event, the "CSOP Leaderboard" will run in parallel to the series. Points will be collected throughout the series, and the first 50 places will get a shot at winning one of three WSOP Main Event packages.

As CoinPoker invests in scaling its promotional activities, the value of the CHP token climbs the charts and attracts interest of the mainstream crypto community. However, mainstream poker fans may not be as familiar with exchanging and acquiring cryptocurrencies. CoinPoker is powered by its own unique token: CHP or Chips, so in order to make it easier for prospective players to fund their accounts, CoinPoker introduced an app update that will allow users to transfer and exchange Ethereum, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, for CHP tokens inside the app.

This big news comes just days after the release of CoinPoker's mobile app for Android. The CoinPoker app already has thousands of downloads after being released only a few days ago, proving that the demand to play crypto poker on the go is on the rise with the advent of the CSOP .

With 10,000,000 CHP tokens and 3 WSOP packages available for lucky CSOP Leaderboard winners there's plenty of excitement for both crypto fans and poker enthusiasts.

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14 comments on "CoinPoker''s 1st Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP) Is Just 2 Days Away"

 CALICUL25/05/2018 17:27:17 GMT
I will join when Coin Poker will give up this program which is before logging in. I do not like the program at all and for this i gave up to play here. I do not understand why they introduced that program. It's weird and i do not like it. I did not play for real money there but I liked few freerolls.
 Mober25/05/2018 20:26:08 GMT
It is a big event of poker, but like the article says, some of the players can pass,
due to the fact with the whole crypto coins.
And talking about crypto coins, btc has fallen quite a bit the last few days Smile
Down to 7400 right now.
 doubletop77726/05/2018 07:14:27 GMT
This looks like it is going to be a massive event and there should be a very large entry base. These tournaments look like they are going to be the norm in the future and good luck to all playing
 pajalnick26/05/2018 11:19:58 GMT
New CoinPoker players can join the first event for free, with an added amount of 250,000 CHP for captures ... that's of course the key phrase in this message .... I'm not yet registered with this poker room but after what I saw I would probably do registration .... I'll try something new for me
 pochui26/05/2018 11:49:48 GMT
well I personally am really fcukin bored with all this crypto sh1t happening and virtual this virtual that being released and exchanged into a virtual another thing... fcuk this virtual crypto shaizen, just play for fcukin euros or dollars for fcuk sakes, does it change anything in what currency you have your bankroll in?
 godoy26/05/2018 18:34:54 GMT
then everything that is new has mistrust because a new room with a virtual currency type much volation will be that it takes even and tournaments with btc and other virtual currencies will be good and I do not know so I know I'm suspicious
 ligador3727/05/2018 18:52:50 GMT
I have not read much about cryptocurrencies yet, but it seems that it will be the currency of the future (well, a not so distant future). I do not know what problems I may have, I've heard that I really would not have, but you never know.
What I think will be great poker events, with great prizes and will attract many people, and in the future we will see in more frequent tournaments of this type.
For now, I prefer tournaments in dollars, and not virtual money.
 Tony_MON7ANA27/05/2018 21:42:35 GMT
It is going to be an interesting event. Tournament payouts are very generous. I haven't created an account with CoinPoker yet, but I might consider opening one in the near future. Good luck to all those playing at CoinPoker.
 godoy27/05/2018 21:54:52 GMT
as everyone already knows the future of the game depoker and of site oline of casino eapostas will be directed to the criptom coins more this and a little bad because accilation and very big already a festival made only with virtual and legal currencies to test and to see if really and it's possible this is good

as everyone already knows the future of the game depoker and of site oline of casino eapostas will be directed to the criptom coins more this and a little bad because accilation and very big already a festival made only with virtual and legal currencies to test and to see if really and it's possible this is good
 pajalnick28/05/2018 11:11:41 GMT
yesterday tried to play on this poker site .... the software is quite simple and ascetic ... there are only tournaments and cash games .... not so good because there are not my favorite sitgo ..... maybe in the future they will add .... freerolls are held every half hour and you can really win these crypto coins Worship
 pochui28/05/2018 13:15:30 GMT
well reading the comment of one dude in this thread stating that cryptocurrencies will be the currency of the future and not a very distant future I have very high doubts of this happening let alone in the future, not even thinking about not too distant future. cryptocurrenies on a whole have a flawed system of how currency is being created... or they call it mined...
 Mober28/05/2018 14:04:21 GMT
They will be there for quite some time, yes i find this easy to happen,
with what is going on today, but being it the currencies of the future, i have my doubts on it.
They have been hit hard for quite some time now, btc is almost at 7000 again,
and who knows what some people are still hiding in their pockets, to hit it even more.
 CALICUL28/05/2018 17:33:20 GMT
there is the option to play with real money or crypto directly or it is only with crypto because i did not login here anymore for 2-3 months months. Anyway is an interesting idea and can be a success. Now depends on what kind of strategies they have and whether they are good for the players.
 godoy28/05/2018 22:23:03 GMT
I trust little more virtual currencies more this tournament is to prove that it is to make yes and safely that today and a bottleneck is solved since everything that is done in the network with criptom and very difficult to recover if lost

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