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2018 WSOP: Event #64: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better won by Dan Matsuzuki for $364,387

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Posted on 06 July 2018 by "T".

Dan Matsuzuki, a resident of Tempe, Arizona, has won his first ever gold bracelet in this year's WSOP Event #64: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better. The first place cash prize of $364,387 in this event is now his biggest career cash as his previous best is just a 9th place finish in the 2015 WSOP $1,500 Ten Game Mix 6-Handed for $9,018.

Matsuzuki said after he won, "It still hasn't hit me really. I wasn't even going to play this event, but my buddy convinced me. 'Come on; Let's gamble' - those were his exact words. He took a piece of me and we registered on Day 2 and I just got a good run of cards. There was a little strategy behind [registering on Day 2]. I know these guys have a little edge on me in the tournament and have more experience and stuff, so I just felt like lessening the amount of time in the field was to my advantage."

Matsuzuki entered the final table on survival mode as he was last place in chips. He said, "I got heads-up with Scott [Bohlman] and I know he's one of the better tournament players around. I just felt fortunate enough to take home the victory."

Matsuzuki said Stud Hi-Lo is the "most entertaining" of the mixed games and a good amount of luck also allowed him to be able to win his first WSOP gold bracelet, "When the limits get so high, it's whoever gets lucky at the right time. They're the one who is going to end up with the bracelet. Fortunately enough I caught a couple of good cards on seventh street, and that's it!"

Event #64: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Final Table Results






Dan Matsuzuki

United States



Scott Bohlman

United States



Ken Aldridge

United States



Chris Vitch

United States



Daham Wang

United States



Jerry Wong

United States



Bryce Yockey

United States



Joseph Michael

United States




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9 comments on "2018 WSOP: Event #64: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better won by Dan Matsuzuki for $364,387"

 doubletop77706/07/2018 08:48:35 GMT
Another fantastic name for a tournament, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or better. There are so many variations of poker it is staggering. I can barely master one let alone all the others!!
 Gerimantas06/07/2018 15:33:47 GMT
It is so amazing to see this result for person who isnbiggest win of 9000 dollars in his poker career, now.gets more.than 360000 of dollars. It is about 37 times more, wow i think he is so happy now
 Mober06/07/2018 17:19:33 GMT
With that buy in his friend got it right :let's gamble" Smile and it paid off.
Not one of the best returns compared to all the other tournaments so far,
but still a small fortune.
Lucky gamble with a gold bracelet for it.
 CALICUL06/07/2018 21:05:17 GMT
An interesting name are this American who won this poker tournament. Is a nice result, especially since he entered directly from the second day of this tournament. Dan Matsuzuki is another player who won a tournament after his friend insisted on playing in this game. Beautiful inspiration.
 pajalnick06/07/2018 22:05:04 GMT
a good story ... to achieve great victories can probably many people just they do not believe in themselves ... and then everything turned out ... and winning more than 300,000 is a pleasant result and an incentive to play further and reach new heights and new victories ... wonderful Worship
 sohelbd7708/07/2018 12:51:35 GMT
Card Stud Hi-Lo, what type of game this is. Actually I want to know more about this game. Will someone please tell me something more besides this news? I am waiting for your reply.
 pochui09/07/2018 13:39:44 GMT
stud hi/lo is a great game, I really enjoyed it when trying to learn the game o play money tables at pokerstars back in the days. of course it's quite a different game when you shell out 10k for the buy-in and have plenty of pros at your table, but I reckon I would still enjoy this game better than nl holdem.
 Tony_MON7ANA28/08/2018 04:49:30 GMT
Congratulations to Dan Matsuzuki on being crowned champion of the US$10,000 buy-in seven card stud hi-lo 8 or better tournament and winning US$364,387. Matsuzaki is a common Japanese last name meaning "pine tree cape." I guess Dan is an American citizen of Japanese ancestry.
 CALICUL29/08/2018 18:29:10 GMT
This American citizen Dan Matsuzuki, with the name which looks like, the famous motorcycle ( maybe in Japanese it means something good ) has made a tournament that will be memorable for all his life. Recovered the lost time and until the end of the tourney, he did something beautiful. Good money, good bracelet and good game. Congratulations.

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