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Antonio Esfandiari vs Kevin Hart in Boxing Match scheduled March 2019

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Posted on 02 August 2018 by "T".

Antonio Esfandiari sure has made many knockouts at the poker table, but when it comes to the boxing ring, he may have a difficult time landing his punches against comedian Kevin Hart.

Esfandiari revealed the news to TMZ Sports, saying, "Kevin Hart and I were playing [poker] the other day, we were hanging out ...and somehow boxing comes up. So, we made a bet. And, in March, around March, we are going to box in a ring."

The stakes wasn't revealed, but Esfandiari said Kevin Hart is giving him 35:1 odds, because Hart is "an athlete" and "fast as hell."

The two of them are 39 years old. However, Kevin Hart only stands at 5 feet 4 inches (according to his Wiki page), whereas Esfandiari's height is around 6 feet tall (there's no official height info for him available online). Esfandiari also did not divulge whether or not they will be setting a predetermined weight for the bout.

The match is presumed to be held in Las Vegas.

This boxing challenge is not actually the first time that prominent poker players have agreed to do. Back in 2016, JC Alvarado and Olivier Busquet settled their six-figure bet inside an MMA cage. In 2015, Sorel Mizzi and Brian Rast fought against each other in a charity boxing match. In 2011, Bertrand Grospellier and Lex Veldhuis fought in a kickboxing match in Spain.



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14 comments on "Antonio Esfandiari vs Kevin Hart in Boxing Match scheduled March 2019"

 Gerimantas02/08/2018 21:03:09 GMT
It is of course interesting situation to see esfandiari the go to box and try to beat kevin hart. Nit know hart, but i see picture and i think it is not good chance to esfandiari, 35 to 1 odd look too big, maybe 100 to 1 more real
 bowie198402/08/2018 23:25:34 GMT
Who would not want to beat some sense into Kevin Hart to be honest? Hope they have some nice charity setup to be doing this for though because otherwise not many people would care for the outcome...
 doubletop77703/08/2018 07:30:59 GMT
I cannot wait to see this and i really hope it does happen. I would think that Antonio Esfandiari would have too much reach advantage for Kevin but it should be a really good watch
 Nightkid03/08/2018 13:31:47 GMT
Good morning: D the truth I do not know much about boxing and to be honest I do not even like this sport haha but good that I just walk past these sides and making presence after a few days of absence Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 bowie198403/08/2018 23:32:39 GMT
They could sell more tickets if they are going to advertise the fact that the winner of this match will play with Connor McGregor next time. I mean it could be arranged. Would probably raise more money and bigger awareness than this in general.
 Mober04/08/2018 12:58:05 GMT
I doubt this is gonna be a normal boxing game.
They just put a bet there, one of the silly ones that they usually put, when they are playing cards. It is gonna be just a show, with betting.
Like the fake fights in US wrestling Smile They are betting on these games. Arent they? Smile
 pochui05/08/2018 11:15:38 GMT
well a boxing match sound fun, who wouldn't want to get his face punched several times for nothing in return... ok ok, sure this is not the case and both parties will get some sort of compensation apart from hefty dose of publicity.
 Mober05/08/2018 13:28:40 GMT
Kevin hart, doesnt need that much of publicity.
Probably most of the people that will hear about the boxing match,
will wonder, who that esfandiari is Smile
Cant be compared these two in fame, nor money of course Smile
 Gerimantas05/08/2018 19:16:28 GMT
I not say that all same to all people but i hear who esfandiari is but blnot hear anything about kevin hart. I read that he is.a comedian and this is all i Kno. Nit see his anywhere and not very interesting to see comedy
 bowie198406/08/2018 12:59:20 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well a boxing match sound fun, who wouldn't want to get his face punched several times for nothing in return... ok ok, sure this is not the case and both parties will get some sort of compensation apart from hefty dose of publicity.

Dunno but as I mentioned before there has to be a couple folks or two who would pay great amount of money for a chance to beat Kevin Hart into oblivion. He is annoying beyond belief.
 CALICUL06/08/2018 13:34:17 GMT
My opinion is that: Antonio Esfandiari will win this match. Kevin Hart is a tiny man and he does not have the skills of a fighter. If there are bets on this match i'm sure Kevin will have a big quotation. There will not be a match in which they will hurt like the real fighters but will be interesting.
 Mober06/08/2018 13:36:35 GMT
If you arent onto comedy then you dont know him, but if you are then you would have known him.
He has played in many movies, plus he is doing stand up comedy.
And he is always sold out, when he is having one.
He is on of the top paid comedians right now.
 misteriopj25/08/2018 23:12:57 GMT
Very interesting, said fight there to wait to put the date for it, the detail that I can not see is the reason for the fight, hopefully it is entertaining and be soon, the safest if it is in Las Vegas and na bet 35 a 1 e very interesting hahahaha
 CALICUL26/08/2018 17:44:18 GMT
This is just for entertainment and to make extra money. It certainly will not be real but people can look at this even if they are not poker lovers. Many people are watching movies with Kevin Hart and they will be glad to see something new. I think it's ok. Smile

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