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Guaranteed 8.5 Million up for Grabs at partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK

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Posted on 28 September 2018 by "K".

The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK is scheduled from September 29 to October 7 at the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club.

This September 29 (Saturday), the partypoker LIVE tour comes back to the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club in Nottingham for the second season of the world-famous partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK.

This particular event holds a colossal £8,500,000 guaranteed prize for its lucky players spread across five tournaments.

Partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK Schedule

The main feature of the entire festival is the MILLIONS Main Event which begins on September 30 (Sunday), having a dazzling guarantee of £5,000,000.

Expect to see the poker world’s cream of the crop coming over to Nottingham, with Team partypoker pros including Roberto Romanello, Sam Trickett, and MILLIONS Russia champ Anatoly Filatov.

Global Tournament Director of partypoker LIVE Simon Trumper said, “After the huge success of our first ever MILLIONS event, held at Dusk Till Dawn last year and won by Maria Lampropulos, I can’t wait to enjoy presenting the 2018 winner with the trophy and £1M.”

Partypoker ambassador Roberto Romanello can’t hide his excitement on the upcoming MILLIONS UK event, “I’m really excited about MILLIONS UK. I can’t wait to get back to Dusk Till Dawn and get playing again in such a great poker room. I’m also feeling super confident I will get a big result as this schedule, with the great side events, as well as the huge main event, means there’s so many opportunities to win big.”

Interested players can still win their way into the Main Event via satellites on partypoker, from as low as $0.01!

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16 comments on "Guaranteed 8.5 Million up for Grabs at partypoker LIVE MILLIONS UK"

 Gerimantas28/09/2018 09:34:15 GMT
Yes very big main event to have guaranteed prize money of 5 millions, also buy in of 5300 is smaller to maine event 10.000 so better situation for many people. Of course it is very good to see satellite tournaments from 0.01 cent, not big chance to win but if have luck then who knows
 Milos75328/09/2018 11:58:50 GMT
Holy moly what a guarantee prizes :O I also try with 0.01 cents but my chance to get 5.3k buy in are like 0.0001% Well who know, meybe in future I will have money for buy in on this tournament but for now freerolls are best LOL Smile
 dule-vu28/09/2018 12:04:58 GMT
with this kind of buy in,you can expect only big prize pools and big number of players!they really try to bring big tournaments every month,no matter is it online or live!but for lot of people this amounts are just dream!maybe with some satellites!
 Mober28/09/2018 17:34:35 GMT
How lucky you have to be, to win your place in the main tournament from a 0.01 buy in Smile
But that doenst mean you dont have to try for it.
It cant be any cheaper than that, and you never know what can happen.
Good luck to all.
 pajalnick28/09/2018 18:49:24 GMT
Wow this is really a grand prize Eight and a half million is very cool but I unfortunately do not participate in this tournament very Lucky for the player who will win first place Apparently there will be a very serious cash prize if someone from the BRM will play Wish good luck
 CALICUL28/09/2018 22:22:12 GMT
The tournament with number 2 is very interesting. 5300 dollars buy in and 5 millions guaranteed. Instead the $10,300 tournament has only one million and probably does not have many satellites. Those who win these tournaments will be very fortunate.
 doubletop77729/09/2018 08:11:37 GMT
These really are massive events and i would love to be able to play in one of these things one day. I can only imagine the atmosphere when it starts getting down to the final table and the sheer excitement of it all
 Gerimantas29/09/2018 10:02:57 GMT
It is one of my dreams to play big buyin tournament for live play and with many poker professional players in my table, but of course not easy to collect big money for buyin and then you can play versus some unknown poker players
 dule-vu29/09/2018 12:07:44 GMT
I didnt play any live tournament in my life,so I dont know how would I play if I win some free seat on big live tournament,like Sthep won it from satellites at party poker software!its not same to play when nobody see you and with people on tables in live!
 bowie198429/09/2018 12:44:30 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
It is one of my dreams to play big buyin tournament for live play and with many poker professional players in my table...

Not mine for sure. They would read me just like an open book. Nobody would want to play like that IMO - it would be devastating...
 Mober29/09/2018 18:08:49 GMT
Not a dream of mine playing a live tournament.
And if it was at some point, i wouldnt want a single poker professional player in my table,
for the obvious reasons Smile The more new players on my table, the easier would have been.
I wouldnt last a change in blinds with a couple of pros in my table Smile_
 WithdrawAll30/09/2018 11:50:41 GMT
Well i cannot say any wrong word about those sometimes when i had my last few bucks left at my account i tryed with the 0,01$ buyins tournaments and they made me f*** very profitable i passed trough the 22-109$ buyins and at fews i taed the payd place in $ it means sometimes when the prize growns up when there enough entries then after the ticket winnings u can win $. it happend to me at the 109$ buyin 1-10 were winning ticket and the 11th 200$ with i had won so it is for sure possible to get there without rebuys and some luck Tongue
 Nightkid30/09/2018 11:55:08 GMT
I'm seeing that they are giving very good prizes and things in party poker and others that even I have not registered or downloaded hahaha I am faithful to pokerstars but even so they give me some prize those good guys hahaha the truth I would like to play some time a tournament like that Blink Blink Blink
 dule-vu30/09/2018 13:18:46 GMT
free trip to some country/city,especially if its some tropic destination is great,especially when they pay everything,but then to play on live tournament with lot of cameras and pros is different thing!who have few live tournaments in life,this wouldnt be problem,but for new players for sure will!
 Mober01/10/2018 08:54:29 GMT
There are players, that in qualifiers like that are chasing the money, instead the
tickets in tournaments like that.
I have done so in the past and managed to get that single payment of money.
The other got "unlucky" winning the all in Smile getting a ticket.
 CALICUL01/10/2018 23:10:18 GMT
It is very difficult to get tickets in big tournaments playing satellites but you have chances if you are a good player. I managed to win more tickets in 888 poker but the big was only 33 dolllars. It's hard for me to fight with very good players because i have a terrible bad luck, when i need that luck.

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