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2019 Battle of Malta Package Freeroll - Exclusive To BankrollMob!

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Posted on 04 October 2019 by "T".

Anyone who opened their first account at 888poker through and have made at least 1 deposit will be able to take part in an Exclusive Battle of Malta Freeroll on Monday, October 7 at 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CET / 14:00 EST!

The winner will take home a 2019 Battle of Malta package worth $1650! The package includes $250 in cash to cover travel expenses, luxurious 4 nights stay at a 5 Star Hotel & €555 entry to the €1 Million Guaranteed Battle of Malta Main Event!

The Freeroll is already up in 888poker lobby. You'll find it under "Tournaments", "Restricted".

Click Here for more info on 2019 Battle of Malta

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17 comments on "2019 Battle of Malta Package Freeroll - Exclusive To BankrollMob! "

 bowie198405/10/2019 15:28:03 GMT
Do $250 really cover all travel expenses to Malta nowadays? If you fly with RyanAir it might be enough, buy why would you torture yourself by flying with RyanAir in the first place? 4 nights in a 5 star hotel is a bigger sell than the tourney itself IMO.
 MilanRodic05/10/2019 23:06:32 GMT
I qualified via 888 and $250 covered airline costs for my wife and me, which ended up at around 220e. So, it's doable. The bigger concern for me would be WSOP ME, where you get $1,000 for all expenses and you can bring a guest as well. So, basically, I need a Visa, from Serbia(al costs around it are about $300-400) and airline ticket is about $1,200-1,300 a month before the tournament... That's a problem, and not getting to Malta from anywhere in Europe for $250.
 CALICUL06/10/2019 07:42:03 GMT
You will definitely spend more money than this package includes because you will have a person who will come with you. You have to stay calm because you won't spend too much money out of your pocket. In addition there is also a small vacation and the opportunity to end up in the money. You have to see the good side of this satellite.
 dule-vu06/10/2019 09:55:03 GMT
bowie you are right,in this days only with ryanair and wizzair you can cover this money for travel!when you tavel with no low budget companies,you cant buy two tickets for 250 $!even now when its not season,tickets have value and malta is something that you can visit whole year!
 Mober06/10/2019 11:27:23 GMT
Another great chance for brm members to participate in a live tournament.
If you are located in europe and even further, then the money for the travel expense,
i believe is enough. If you put your hand into your own pocket also for the whole
package wont be a big deal Smile
 crankmuppet06/10/2019 13:38:51 GMT
Another very nice, exclusive opportunity for BankrollMob members. Good luck to all.
 CALICUL09/10/2019 10:08:24 GMT
This offer would have been good for all players, not just for those who open a new account. It is very good when there are many players, who fighting for a very nice packet. I like it when the players are sent to the live tournaments by the poker rooms.
 Nightkid09/10/2019 12:44:28 GMT
The truth is because I have never had the luck to be able to win or classify in some old place, but I think that more or less if they give that kind of $ xxx should reach but good with the inflation that is in some countries (in the mine for example), sometimes it usually exceeds this travel cost Angry Angry Angry
 CALICUL10/10/2019 11:46:08 GMT
Nightkid, even if you say those words, you must to know that it is not impossible to do this thing. You tried to play in major qualifying tournaments? or you just look and say it's very hard? You should not be discouraged and try. Good luck.
 Nightkid10/10/2019 14:12:25 GMT
I have tried in some but the truth never reaches the posts, but when it comes to events that are moderately large I don't know if it's me or that but the river always plays me always find, and in online tables you cross with each one that pays you anything and in chasm with the last letter wins you and that makes you mad Angry Angry Angry
 dule-vu10/10/2019 19:40:39 GMT
so did any member tried his luck on this freeroll?did anybody played freeroll three days ago?nobody to say anything!I never had deposit on this site,so I didnt even think about it,but lot of members could play it,so would be nice to know results and how everything finished!
 CALICUL12/10/2019 14:46:46 GMT
I sometimes play satellites for live tournaments but i wasn't close to qualifying. It is very difficult and the qualification can be obtained but with more effort. You have to play more tournaments and maybe one day you will win such a package.
 Nightkid12/10/2019 15:52:36 GMT
I also play those satellites but without much luck, but who says that one day I can't win one or hopefully I can give it to go or leave a little of my country that every time we are worse ... but well I almost reached the first place 1 time in pokerstars is 5th in a tournament that the first place was to go to play Las Vegas Sad Sad Sad
 levi981219/10/2019 17:49:09 GMT
that is wonderfull, malta is the (online) gamble haven of the word, and it is a beatufyfull island as well. they can enjoy a well deserved vacation afterwards! Blink
 Mober20/10/2019 11:32:45 GMT
Starting to chase a buy in into a tournament, by playing satellites, isnt easy.
The lowest you start the more luck you will need, in order to keep winning all the steps,
reaching your final goal Smile
Investing a bit more in higher buy ins, makes it easier, and the game in these levels,
is more serious.
 CALICUL23/10/2019 08:33:37 GMT
You will have to play more games to qualify for such a tournament. Satellites start at one cent and until you earn an entry of $ 5300, $ 10,300 or more, you will have to advance in 5-6 satellites. This is not so easy because a package has a great prize and all players must to fight for this thing.
 Sorin88825/10/2019 14:42:59 GMT
I play satellites for live tournaments but just for fun.To qualify iss very difficult and the qualification can be obtained but with more effort,and I have zero experience to play live tournament.In my opinion is not something to sweat for.Good luck mobsters

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