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2019 WPT UK Main Event won by Simon Brandstrom for $330K

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Posted on 07 October 2019 by "T".

This year's WPT UK Main Event from September 22 to October 6 had a buy-in of $3,300, and a Swedish poker pro was crowned the champion, who took home the trophy plus a whopping $330,000 cash prize. He has become the first person to win a WPT Main Tour and WPTDeepStacks title.

WPT UK 2019 - Main Event

  • Schedule: September 22 to October 6, 2019
  • Buy-in: $3000 + $300
  • Prize pool: $1.5M guaranteed
Simon Brandstrom won the WPTDeepStacks Barcelona back in April and he also won the WPTDeepStacks Europe Player of the Year title.

He actually used some of his $10,000 WPT Credits prize money to gain entrance to the WPT UK Main Event and managed to come out on top in the end.

In just seven hands, the Swedish national completely turned around a heads-up deficit against British player Ryan Mandara. He will now also compete at the $15,000 WPT Tournament of Champions in 2020.

Brandstrom said after he won, "This feels surreal. It feels like it shouldn't be possible to have back-to-back wins, and I don't feel like I am worth it."

Brandstrom, father to one young daughter, said he would celebrate with some champagne in the evening, and before heading home for Christmas, he will spend the next two months in Spain with his family.

The final hand:
Mandara had J-10
Brandstrom held 9-7
The board ran 9-7-3-4-K, which gave Brandstrom two pair for the win.

WPT UK 2019 - Main Event Final Table Results






Simon Brandstrom




Ryan Mandara




James Rann




Matthew Eardley




Maria Lampropulos




Paul Siddle




Manig Loeser




Leo Worthington-Leese




Paul Jackson



And that concludes this year's WPT UK.

Next up on the WPT schedule is the WPT Montreal, scheduled from October 20 to November 4, 2019.


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12 comments on "2019 WPT UK Main Event won by Simon Brandstrom for $330K"

 dule-vu07/10/2019 14:16:41 GMT
so we can see that this tournament had 1,5 million dollars prize pool and they say that malta have biggest prize pool of 1 million!its strange how they count this!ofcourse this buy in is big,but still they didnt say anything about buy in!winner got exactly 100 times of this buy in and very nice first prize!
 CALICUL08/10/2019 08:41:17 GMT
The tournament in Malta has the prize of $ 1 million and probably refers to the game with the biggest prize so far. The one that took place in England is different and did not compare with the other from Malta. I also see a good poker player here in 5th place and congratulations for the players of the final table.
 Nightkid08/10/2019 12:26:20 GMT
Congratulations to the winner and I hope that there is much more with this luck, if by those coincidences they could give me some of that luck I would not complain hahaha because the truth is I am not the only one but almost reaching the paid positions or sometimes with a good hand they end up winning me sometimes with less than 5% and that's why I want to kick everything haha Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 erru910708/10/2019 13:48:58 GMT
Feels good that it was a fellow Swede who won but I would have needed that money more then he does I think! All joking aside tho, it's always a nice felling to turn your buy-in into an amount 100 times bigger. Rarely happens for anyone but I guess that's the reason there are only a few real pros out there.
 dule-vu08/10/2019 16:43:57 GMT
again somebody answer on my post,even nobody write to him and nobody asked him anything and ofcourse again dont know what he talking about,as it was always!on that news about malta,they clear say that this is biggest tournament poker in EUROPE!its not hard to learn to read what they say!so in money,they are not biggest tournament,as we see that this tournament have bigger prize pool and in number of players,that they dont know how many they will have!
 CALICUL09/10/2019 09:18:48 GMT
If you still opened the thread, i tell you again with other words that you have no idea what you're talking about. It's the biggest prize for Malta, not for United Kingdom. It doesn't matter if these tournaments are part of a series. Here it refers to something and you didn't understand.
 Mober09/10/2019 14:50:18 GMT
Relatively low buy in for the money won for the first place and not only Smile
A good return for that 3.3k USD.
And he used credits that he already have, so practically his entrance was zero.
That is an even better return Smile. No info on how many players were in.
 dule-vu09/10/2019 16:54:29 GMT
wow,like is hard to read every news as it says and like its hard to understand!888 poker say that this tournament in malta is BIGGEST IN EUROPE and we can see that that is not right!not in malta,in europe and as we all know,UK is still in europe and this tournament show that they have much bigger prize pool then this at malta!
 CALICUL10/10/2019 11:12:38 GMT
When you win $ 100 with a single dollar not great performance but when you win $ 330K with 1% buy-in you can say that is a remarkable performance. The amount of money is very large and the value matters. In the future i think the prize for 1st will increase.
 bowie198410/10/2019 22:39:05 GMT
How come that the final hands on these namebrand live tournies are always dissapointing to the degree that you would think any semi-competent player would drop these cards even in a heads-up game let alone playing for the 1st place?
 CALICUL11/10/2019 12:42:44 GMT
The final hand in many games at heads up is ugly, because most of the time, the fatigue is very high. Sometimes because of the large stack difference. I won 1st place in a few small tournaments but also in freeroll games with over 1000 players and i know. Fatigue is sometimes great and it doesn't matter how you play.
 levi981219/10/2019 17:48:10 GMT
wow, what a amazing price , good for him ! Smile 330k is a livechanging amount, i hope that i can win some pot Big Smile well played enjoy the money

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