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partypoker Releases First Phase of Mobile Product Overhaul for Improved Mobile Poker Play

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Posted on 28 November 2019 by "T".

Good news for those who love to play via their mobile devices as partypoker has released their newest version of their mobile poker app, set to revolutionize the way players play poker on the go!

Announced on Tuesday, November 25, the first phase of the mobile product overhaul has a brand-new SPINS interface that boasts a bunch of innovative new features, led by a new portrait layout that supports one-handed gameplay and improved table tiling, plus a new social currency called ‘Diamonds' that offers a more immersive playing experience.

Diamonds can be earned based on the number of hands played and spent on in-game benefits such as viewing ‘Rabbit' cards, or throwing a variety of animations at opponents. It will cost players one Diamond to throw items, and this feature also comes with animated sounds to enhance the experience.

‘Rabbit' is a new and exciting innovation which is expected to further intensify action between opponents, and allows players to see the remaining cards that were not dealt into hands.

Other game features designed to provide a new social element include:

  • Bubble chat
  • Emojis' All-in animations
  • Enhanced dialogues such as announcing tournament winners, aimed at generating greater excitement among players

Aside from these new developments, partypoker is excited to bring its new hand replayer to its mobile product for the first time, while the ability to tile up to 4 tables will optimize the playing experience for all players on mobile.

To help players search for SPINS tournaments easily, the upgrade also comes with a re-designed SPINS lobby, where players can switch effortlessly between a tiled or carousel view, with the presence of search filters aiding to narrow search results. Additionally, players will also be able to choose up to 4 games (of the same buy-in) at once and register immediately for those tournaments, within the new lobbies.

On the other hand, the overhaul will provide SPINS games with a re-designed multiplier animation to improve player engagement, among the various player benefits available.

This mobile product overhaul of partypoker shall serve as a major company focus in the coming months, and they will be asking for the poker community's feedback as they aim to optimize and further improve the product. The product has already been tested by a select group of players in beta mode, including some members of Team partypoker.

Jaime Staples of partypoker's Team Online said, "This app changes the poker experience for the user in a big way. Mobile poker tech has been archaic, and this makes you really say WOW when you play it. Refreshing and fun, the biggest shake-up in poker I have seen in a long time!"

João Simão of Team partypoker said, "I had the pleasure to be part of the test team of the new mobile app and gave my feedback to try to improve the beta version. It was a great surprise when I got to test, and I'm sure that you will all love it. I saw the team working hard to create an app that gives the best experience for our customers, and I'm confident that it will be the result. I hope you guys enjoy."

Ross McQuater, partypoker's Head of Product, said, "The new SPINS product shows our commitment to improving the mobile experience for our customers. The new lobby and portrait table for SPINS with new and exciting features, such as the ability to throw things at opponents and view rabbit cards, aims to provide our customers with a more fun and engaging playing experience. This is just one of many updates that will be delivered in the coming months as we overhaul our mobile proposition."

Sam Trickett of Team partypoker said, "Over the past few months, partypoker has been busy behind the scenes working on an overhaul to its mobile poker app, and as a member of Team partypoker I was among the players asked to try out and provide feedback on the exciting product development.

Initially SPINS is the first to receive the upgraded treatment, and benefits from new features designed to make these games more enjoyable for players, including bubble chat and emojis. I also like the new ‘rabbit-hunting' feature that reveals which cards are dealt after a hand is over. In my opinion this is a great feature as it keeps people engaged to find out if they made a good fold or not and makes you think about your play.
In addition, a new in-game currency ‘Diamonds' have been introduced, which you can earn by completing tasks and spend on benefits like viewing those undealt rabbit-hunt cards.

My favorite new feature is throwing things at your opponents, like fish and sharks. I think this adds a social element of fun to the game where you can interact with each other in a light-hearted way.
I'm also a fan of the new portrait layout option partypoker has added that allows for single-hand play, which makes it much easier to play on the go and you can now multi-table up to four tables simultaneously with the update. Overall the product is more social-friendly and benefits from richer graphics, animations and sounds, while design features such as a new centralized ‘raise bar' and redesigned hand replayer I feel make for a more improved poker experience."

The new app is available for download to Android and iOS operating systems, supporting smartphones and tablets.

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13 comments on "partypoker Releases First Phase of Mobile Product Overhaul for Improved Mobile Poker Play"

 dule-vu28/11/2019 16:29:22 GMT
this app for sure will be something that will impove playing poker on smartphones and tablets and will make people to use more of it!will give better things and as we can see in this video,give lot of new options and faster playing!its looks very good and even this option to see cards that are undealt!
 pajalnick28/11/2019 22:20:40 GMT
I did not use the PartyPoker application on my smartphone ... But judging by this news, we can assume that the application update for PartyPoker is good enough and you should try installing it to play everywhere and not be tied to your home computer where I usually play poker ... Okay .... I'll think about installing this application from PartyPoker Confused
 CALICUL28/11/2019 22:57:03 GMT
You need to play small stakes if you are on the road and you want to register for poker games. To be honest, i find it absurd to play in traffic and to be focused on my mobile phone. It is difficult to do this thing and i risk to suffering an accident. I can also crash with another person and is not good. You play only at home or in other places where you do not move your body too much.
 Nightkid29/11/2019 13:07:58 GMT
Look, I didn't know that haha but well lately there is a moton of new things and I hope that for those who have it on their cell phone it will help them and can take advantage of this ... for my part I can barely play on the PC if I also had it on the Celu would kill me if I used it everywhere hahaha Tongue Tongue Tongue
 CALICUL30/11/2019 00:54:38 GMT
You cannot always use your phone to play poker if you are a driver. I understand that these poker rooms want to make a lot of money from commissions but where he cares about his clients? We have to be careful and not pay attention all day on cell phones.
 bowie198430/11/2019 18:03:58 GMT
Hey, I might try this one out later because it looks simplified and decent from what I can tell. There are so many bloatware poker games out there that when a casino makes a decent one nobody notices it seems.
 pajalnick01/12/2019 10:07:05 GMT
Of course, this application simplifies life so that you can play absolutely everywhere .... But if you are a little addicted to poker, then this application is a very bad idea for you .... then you can aggravate your dependence on the game if you can play absolutely everywhere .... I prefer to play Sitting in a comfortable chair in front of a large screen
 dule-vu01/12/2019 10:52:34 GMT
wow,cant believe what people write in this thread and about new app from party poker!would you drive car when you play or will you be addicted!must say very stupid things!you can be at home,but still to play poker on smartphone,because its easier!you can go with phone everywhere,but if you have computer,you must be whole time in front,if you dont have notebook!
I play casino games on smartphone,because its much easier!
 Nightkid01/12/2019 12:28:42 GMT
I mean, if only with this type of application, nowadays everywhere they are very attached to the cell phone no matter what type of application it is, that is why it is also seen many accidents ultimately the fault of people who can not do 1 thing you see (drive only) without being aware of the cell phone Angry Angry Angry
 Mober01/12/2019 14:56:59 GMT
The way it goes with mobile phones, it is no wonder that a site like party poker
focuses on a new app.
Everyone is with a phone on their hands.
It has become kinda silly of a situation. Smile
But for the poker players on the go, it is a good addition.
Although nothing compares playing poker in a pc or laptop.
 bowie198401/12/2019 20:32:50 GMT
Posted by Mober:
Everyone is with a phone on their hands.
It has become kinda silly of a situation. Smile
But for the poker players on the go, it is a good addition.
Although nothing compares playing poker in a pc or laptop.

Actually I think casinogames run smoother on a mobile because dedicated apps have better resource management when rendering with a gpu intended for use in mobile enviroments.
Dunno about poker though.
 MobsterJames05/12/2019 04:21:20 GMT
Sometimes when i grind micros all day i hop on my mobile device for a bit.

Sometimes i sit out or i miss a hand or two. I have had this error where i click "im back" and it folds all of my hands for the rest of the tournament. (logging out and back in appears to fix this temporarily).But when you play disciplined poker all day for hours and you get aces (on average we get aces once every 220 hands) and P artyPoker decides to fold your aces preflop in an unopened pot there is trouble.

I contacted live chat and i didn't ask for anything (nor did i expect anything) for reporting this problem for the site and us players. But you know what they told me ? send a screenshot, we cant do anything.

I asked for nothing, and they didn't even want to hear about the error.

This is a very very bad company. Declining and going downhill. It used to be my favorite site, no lie.

Oh and by the way, how can i take a screenshot in a split second, predicting Party would fold my aces for me ? tell me this.

They are also paying useless people to work on their support team.

I suppose if they offered me $1 or a T-Shirt or something, and asked outright for a video instead of a screenshot it would be ok.

But this guy didnt even say im sorry you sat in the tournament for 3 hours and we folded your aces for you. Or im sorry for the inconvenience caused. He was just like. No screenshot. We cant help you. And we dont want to hear about our error or fix it.
 erru910705/12/2019 08:56:46 GMT
It seems that there are many new features to their app and it looks like they are starting to take the lead on mobile app development for any poker client. The one thing that I don't like is the rabbit feature. Sure, it could be interesting to know if you would have won or not, but that doesn't really tell you if made the correct decision or not. Sometimes you May have won but the pot odds told you that the best decision was a fold. Therefor, even tho you would have won, it was still the best move to fold. I think this rabbit feature could mess with some peoples judgement, but I for one will instead try to capitalize on those peoples mistakes.

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